Does Philo Have Local Channels?

Switching from your regular cable to Philo streaming is a wise move towards cost-efficiency and more variety and entertainment. Most of us are used to local channels, for instance, we rarely miss visiting Fox or ABC among others. 

So the first question shall be, does Philo have local channels? No, Philo does not offer local channels, now that’s a heartbreaker before you find out about its channels pricing. Better still, you can access local channels with an antenna for free. 

Philo Package 

So, if Philo does not offer local channels, what does it have to offer that motivates ownership? Roku offers the most affordable price in the market. Also, they provide a fixed number of channels for the package. Philo concentrates on lifestyle channels rather than sport and local channels. With a total of 61 channels in a package worth $20, Philo is far cheaper compared to other wireless t.v streaming service providers. 

How To Stream Local Channels For Free 

If for budget reasons you have to go with Philo, you don’t want to miss CBS, NBC, ABC among others. Still, it should not cost you extra bucks, you only need an antenna and the below guide. 

First, you need to buy an antenna that fits your tv model. For those who are nearer to the local receiving tower, buy a non-amplified antenna while those who are further should go for an amplified one. Be sure to check your TV’s antenna cable plug, buy an antenna that matches your television’s cable plug. 

Fix your antenna using its user manual then connect it to your TV. 

On your tv options, navigate to settings>>settings input>>cable antenna.  

Now do the auto search for local channels. Consider a cup of coffee as this process might take up to 30 minutes. 

If you don’t get a response, try adjusting or repositioning your antenna until you got the signal.  

After connecting, searching, and getting channels successfully, you can now enjoy your favorite local channels. Switch from tv to other streaming services like Roku when you want to use Philo 

Does Philo Have Local Channels? Stream Them With Locast 

Instead of installing yet another cable, Locast comes to your rescue. Locust is an application that lets you stream local channels via the internet rather than an antenna. This comes in handy given the stress to switch between TV and Philo is gone. Another even good news is that it is a non-profit, so absolutely no charges. It currently works for 23 states. 

As much as Locast lacks a DVR, they are efficient and available across devices including android, iOS, and streaming on their website. Furthermore, Locast is free and meant to be philanthropic, therefore, we couldn’t ask for too much.

So, Is Philo Worth It? 

Does Philo have local channels? As you have noticed, local channels can be easily accessed through an antenna or even an app. Therefore, the lack of local channels on Philo isn’t much of a challenge. Philo’s package pricing is the best compared to its competitors, for $20 you are sorted for a whole month. 

The best thing with Philo is that it has a single package enabled with all the 61 channels. So, you shall not be missing out on better package features.  So, if you have no issue switching between TV and Philo channels every time you want to change, yes Philo is worth it. 

Philo Cloud DVR 

Within the same subscription, you get unlimited access to Philo cloud DVR. So, never miss out on your favorite episode, all you need to do is add your favorite show to your DVR and let it store all the episodes for you. The only limitation with this storage is that stored episodes expire after every month, so you have to watch them within 30 days.  

How Many Devices Does Philo Support? 

Philo can support 3 devices simultaneously, meaning, you can watch your favorite traveling channel while your kids stream their own content in their room. It is however important to note that Philo doesn’t have parental controls and shall require your vigilance. Just ensure your kids are streaming relevant and morally upright content. Still, all the trouble of who’s gonna have the remote is gone.

Philo offers a Free 7-day Trial 

Philo offers a non-conditional 7-day free trial. By non-conditional, we mean Philo doesn’t ask for a credit card or PayPal to enable your free trial. All you need to do is sign up with your number and start enjoying the content absolutely free. 

After 7 days of the free trial, you shall now have to enter your credit card information to continue enjoying the service for 5 more free days. After the fifth day, you shall now have to make the first month’s payment to continue streaming. Such a lengthy trial shall allow you to make a decision whether or not to buy Philo services. 

Compatibility With Streaming Devices  

Philo is also limited to a number of streaming devices, therefore you have to check and ascertain that you are okay with the offered devices. Here are the devices that Philo supports, Apple T.V, android tv, amazon tv, roko, android, iOS, Chromecast, and most web browsers. 

For all the mentioned streaming devices, you are on the safe side, but when it comes to Xbox and many others, you shall be locked out. Therefore if Xbox tops your, must watch, list, then you better go for another service.

For Samsung users, here’s how to connect Samsung to sony Bravia TV

Does Philo Have Local Channels – Conclusion

To sum up, Philo does not offer any local channels. If you are a news and sports enthusiast, then you are locked out. You shall need an extra antenna for local channels if you choose Philo, no extra cost, other than the initial buying capital of your antenna, shall be needed to get local channels. 

The thing is, Philo isn’t of much favor to sports and news enthusiasts. It however is handy for lifestyle channel enthusiasts who need a pocket-friendly streaming service. It can be used on up to 3 devices consecutively to give the whole family peace of channel preferences.