Does Hulu Have Marquee Sports Network?

If you are sick and tired of being stuck with a massive cable or satellite bill each month (and locked into a long-term contract) the odds are pretty good you’ve started to look at cutting the cord.

And while there are a lot of great streaming solutions out there to pick and choose from these days, few are as well put together, as easy to use, and as affordable as Hulu Live TV.

Easily one of the top three live streaming TV options available right now, the beautiful thing about Hulu is that it “just works” are all of your favorite devices – including your TV – after a short sign up and download.

Of course, no streaming platform has as many TV channels as cable or satellite (yet) and Hulu is no exception.

If you’re a big sports fan and want to be sure that you’ll be able to watch only your favorite games – especially in the Chicago area – you’ll need to be sure that Hulu has the Marquee Sports Network for sure.

Does Hulu have Marquee Sports Network?

You bet they do! And it’s all part of your standard Hulu Live TV membership.

Hulu Live Offers Live TV and Live Sports

But before we get into does Hulu have the Marquee Sports Network it’s important to cover exactly what Hulu Live is and how it differs from the standard Hulu service.

Hulu broke into the streaming game as a competitor to Netflix just a handful of years ago.

Right out of the gate Hulu was able to gain millions of followers thanks to some pretty clever marketing and advertising, as well as a deep catalog of old and current popular TV shows and movies from all of the big networks and production houses.

A few years later, Hulu began to offer live television as a separate part of their service under the Hulu Live TV umbrella.

Today you get 65+ live channels of TV (including sports, news, and so much more) as well as access to the entire Hulu streaming library for just $55 a month. There’s no contract, there’s no strings attached, and there’s no hoops to jump through when signing up for – or terminating – your new Hulu Live set up.

Does Hulu Have Marquee Sports Network?

If you’re a big fan of watching the Cubs you’re going to love Hulu Live – especially since they signed a major deal with the Marquee Sports Network to cover at least 145 regular-season games for the Cubs (home and away) as well as 28 spring training games, too.

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Not only that, but fans of the Cubs are also going to get access to a lot more pre-and post-game coverage than they would have had available anywhere else. Classic broadcasts of amazing games, original programming, and so much more is available through the Marquee Sports Network addition to Hulu Live.

As if that wasn’t enough, you’re going to get all of the other sports channels available through Hulu Live as well. They’ll never miss any of the biggest national games or regional games in any sport ever again!

Faqs Marquee Network Channel

If you love The Cubs, then you are probably going to love the Marquee Network. Formed in partnership with Sinclair Network, the Marquee Network Channel is 100% dedicated to baseball from The Cubs. So, where can you get access to the Marquee Network? Let’s take a look.

Is Marquee Network on Amazon Prime?

The Marquee Network is not currently available on Amazon Prime.

If you are browsing Amazon Prime Video, then you will likely notice something called Marquee TV. This is not the same as the Marquee Network. In fact, if you subscribed to Marquee TV, then you would probably end up bitterly disappointed. Marquee TV is an arts channel and not related to sports in the slightest.

There do not currently seem to be any plans to bring the Marquee Network to Amazon Prime. However, if you have a Kindle Fire device, then you will be pleased to know that you can download the app from within the app store. As long as you have an account with the Marquee Network and the game isn’t blacked out, then you will be able to enjoy all of your Cubs content. 

How To Watch Marquee Network Without Cable

If you want to watch the Marquee Network without cable, then you will need to subscribe to the relevant package on one of these live TV subscription services:

  • DirecTV
  • FuboTV

Not all of the packages contain Marquee Network, so make sure that you look through the channel list so you know what you are paying for. In both cases, it seems as if The Marquee Network is only available in the largest packages from the provider, although there is a good chance that you may be able to add it as a single package add-on in the future.

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Most people that want access to the Marquee Network will use DirecTV, mostly due to the lower cost of the packages and the fact that you can turn the subscription on and off whenever you wish. You are not going to be tied into a lengthy contract.

Who Carries Marquee Network 2022

The Marquee Network is available in the following states:

  • Iowa
  • Wisconsin
  • Indiana 
  • Illinois

Most cable providers in these states will carry the Marquee Network. Because the Marquee Network is still a fairly new channel, the number of places that carry it is growing at a rapid pace. You can look at the list of companies that carry the Marquee Network. This is being updated on a monthly basis. 

If you do not have cable, or you are living outside of the main states for the network, then you will be able to use services like DirecTV and FuboTV. However, do bear in mind that those services are not available in all states. 

How To Get Marquee Network

In order to get the Marquee Network, you will need to reach out to your cable TV provider. If you live in one of the states where the Marquee Network is offered, then they are normally going to be able to add it to your subscription package. You need to remember that the Marquee Network is a premium channel, so the cost may be a little bit higher. Some cable networks may even only include it with larger packages, pushing the price up.

If you do not have the Marquee Network, then you can use one of the live TV streaming services that support the company. This, currently, means DirecTV or FuboTV. However, there are plans to add more live TV streaming services into the mix later on.

Sadly, if you are in an area where DirecTV is not supported, then you have little choice other than to ask your cable company whether they can carry it in the future. In 2022, it seems as if the Marquee Network has been trying to put together a lot of broadcasting contracts, which means that it is likely to appear on your selected service in the future, at least if you live in one of the supported states.

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Is Marquee Network Available On YouTube TV?


The Marquee Network is not available on YouTube TV, and it does not seem as if there are any plans to bring the channel to YouTube TV.

If you want to subscribe to the Marquee Network and you don’t have cable, then you only have two options available to you:

  • DirecTV
  • fuboTV

In the past, The Marquee Network was available on far more live streaming services than this. However, it appears that new agreements have yet to be reached, which means your only two choices are these networks. 

Does DirecTV Have Marquee Network?

Yes. DirecTV currently carries the Marquee Network.

The network has been available on DirecTV since May 2022. If you want to use the network, then you will need to subscribe to the channel, which costs a little bit extra each month.

The Marquee Network only seems to be included in the largest package offered by the Marquee Network. However, since you are not going to be tied into a contract with DirecTV, a lot of people find it is a good idea to subscribe whenever they want access to the Marquee Network and unsubscribe when they don’t. This keeps the cost down.

Do bear in mind that there are still going to be blackouts when you use DirecTV, which means that you may not always have access to the full channel when The Cubs are playing. 


The Marquee Network Channel is currently only available in 4 states, at least if you want to access it through cable. If you want to access the Marquee Network using a live TV streaming service, then you can do so using DirecTV or FuboTV.

It is likely that the number of options available for accessing the Marquee Network will drastically be expanded throughout 2022. This means that if you do not currently have access to the channel, you may end up being able to get access to it in the near future.