Do I Need Roku If I Have A Smart TV?

These days, every new TV is reasonably smart! Even if you buy the most affordable model, rest assured that it has basic smart features and will give you access to streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. As a smart TV owner, you may ask this question: do I need Roku if I have a smart TV? The answer is: yes. Read on to know why.

No matter how good your smart TV is, it is not as fast and flexible as a streaming device like Roku. Before we discuss the reasons why you need Roku, let’s see what it actually is.

What is Roku?

Roku is a streaming device that streams media to your television from the internet. With Roku, now you can stream 1000-plus channels including Amazon Prime Video, HuluPlus, HBO Go, and Netflix. Some Roku apps also allow you to rent shows and movies.

Roku is different from a DVR in the sense that it does not store its content so it does not require any internal storage. It streams content directly from the web. The setup process of Roku is fairly easy. The instructions are easy to understand, so you can do it even if you do not have any experience with a streaming device.

Reasons Why You Need Roku Even If You Have a Smart TV

It is true that smart TV can add a new dimension to entertainment in your life. Yet, there are things that a smart TV can not do. Now, like a smart TV owner, your question is: Do I need Roku if I have a smart TV? Yes, you should seriously consider getting it.

Roku lets you access much more content, and it is easy to use. Now we will take a look at the reasons why you should get Roku even if you have a smart TV.

1. Content

When you have a streaming device, you can enjoy a lot more content. A smart TV manufacturer has a partnership with a streaming service. But a streaming device like Roku typically does not have such a partnership deal.

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For example, if you have an LG TV and it has a partnership with Spotify, LG will likely prevent other companies from getting the streaming services of Spotify. But this is never an issue with Roku, and it gives access to any content online

2. Simpler interfaces

TV manufacturers do not usually put smart TV features first. In recent years, big brands have started making easier smart features, because they have realized that user interfaces are important. Yet, smart TVs are not as good as streaming boxes.

Roku comes with a remote control that lets you stream content more conveniently. There are buttons dedicated for certain apps. A simpler interface is one of the reasons for using Roku. Many smart TV users get bored with so many unnecessary features.

3. Quick updates in the background

If you have set up a new smart TV, you know how long it takes to get connected to the web. If it still uploads after an hour, you will get bored. On the other hand, Roku gets updates very quickly, and it usually happens in the background. There is another issue. When smart TVs upload apps, they often do not upload the apps with new features.

4. Less junkware

A smart TV is often loaded with junkware. For instance, LG smart TVs come with extra settings that are never used. With Roku, the only thing you have to focus on is the apps such as Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Netflix. You can add extra features, but you never have to deal with the nuisance of extraneous features.

5. Hardware updates

Ideally, a TV does not have to be replaced every few years. But when it comes to smart TVs, the manufacturers often encourage you to update the TVs for various reasons. The streaming abilities of smart TVs to some extent depend on the latest features. If you do not update the latest software, your smart TV may not work very smoothly.

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Maybe you are still wondering: do I need Roku if I have a smart TV? Yes, because in some cases Roku can save you valuable time. If there are updates every year, you will not be very proud of your smart TV bought a few years back.

But no matter how old your TV is, Roku will make it feel like a new TV. This is the magic of Roku. You don’t even need a smart TV to watch your favorite content. Roku is perfectly compatible with your old TV.

6. Built-in streaming functionalities are buggy and slow

If you have some experience with a smart TV, you know that the built-in streaming functionality is buggy and slow. Well, there are exceptions, but they are very few. This issue is related to both software and hardware. Most TVs run on weak processors, which can lead to slow operations.

This might be a big issue for you if you constantly flip through menus. A native streaming platform will not give you the best streaming experience. Roku has a very strong processor that speeds through the streaming process.

There is a different type of problem regarding software. Roku focuses on developing versions that work smoothly on the major streaming platforms. If you use an app for your smart TV, it will not be as efficient as Roku.

Other Reasons

If you have an old model of Vizio or Samsung smart TV, you will not be able to use the newer version of the Netflix app after a certain period of time. This information comes from Gizmodo. Another shocking thing about Vizio TVs is that they do not support the Disney Plus streaming service.

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The picture of your smart TV will probably always be good, but the mechanism that makes your smart TV “smart” will soon become outdated. The same rule applies to smartphones and regular computers. But with “dumb” TVs without built-in computers, it is never an issue. By using Roku, you can stream content on your old TV from the web.

This is not to say that smart TVs are useless. We just emphasize on the fact that smart gadgets that use apps inevitably become outdated. However, you can still use them to stream movies and TV shows. Your question is: Do I need Roku if I have a smart TV? By now you probably have a clear answer.

It all means that rather than always relying on your smart TV, you should seriously consider buying Roku. You will certainly feel the need for Roku when your smart TV stops supporting Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

It is important to note here that even a streaming device can become obsolete, but currently, that is not an issue. Usually, it takes a long time. Roku is a relatively cheap device, so you can update it when you feel that an update is necessary.

Final Thoughts

Roku has become popular in a relatively short period of time, and there are good reasons for that popularity. It is normal for a smart TV owner to ask: do I need Roku if I have a smart TV? Now you know that the answer is a big yes. If entertainment is a big part of your life, you should get this affordable streaming device.