How Do I Fix Disney Plus on My LG Tv?

Navigating the labyrinth of streaming services on your LG TV can sometimes lead to a dead end, especially when Disney Plus decides to throw a wrench in your movie night plans.

You sit down, ready to dive into the latest Marvel adventure or a Star Wars saga, only to be met with a loading screen that's more persistent than a cliffhanger at the end of a season finale.

Fear not, as there are several troubleshooting steps you can take to get back on track. From ensuring your TV's compatibility to performing a power cycle, and updating your app and TV software, the solutions are at your fingertips.

But what if these steps don't work? What if the magic of Disney still doesn't grace your screen? Stick around to uncover not only the common quick fixes but also some lesser-known tips that might just be the key to unlocking an evening of uninterrupted entertainment.

Verify LG TV Compatibility

Before attempting to fix Disney Plus on your LG TV, it's essential to ensure that your model is among those listed as compatible on LG's official website. If you're facing the issue of Disney Plus not working, verifying compatibility should be your first step. Most LG TVs that run LG's webOS are compatible with Disney Plus.

If your TV isn't compatible, consider adding a streaming device like a Fire TV Stick or Roku streaming stick instead of replacing the entire TV. These devices can provide an economical and straightforward solution to access the Disney Plus Server and other streaming services.

To use the Disney+ app on your LG TV, head to the LG Content Store to check for the latest version. Make sure your TV is updated with the newest software to avoid any compatibility issues. Additionally, ensure you've accepted all user agreements in the settings menu of your TV, as failing to do so can sometimes hinder app functionality.

Perform Power Cycle

Having confirmed your LG TV is compatible with Disney Plus, the next step to troubleshoot issues is conducting a power cycle on your device.

This straightforward process can resolve problems like the app crashing, a black screen, or Disney Plus not working correctly.

Start by turning off your TV. Then, unplug it from the power outlet and wait for about 60 seconds. During this time, press and hold the power button on your LG TV for 30 seconds. This action helps discharge any residual power in the TV and can clear minor glitches that may be affecting the performance of your apps.

After the minute is up, plug your TV back into the power outlet. Turn your TV back on using the power button on your LG remote or the button on your LG TV itself. The TV should power up, and you can attempt to launch Disney Plus again.

Network and DNS Settings

Ensure your LG TV has a stable internet connection, as this is a crucial step in resolving streaming issues with Disney Plus. A poor connection can lead to buffering, errors, or the inability to access the streaming service altogether. To check your connection, navigate to the network settings on your TV and confirm that it's connected to the internet, preferably via a Wi-Fi connection or, for an even more reliable option, use an Ethernet cable.

If you're experiencing an issue, start by restarting your router. This can resolve potential network glitches that may be affecting your smart TVs' ability to stream content. To do this, unplug the router, wait for a minute, and plug it back in again. Afterward, ensure that your LG TV reconnects to the network.

It's also important to verify that your internet connection speed is sufficient for Disney Plus. If speeds are below the recommended threshold, you might encounter streaming problems.

For a potential increase in stability and speed, consider updating your DNS settings to Google DNS. This adjustment in your network settings can sometimes improve the performance of your streaming service. To change your DNS settings, you'll typically access the advanced settings in your TV's network configuration menu. Input the Google DNS addresses: '' for the primary DNS and '' for the secondary DNS, then save and restart your TV to apply the changes.

Update Disney Plus App

After checking your network and DNS settings, it's crucial to verify that your LG TV's Disney Plus app is up to date to maintain optimal performance. An outdated app can lead to streaming issues, so follow these steps to ensure you're running the latest version:

First, confirm that your LG smart TV supports the Disney Plus app. Then, navigate to the LG Content Store and search for the Disney Plus app to check for any available software updates. If an update is available, install it promptly. Once the update is complete, restart your TV to ensure that the changes take effect properly.

If you're still experiencing issues with Disney Plus after updating, you might need to delete the app and re-install it. This can resolve lingering problems by refreshing the app's data.

Here's a quick guide to manage your app updates:

Step Action Result
1 Check compatibility Ensures LG TV supports Disney Plus
2 Find updates Access LG Content Store
3 Install updates Update Disney Plus app
4 Restart LG TV Apply updates effectively

For further assistance, don't hesitate to contact customer support.

LG TV Software Upgrade

To address app-related issues and enhance your viewing experience, consider performing a software upgrade on your LG TV, which can be done through the TV's settings menu. Upgrading the software ensures that your LG TV is compatible with the latest apps and features, including Disney Plus.

If you're using an older LG model, it may be running an older version of the operating system that could limit functionality. Before you update the software, verify that your TV is compatible with the Disney Plus app. If the app on your LG TV is outdated or malfunctioning, re-installing the app can sometimes resolve the issue.

Here are steps to upgrade your LG TV's software:

  1. Check Compatibility: Ensure your LG TV is compatible with the Disney Plus app.
  2. Access Settings: Go to the settings menu on your LG TV.
  3. Find Updates: Look for the option to update the software and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Re-install Disney: If needed, uninstall and then re-install the Disney Plus app from the LG Content Store.

In the case that your TV isn't compatible, consider other streaming devices that support the Disney Plus app.

Adjust Region and Time

Before diving into the app settings, check your LG TV's region and time settings, as incorrect configurations could prevent Disney Plus from functioning correctly. To ensure that your LG TV is set up for the correct region, press the settings button on your remote and navigate to the HOME menu. From there, select the 'General' option and find 'Location'. Ensure that your TV's location matches your current region, especially if you've recently moved or purchased the TV from another area.

Additionally, verify that the time settings on your LG TV are accurate. Incorrect time settings can interfere with the operation of streaming services like Disney Plus. In the same 'General' settings, look for the 'Time & Date' options to adjust them accordingly. This often includes setting the correct time zone and enabling the automatic time update feature, which syncs your TV's clock with the internet time.

Reinstall Disney+ App

If Disney Plus is still not functioning on your LG TV despite correct region and time settings, reinstalling the app may resolve the issue. Sometimes apps can become glitchy or outdated, and a fresh install is just what's needed to get things running smoothly again. Here's how to do it:

  1. Delete the Existing Disney Plus App: Navigate to the apps section on your LG smart TV, find the TV Disney Plus app, and delete or uninstall it. This will remove any potentially corrupted data.
  2. Access the LG Content Store: Using your TV remote, go to the LG Content Store, which is the hub for all your smart TV apps.
  3. Find and Install Disney Plus: Search for 'Disney Plus' in the Content Store. Once you find it, select the app and click on 'Install' to add it back to your TV.
  4. Update the App: After installation, check for any updates available for the Disney Plus app to ensure you have the latest version.

Once reinstalled, open the Disney Plus app, sign in, and you should be able to stream your favorite content without any issues. Remember to make sure your LG TV is connected to the internet throughout this process.