How Do I Cast My Samsung Galaxy S10 to My Roku

Want to cast and queue content from your Samsung Galaxy S10 to your Big TV screen? Roku is here to make all that possible and easy for you. Owning a Roku tv device at your home means that you can broadcast or screen mirror content not only from your android mobile phone but also all compatible Windows device versions. 

In this article, I’m going to provide an answer to many Samsung galaxy as well as Roku tv owners; ‘how do I cast my Samsung galaxy S10 to my Roku. Let’s see how! Just like any other android device, you’ll have to connect your Galaxy S10 to the same working wifi as your Roku tv. Screen mirroring from your phone to Roku will not only help you project pictures, music, and videos but also everything that’s on your phone’s screen. 

Ensure that the screen mirroring option on your Roku is enabled before you start setting a broadcast. Your Samsung S10 should be connected to a Roku device that supports screen mirroring. Open Settings on your Roku device to enable screen mirroring.   

Being the first time you’re setting up your Roku to use the cast feature, you’ll have to go through a number of short steps that won’t show up the next time you’re connecting. 

Check if your mobile phone and Roku are accessing the same functional wifi network. This is the most basic requirement for a successful Roku content broadcast. 

Make sure the app you want to cast from is installed both on your android phone and your Roku device. 

How To Cast From Your Android To Roku 

Step 1: On your Android mobile, open the app you want to use for the cast and open the video you want to be displayed on the TV 

Step 2: Tap the cast button on the app you’re projecting the video or content from 

Step 3: Choose your Roku when asked to select a device to connect to 

Step 4: Your Roku will open the suitable channel or application and playback will begin immediately. 

Casting is supported and available on specific Roku channels. If a Roku channel supports casting, the casting icon will always appear next to the video on your android phone. However, some apps won’t show the casting icon until the video is opened and playback starts. 

Wondering if Roku can stream local channels? Click here to find out.

Casting and Screen Mirroring 

These two words have been correspondingly been used sometimes to mean the same thing. Point of fact, they are not even the same feature. 

However, both features stand in for content projection and display from our android and windows devices to achieve a bigger and more compelling visual. 

Casting on a Roku is a speedy approach of projecting a video or stream from your mobile to your TV to achieve a better visual and more enjoyable watch time. Casting is limited and can only be done by supported channels only. 

However, Screen mirroring will help you project and display all the content on your device’s screen. When screen mirroring, you can control all the activities and processes on your windows or android screen from a bigger screen using a Roku. 

How Do I Cast my Samsung Galaxy S10 to my Roku? 

As much as Roku tv is a casting media player, it also perfectly performs the role of projection of content from your android as well as windows’ screens onto bigger screens. 

To screen mirror your Samsung S10 to the TV, ensure your Roku’s screen mirror feature is enabled already. The Roku device you’re using should have the screen mirroring option for one to connect and mirror successfully.  

Following the steps listed below, you’ll manage to successfully screen the mirror and even control your Samsung S10’s activities from a bigger screen. 


  • Select the system  
  • Click the screen mirroring option to enable this exclusive feature 
  • After switching this feature on, choose prompt or always allow if you’re unperturbed about someone gaining access and even getting to overwrite their screens and data on your Roku device. 
  • However, devices that are already set or marked as always allowed or blocked shall be handled significantly by your Roku. 
  • From top to bottom, wipe down your Samsung Galaxy 10’s notification bar twice consecutively for a complete display of all the icons in three rows. 
  • Find and click the smart view icon.  
  • After a few moments, your Samsung S10 should be able to trace any available devices ready to connect in a list. If it takes longer than expected, tap and hold the smart view icon to expand and view more details. 
  • Look out for your Roku device on the list of available device and click to connect 

If you’d chosen to be prompted every time you connect and mirror to your Roku or accidentally clicked the never allow option, don’t even bite a fingernail about it! Just a few steps will see you changing the setting to a preferred one. 

Press your Roku’s home button, go back to its system settings on the screen and change it to either ‘allow’ or ‘always allow’ and your Samsung’s screen will be mirrored before you even know it. 

Having such an amazing feature, the Samsung Galaxy S10 has been made compatible with multiple Roku devices hence making casting easier. Using the *Smart View*feature on your Samsung phone has made watching and streaming from your device easier and enjoyable compared to other android mobile brands. 

Having the smart view feature on your phone is already the answer to your all-time question, “how do I cast my Samsung galaxy 10 to my Roku”. 

However, despite having the smart view feature, your Samsung galaxy 10 can still cast to your Roku device provided that it has the channels that Roku supports installed and functional. You can now cast and screen mirror any content on your Samsung Galaxy S10 anytime you feel like. 

How Do I Cast my Samsung Galaxy S10 to my Roku – Final Note 

If you notice any lagging in the actions between your mobile phone and Roku, ensure you are using the appropriate mode to project the content you want to be on your big screen. Have a marvelous time watching