Does Netflix Have Superstore?

Binge-watchers, wondering if Netflix has Superstore? Dive into this summary for surprising streaming options and more!

Yes, Netflix has Superstore in over 27 territories, but not in the USA. You'll find it on Hulu and Peacock there. The show boasts engaging characters like Amy and Jonah, with a diverse ensemble cast. Superstore combines workplace comedy with heartfelt moments across its six seasons. Viewers praise its character development and acting chemistry. Beyond Netflix, discover its unique humor on platforms like Now and Peacock. Stay tuned for updates on where to catch this beloved series next.

Availability on Netflix

In January 2021, Netflix made Superstore seasons 1-5 available in over 27 territories, delighting viewers in countries like the UK, Australia, India, and Canada. Fans of the show were thrilled to have easy access to the first five seasons on the popular streaming platform. Initially, most territories had access to seasons 1-5, with the addition of season 6 coming later. Countries such as the UK, Australia, India, and Canada were among those that licensed Superstore for streaming on Netflix.

The availability of Superstore on Netflix brought joy to many viewers, with the show even ranking in the top 10 lists for 231 days in countries like Canada and the UK. However, it's important to note that viewers in the USA didn't have access to Superstore on Netflix. Instead, the show was available for streaming on platforms like Hulu and Peacock in the United States.

Cast and Characters Overview

So, you're curious about the cast and characters of Superstore, right?

America Ferrera leads the pack as Amy, with Ben Feldman by her side as Jonah, creating a dynamic duo to watch.

Lauren Ash, Nico Santos, and Colton Dunn round out the ensemble, bringing their unique comedic styles and personalities to the mix.

Main Cast Introduction

Meet the vibrant and diverse main cast of Superstore, each bringing unique personalities and dynamics to the Cloud 9 superstore setting. America Ferrera shines as Amy, a key character and producer on the show. Ben Feldman portrays Jonah, another central figure in the Cloud 9 superstore.

Lauren Ash, Colton Dunn, and Nico Santos add depth and diversity to the main cast. Nichole Sakura joins as Cheyenne, contributing to the varied personalities across different store departments. Together, this ensemble creates a rich tapestry of characters that interact within the bustling store environment.

Superstore not only features its main cast but also incorporates recurring and guest stars who further enrich the interactions and stories within the store setting.

Character Dynamics Highlight

What dynamic interactions emerge among the main cast members of Superstore as they navigate the challenges and humor of the Cloud 9 superstore setting? The ensemble cast of Superstore brings together a diverse group of characters, each contributing uniquely to the workplace comedy.

  • America Ferrera (Amy) and Ben Feldman (Jonah) portray central characters, balancing each other's perspectives.
  • Lauren Ash (Dina) adds a no-nonsense attitude to the mix, contrasting with the more laid-back colleagues.
  • Nichole Sakura (Cheyenne) introduces a fresh dynamic, enriching the ensemble with her youthful energy.

The recurring stars and engaging ensemble interactions create a vibrant and enthralling workplace environment in Superstore.

Plot Summary and Genre

Exploring the daily chaos and camaraderie within a bustling mega store, Superstore follows the lives of its quirky employees, including lead characters played by America Ferrera and Ben Feldman. The show masterfully blends workplace comedy with heartfelt moments as the employees navigate the challenges and absurdities of working at a retail giant. With a total of 113 episodes spanning six seasons from 2015 to 2021, Superstore became a fan favorite for its witty humor and relatable characters.

Netflix secured licensing for Superstore in January 2021, expanding its reach to over 27 territories, such as Canada, Australia, and the UK. Initially offering seasons 1-5, Netflix later added season 6 to its library due to the show's popularity. The series quickly gained traction on the streaming platform, consistently landing in the top 10s for 231 days in countries like Canada and the UK, showcasing its widespread appeal and enduring charm.

Viewer Ratings and Reviews

With an IMDb rating of 7.9/10 and over 69,000 user reviews, Superstore has garnered a strong following for its blend of humor, heart, and compelling character dynamics. Viewers have praised the show for its relatable and diverse cast, engaging storylines, and the chemistry among the actors. The top-rated episode, 'Are Mateo And Eric Getting Married?' scored an impressive 8.2/10, showcasing the series' ability to deliver standout moments that resonate with the audience.

The show's character development is a standout feature, with viewers appreciating the depth and growth of the characters over the seasons.

Viewer reviews often highlight the acting chemistry among the cast members, which brings the characters to life and enhances the overall viewing experience.

Superstore's TV-14 rating and 22-minute average episode length make it a convenient and enjoyable choice for fans of comedy and workplace sitcoms.

Comparisons With Other Comedies

When comparing Superstore to The Office and Parks and Rec, you'll notice distinct comedic styles and workplace settings that set each show apart.

The Office's mockumentary format contrasts with Superstore's more traditional sitcom approach, while Parks and Rec's quirky characters offer a different vibe than Superstore's ensemble cast.

Despite these differences, Superstore's unique humor and relatable workplace scenarios make it a standout in the comedy genre.

Superstore Vs. the Office

In comparing Superstore and The Office, both NBCUniversal sitcoms share a similar fate of leaving Netflix internationally in January 2023.

  • The Office had all 9 seasons available on Netflix in international territories before its removal.
  • Netflix licensed both Superstore and The Office in multiple regions.
  • Viewers across various countries will witness the disappearance of these beloved sitcoms from Netflix.

It's a significant change for fans who've enjoyed binge-watching these shows on the streaming platform. The departure of these iconic sitcoms will unquestionably leave a void for many viewers who've come to love the humor and relatable characters found in both Superstore and The Office.

