Does Hulu Have Marquee Sports Network?

If you are sick and tired of being stuck with a massive cable or satellite bill each month (and locked into a long-term contract) the odds are pretty good you’ve started to look at cutting the cord.

And while there are a lot of great streaming solutions out there to pick and choose from these days, few are as well put together, as easy to use, and as affordable as Hulu Live TV.

Easily one of the top three live streaming TV options available right now, the beautiful thing about Hulu is that it “just works” are all of your favorite devices – including your TV – after a short sign up and download.

Of course, no streaming platform has as many TV channels as cable or satellite (yet) and Hulu is no exception.

If you’re a big sports fan and want to be sure that you’ll be able to watch only your favorite games – especially in the Chicago area – you’ll need to be sure that Hulu has the Marquee Sports Network for sure.

Does Hulu have Marquee Sports Network?

You bet they do! And it’s all part of your standard Hulu Live TV membership.

Hulu Live Offers Live TV and Live Sports

But before we get into does Hulu have the Marquee Sports Network it’s important to cover exactly what Hulu Live is and how it differs from the standard Hulu service.

Hulu broke into the streaming game as a competitor to Netflix just a handful of years ago.

Right out of the gate Hulu was able to gain millions of followers thanks to some pretty clever marketing and advertising, as well as a deep catalog of old and current popular TV shows and movies from all of the big networks and production houses.

A few years later, Hulu began to offer live television as a separate part of their service under the Hulu Live TV umbrella.

Today you get 65+ live channels of TV (including sports, news, and so much more) as well as access to the entire Hulu streaming library for just $55 a month. There’s no contract, there’s no strings attached, and there’s no hoops to jump through when signing up for – or terminating – your new Hulu Live set up.

Does Hulu Have Marquee Sports Network?

If you’re a big fan of watching the Cubs you’re going to love Hulu Live – especially since they signed a major deal with the Marquee Sports Network to cover at least 145 regular-season games for the Cubs (home and away) as well as 28 spring training games, too.

Not only that, but fans of the Cubs are also going to get access to a lot more pre-and post-game coverage than they would have had available anywhere else. Classic broadcasts of amazing games, original programming, and so much more is available through the Marquee Sports Network addition to Hulu Live.

As if that wasn’t enough, you’re going to get all of the other sports channels available through Hulu Live as well. They’ll never miss any of the biggest national games or regional games in any sport ever again!