Does Chromecast Support Amazon Prime

Some months back, Amazon prime didn’t support Chromecast. While we had so many premium streaming platforms, including Netflix, Vudu, and Hulu, that integrated Chromecast, the thought of Amazon prime not supporting Chromecast triggered many questions. That could be because Amazon has a Chromecast alternative, the Amazon Fire TV stick that works almost the same and delivers virtually the same results.

Recently, Amazon Prime added Chromecast to the list of its supported dongles, which means you can now stream your favorite content from Amazon Prime and watch it on your TV via Chromecast. So does Chromecast support amazon prime, and how can I go about the process?

The Requirements to Cast Amazon Prime to Your TV via Chromecast

Does Chromecast support amazon prime? For you to stream Amazon Prime content on Chromecast, these are the basic requirements:

  1. First, you must subscribe to Amazon Prime Video. You can only access amazon prime if you have an active subscription. The Amazon Prime pricing packages differ in different countries. The subscription for United States residents is set at $119 yearly, while for United Kingdom residents, the price is set at $79 annually.
  2. Second, you must have a Chromecast streaming dongle. The Chromecast dongle comes in two main versions, the standard non-4K, and the 4K ultra. Most Amazon prime products come in 4K, and many of the movies are streamed in 4K. The Chromecast products also come in 4K. The beautiful thing about Amazon Prime is that, unlike its competitors, it doesn’t charge extra money for the 4K access.
  3. You must also have a device from where to stream the Amazon Prime content. You can use any device at your disposal, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Does Chromecast Support Amazon Prime – How to Chromecast Amazon Prime Content From an iOS or Android Device

One feasible way to Chromecast from Amazon Prime is via an Android or iOS device. Casting from a smartphone is easy and straightforward. Amazon Prime recently announced that iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphone users using the latest Amazon Prime app would be able to cast content to their televisions with quick and easy setup. The process of Chromecast to your smart TV from your smartphone can be messy and extensive if you don’t follow these basic instructions.

  • Download and install the Chromecast app to your Android or iOS smartphone.
  • Open the already downloaded and installed Chromecast app.
  • Try locating the cast icon that pops up after you open the app.
  • While on the cast icon menu, scroll through the list of Chromecast devices
  • Select the Chromecast device you want to cast to
  • Choose the TV episode or movie you want to stream. You’ll be ready to watch the content in 4K quality right in your smart television.

If you are an iPhone user, here’s how to mirror an iPhone to a TV without Apple TV.

Does Chromecast Support Amazon Prime – How to Chromecast Amazon Prime Content from Mac or Windows

As of the moment, Amazon is yet to create an app for streaming videos or TV episodes via Mac or Windows. The only way anyone can stream content from their laptop or desktop computer to their Chromecast dongle is by using the Google Chrome browser. The Chrome web browser comes with the casting functionality already integrated.

  • On your laptop or desktop, open the chrome browser
  • Search for Amazon Prime Video and key in your account details
  • Once you are logged in, choose the video you want to watch
  • Start the playback as you always do while using your smartphone
  • On the website’s right-hand section at the top, tap the three vertically-positioned dots
  • Select the cast option
  • Navigate through the dropdown menu and tap the cast tab
  • Select the Chromecast dongle you’re about to connect to from the listed options

How Great Is Prime Video Streaming?

One of the most beautiful things about streaming your favorite Prime Video content from your smartphone is the videos’ superb quality and clarity. The app lets you stream the videos to your Chromecast-enabled television in 4K quality and offers minimal latency provided you’ve got a strong internet connection.

It’s more interesting than you can stream to virtually any TV brand or size. It also means you can stream from a different Prime Video account. Streaming from the Google Chrome browser is fantastic, though the quality is not so good considering it cannot go past 1080p.

How To Improve the Quality of Amazon Prime Videos

Streaming favorite video content from Amazon Prime requires you to observe certain precautions for the quality of the content to be impressive and the watching experience to be immersive. While you can enjoy the videos in 4K quality when casting from your smartphone, it’s not guaranteed when streaming from computers. The highest quality you can stream Amazon Prime content from a Google Chrome browser is 1080p.

Whether streaming from a laptop or smartphone, the strength and stability of the internet connection will be a core determinant of the quality. Always confirm your internet connection’s quality and stability if you want to stream any Amazon Prime video content in the highest resolutions and pixels with minimal latency.

Can I Do Anything Else Using Chromecast?

There is so much you can do with your Chromecast device. You can cast or mirror content from a variety of applications and to a variety of devices. It’s not just all about fun and entertainment. You can use a Chromecast display to present content from a smartphone to bigger screens for educational or business purposes.

Is There an Alternative to Chromecast?

Chromecast is no doubt one of the most effective and reliable casting dongles available. Its innovativeness and ease of use make it a fantastic casting solution for many. However, it’s not the only casting device you can find today. We have other devices such as the Amazon Fire TV stick, which have superior features that make the experience of watching Amazon Prime videos on your television smoother and easier.

The Amazon Fire TV stick enables you to access lots of third-party apps, Alexa as well as prime phones. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a perfect choice since everyone has their unique needs. It’s simply up to you to decide what you want based on your budget and video streaming preferences.