How Do I Get Rid of Currently Watching on Disney Plus?

Curate your Disney Plus viewing experience by learning clever ways to eliminate the 'Currently Watching' list - find out how!

To remove 'Currently Watching' on Disney Plus, create a secondary profile. Make a temporary profile to hide the list. Delete profiles to clear watch history. Remove items from the Watchlist to stay organized. Give feedback on the platform. Address interface issues for optimization. Explore Disney Plus content variety. These simple steps help in managing your account efficiently.

Setting Up a Secondary Profile

To set up a secondary profile on Disney+, navigate to the account settings to access the option for creating additional profiles. Disney+ allows for up to seven profiles per subscription, giving you the flexibility to create a secondary profile. By setting up a secondary profile, you can isolate your viewing history, providing a fresh start in the 'Continue Watching' section.

This secondary profile serves as a great way to manage your watch history and avoid clutter in your primary profile's 'Continue Watching' list. You can watch your desired content on the new profile without affecting the recommendations and progress on your main profile. Additionally, creating a secondary profile can be a temporary solution to clear watch history and remove any unwanted titles from your viewing history.

Deleting the secondary profile is also straightforward and removes all its watch history, making it a simple way to manage your viewing progress and keep your profiles organized.

Creating a Temporary Profile

When you want to hide what you're currently watching on Disney Plus, creating a temporary profile is the way to go. This method allows you to start fresh with a new profile, isolating your viewing activity.

Hide "Currently Watching"

Create a new profile on Disney+ with a unique name and picture to hide the 'Currently Watching' list. By setting up a separate profile, you can watch content without it affecting your main profile's 'Currently Watching' section.

This method keeps your main profile clutter-free and is an efficient way to manage your watch history. Once you finish watching the desired content on the new profile, you can delete it to remove all associated watch history.

This approach allows you to enjoy Disney+ without worrying about your viewing habits cluttering up your main profile. Utilizing a temporary profile provides a quick and effective solution for keeping your 'Currently Watching' list neat and organized on Disney+.

Use a New Profile

Consider starting fresh on Disney+ by setting up a new profile to manage your viewing activity and clear your 'Continue Watching' list efficiently.

Creating a new profile allows you to isolate your viewing activity, providing a quick solution to remove unwanted titles from your list. If you want to completely get rid of certain titles, deleting the profile associated with them will also remove all watch history.

This method is a simple and effective way to manage your 'Continue Watching' section, especially if you wish to start anew without the clutter of previously watched content. By using a new profile, you can easily maintain a clean and personalized viewing experience on Disney+.

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Clear Watch History

Wondering how to efficiently clear your watch history on Disney Plus?

One way to achieve this is by creating a temporary profile. Simply add a new profile with a unique name and picture for temporary use. Watch the desired content on this new profile to avoid affecting your main profile's watch history.

Once you're done, delete the temporary profile to clear the watch history associated with it. By removing the temporary profile, you effectively eliminate the content from your 'Continue Watching' list.

This method allows you to enjoy your Disney Plus experience without the worry of unwanted shows cluttering your watch history.

Deleting Watch History by Removing Profiles

When you delete a profile on Disney+, you erase all the associated watch history, providing a clean slate for your viewing activity.

By removing a profile, you can effectively clear the continue watching list, ensuring unwanted content is no longer visible.

Managing your viewing activity through profile management allows you to control and reset your watch history as needed.

Remove Unwanted Profiles

To remove unwanted profiles and delete watch history associated with them on Disney Plus, simply navigate to the account settings section. Follow these steps:

  1. Click on your profile icon in the top right corner of the Disney+ homepage.
  2. Select 'Account' from the dropdown menu.
  3. Scroll down to the 'Profile' section, click on the profile you wish to remove, and then select 'Delete Profile.'

Deleting unwanted profiles not only removes them from your account but also clears the watch history linked to that profile. This action can effectively declutter your 'Continue Watching' list and provide a fresh start for your viewing experience on Disney+.

Clear Watch History

To clear the watch history on Disney Plus by removing profiles, navigate to the account settings and delete the specific profile associated with the watch history you wish to erase. Deleting a profile removes all viewing activity linked to that profile, including the continue watching list.

Each profile on Disney Plus has its own watch history, allowing for individual management of viewing activity. By deleting a profile, you can effectively clear the continue watching list and start fresh without the unwanted titles.

This method provides a clean slate for your viewing experience and guarantees that the content you no longer wish to see is removed from the continue watching section on Disney Plus.

Manage Viewing Activity

Navigate to your Disney Plus account settings to effectively manage viewing activity by deleting watch history through the removal of specific profiles. By deleting a profile, you can control the content displayed in the viewing history and get rid of the 'Currently Watching' list on the streaming service.