Superstore Vs. Parks and Rec

Comparing the workplace humor and ensemble cast dynamics of Superstore and Parks and Recreation reveals intriguing parallels and distinctions between these beloved NBC comedies. Both shows have garnered strong fan bases, with Parks and Recreation running for 7 seasons compared to Superstore's 6 seasons.

While Amy Poehler leads the cast of Parks and Recreation, America Ferrera shines in Superstore. Both series incorporate ensemble casts and workplace humor elements, but they differ in settings; Superstore is based in a big-box store, while Parks and Recreation unfolds in a government office in Pawnee, Indiana.

Fans of NBC comedies appreciate the unique charm each show brings, whether through the quirky characters of Pawnee or the antics of the Cloud 9 employees.

Superstore Unique Humor

Superstore's unique brand of humor sets it apart from other comedies by seamlessly blending workplace comedy with insightful social commentary. The show tackles relevant social issues with humor and sensitivity, resonating with modern audiences.

Here are some key aspects that make Superstore's humor stand out:

  • The witty and satirical take on retail work culture sets it apart from traditional workplace comedies.
  • The ensemble cast and diverse characters add depth to the humor, creating a dynamic and engaging viewing experience.
  • Viewers appreciate the show's blend of humor, heartwarming moments, and clever cultural references, making it a beloved comedy series that offers both laughs and thought-provoking insights.

Streaming Options Beyond Netflix

When exploring streaming options beyond Netflix for the show Superstore, viewers can find it available on platforms such as Now and Peacock in select regions. While the series didn't move to Netflix in the US, fans could access it on Hulu and Peacock. However, the post-Netflix removal availability of Superstore remains uncertain in various territories.

Internationally, it's unclear where the show will stream next after departing from Netflix. Fans are eagerly anticipating updates on where they can continue to enjoy the beloved series. As of now, checking Now and Peacock for availability in your region is recommended for fans excited to follow the comedic adventures of the Cloud 9 employees.

Stay tuned for further information on where Superstore will be streaming next, as the show remains a favorite for many viewers worldwide.

Behind the Scenes Insights

Get ready to explore the enchanting world of Superstore with exclusive behind-the-scenes insights revealing the magic that brought the show to life. As the show bids farewell to Netflix internationally on January 1st, 2023, after being available in over 27 territories, fans are eagerly anticipating where it will land next.

Here are some intriguing details behind the scenes:

  • Global Impact: Superstore gained popularity on Netflix in countries like Canada, Australia, and the UK, where it garnered high viewership, showcasing the show's worldwide appeal.
  • Streaming Platforms Transition: With the show leaving Netflix, the future availability of Superstore on new streaming platforms remains uncertain, leaving fans curious about where they can continue to enjoy the series.
  • Viewer Excitement: The removal of Superstore from Netflix has left fans excited yet anxious about the show's next destination, highlighting the strong connection viewers have with the series and its characters.

Stay tuned for updates on where Superstore will be accessible post-Netflix, as the show continues to engage audiences worldwide.

Awards and Nominations

As you explore the captivating world of Superstore, the praise and acknowledgment it received for its humor and diverse cast are truly remarkable. The show not only mesmerized audiences with its clever workplace humor but also garnered critical acclaim for its portrayal of a diverse group of characters. This representation earned Superstore nominations for various awards, recognizing its dedication to showcasing inclusivity and addressing social issues with both humor and sensitivity.

Moreover, the individual performances of the cast members didn't go unnoticed, with several actors receiving well-deserved recognition for their contributions to the show's success. Superstore's ability to blend comedy with discussions on important societal matters struck a chord with viewers, making it not just a source of entertainment but also a platform for meaningful conversations. The show's unique approach to storytelling and its commitment to highlighting the importance of diversity have unquestionably solidified its place in the hearts of many fans.

Impact and Popularity

Superstore's impact and appeal have transcended borders, captivating audiences in over 27 international territories through its engaging storyline and diverse cast. The show's availability on Netflix in numerous regions has greatly boosted its popularity and viewership.

Here are some key points highlighting the impact and popularity of Superstore:

  • Netflix's licensing of Superstore in multiple territories expanded its international reach.
  • The show's presence on Netflix led to high viewership numbers in countries like Canada and the UK, where it ranked in the top 10 for an impressive 231 days.
  • Although not available on Netflix in the USA, Superstore was accessible on platforms like Hulu and Peacock, ensuring American viewers could also enjoy the series.

The strategic licensing decisions made by Netflix have played a vital role in expanding the show's audience base and solidifying its popularity across different parts of the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have Netflix Removed Superstore?

Netflix has indeed removed Superstore. The show is no longer available on the platform internationally starting January 1st, 2023. Fans in various countries, including Canada, Australia, and the UK, may need to find alternative streaming options.

What Platform Is Superstore On?

Superstore is available on Hulu and NBC platforms in the US. Hulu streams all six seasons. Netflix had seasons 1-5 internationally but will remove them in 2023. Future platforms for Superstore post-Netflix removal are uncertain.

What Streaming Device Is Superstore On?

Superstore is available on popular streaming platforms like Netflix. You can enjoy the hilarious antics of store employees through your smart TV, laptop, or phone. Just search for Superstore on Netflix and start binge-watching today!

What Is Superstore About on Netflix?

If you're wondering what Superstore is about on Netflix, the show follows quirky employees at a big-box store dealing with daily antics. Led by America Ferrera and Ben Feldman, the series offers humor and heart.


So, does Netflix have Superstore? Unfortunately, the show isn't currently available on Netflix.

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