Here's how you can do it:

  1. Delete Profile: Select the profile you want to remove from the account settings.
  2. Viewing History: Deleting the profile will clear all associated watch history and 'Continue Watching' titles.
  3. Manage Content: Removing profiles provides a clean slate for new profiles without any previous viewing data.
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Taking these steps will help you maintain your viewing activity and easily manage the content displayed on Disney Plus.

Removing Specific Items From Watchlist

When managing your Watchlist on Disney+, you can easily delete specific items by utilizing the checkmark button next to the item. To delete an item, access your Watchlist and locate the one you want to remove. Once you have found it, simply click on the checkmark button next to the item, and it will be deleted from your Watchlist promptly.

While the process is generally straightforward, glitches may occasionally occur when trying to delete items from your Watchlist. If you encounter any issues, try updating the page or logging out and back in to see if that resolves the problem.

To keep your Watchlist organized, it's essential to regularly delete items you no longer wish to watch. This practice ensures that your Watchlist remains curated with content that's relevant to your current interests. By staying on top of deleting unwanted items, you can maintain a streamlined and enjoyable viewing experience on Disney+.

Providing Feedback for 'Recently Watched' Category

Consider providing valuable input regarding the addition of a 'Recently Watched' category on Disney Plus by utilizing the feedback form available on the platform. Your feedback can directly impact the user experience on Disney Plus and help shape future updates.

Here's how you can contribute:

  1. Accessing the Feedback Form: Navigate to the Disney Plus platform and locate the feedback section in the settings or help menu. Click on the form to share your thoughts on the necessity of a 'Recently Watched' category.
  2. Detail Your User Experience: Describe how having a 'Recently Watched' category would enhance your viewing experience. Mention specific instances where access to a watch history would have been beneficial.
  3. Express Your Interest: Emphasize the importance of this feature to you as a user. Communicate how a 'Recently Watched' section would make it easier for you to track your viewing habits and discover new content.

Interface Issues and Potential Solutions

To enhance your Disney Plus experience and address interface issues, explore potential solutions for managing the 'Continue Watching' list efficiently. While Disney+ may not offer a direct option to remove titles from the list, there are strategies you can employ to improve your user experience. Fast-forwarding through content you're no longer watching can help clear up the list. Additionally, creating a secondary profile specifically for content you no longer intend to watch can also be a useful workaround. By taking these steps, you can declutter your 'Continue Watching' list and tailor it to your current viewing preferences.

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Potential Solutions
Fast-forward through content you're no longer watching
Create a secondary profile for unfinished content
Provide feedback to Disney for interface improvements

Disney Plus Content Library and Future Developments

The Disney Plus content library continues to expand with a diverse range of classic Disney content and new movies and TV shows in development. Here are key points to ponder regarding Disney+ content and future developments:

  1. Extensive Disney+ content: Disney+ boasts a vast library of classic Disney content, including beloved movies and TV shows that cater to various age groups and preferences.
  2. Continuous development of new content: The platform is actively working on creating new movies and TV shows to enhance its content offerings, catering to the evolving tastes of its audience and attracting new subscribers.
  3. User feedback and potential updates: While some users may encounter interface issues, Disney+ remains committed to improving its platform based on valuable user feedback. This dedication to enhancing the user experience positions Disney+ as a significant player in the streaming service industry, with ongoing adjustments and updates aimed at providing a seamless and enjoyable viewing experience for all.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Delete Currently Watching on Disney Plus?

To delete 'Currently Watching' on Disney Plus, trick the system by fast-forwarding to the end or create a new profile. Disable autoplay, use Fast Forward, or finish titles in the background on a PC using a picture-in-picture extension.

How Do You Turn off Are You Still Watching on Disney Plus?

To turn off "Are You Still Watching" on Disney Plus, navigate to your account settings. Find the option to disable this feature. Once turned off, you can enjoy uninterrupted viewing without being prompted to confirm your activity status repeatedly.

How Do You Remove Movies From Continue Watching?

To remove movies from continue watching on Disney Plus, fast forward through entire movies, finish TV shows near the end, refresh home screen after removal, play titles in the background on a PC, or switch to a second profile and back.

How Do I Clear Disney Plus Cache?

To clear Disney+ cache, go to settings or app management on your device. Find the Disney+ app, select it, and then choose to clear the cache. Regularly clearing cache can improve streaming performance and resolve playback issues.


To wrap things up, getting rid of the 'currently watching' list on Disney Plus can be easily done by setting up a secondary profile or creating a temporary one.

By managing your watch history and providing feedback, you can tailor your viewing experience to your preferences.

Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day, so don't be discouraged if it takes a little time to perfect your Disney Plus account.

Keep calm and stream on!