How Much Is Netflix on Roku?

Watching Netflix shows and movies on Roku is an amazing experience. Once you have set up your media player, you can start enjoying numerous Netflix shows. Netflix directly streams your favorite show to your TV. But how much is Netflix on Roku? In this post, we will try to answer this question. Here you will also learn some other important things about Roku.

Purchasing a Roku is a budget-friendly route, and many people interested in smart TVs take this route. And what can you do with Roku? Well, to be brief, it is a media player that streams content from the internet. You can stream numerous movies and TV shows on the internet. This is a new dimension to your experience with smart TVs.

Roku Explained 

The company makes media-streaming devices, and the devices are run by Roku Software, the latest version of which is Roku OS 9.2. In Japanese, the word Roku means “Six”, because this is the sixth initiative of the founder.

The company’s first product is Roku VDP, which was released in 2008. Since then, the company has released new versions of the product. Roku is not very similar to game consoles and home theatre PCs, because the focus is here on providing a very easy way to stream audio and video content from the internet.

Roku lets you enjoy Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Netflix, and many other services. Whether you want to stream strange or spiritual content, you can start watching in seconds.

Roku is both device and software. Roku players are the hardware that runs on the Roku software. Prices range from $30 to $100. With an HDMI connection, you can use these players with any TV. You do not need a smart TV to do that.

How much is Netflix on Roku? Before you get the answer, we are happy to let you know that Roku is free. But to enjoy some channels, you will have to pay a subscription fee. You will get a Roku remote with each player. The device is very easy to use. You will be able to connect it even if you have no experience with it. The process is almost intuitive.

Paying a Subscription: How Much Is Netflix on Roku?

Whether you have a Roku Soundbar, Roku TV, or Roku player, you do not have to pay any subscription fee to use Roku’s features.  But you can also use Roku to access streaming services that require a subscription. Subscription-based content is offered by Hulu, HBO Now, Netflix, and many other services.

You can purchase services, and for those purchases, you will have to pay. Netflix is a paid content option, but there are plenty of free sources. With your Roku device, you can access your personal collection of TV shows, movies, music, and photos. There are some Roku players that can be even connected to external hard drives. You will get a dedicated USB port with your Roku player.

All channels are free on Roku. However, in order to use a certain channel, you will have to pay a service fee. For Netflix, the charge is $7.99 per month. And if you want to watch your shows and movies in ultra HD, you will have to pay up to $13.99 per month. How much is Netflix on Roku? Not much, really. Now you know that it charges a small amount of fee.

The fees are categorized as basis, standard, and premium. Whether you choose a basis or premium plan, you will get a month of a free trial.

  • Basic – For this plan, you will have to pay $8.99 per month. You will watch videos in standard definition, and you are allowed to stream on only 1 device at a given time.
  • Standard – For this plan, the monthly fee is $12.99. You will watch videos in HD only when available. And you are allowed to download them to 2 devices at the same time.
  • Premium – The premium plan charges $15.99 per month. The videos are displayed in ultra-high definition, and you are allowed to download the videos to 4 devices at a time.

How It Works

How much is Netflix on Roku? Probably you are no longer bothered by this question. Now that you know the answer, you should know a thing or two about the mechanism of Roku. After all, using a device is much more enjoyable when you know how it works.

Whether you purchase a Roku TV, Roku Player, or a Roku Soundbar, you get a somewhat similar experience. You need an internet connection to use your Roku device. Yes, there are some Roku devices that are connected through an Ethernet cable, but all Roku devices work with WiFi. You just have to set up your Roku device, create your account, and start using your device.

Once you have initially set up your Roku device, you will see the home screen. On the left, there is the main menu. And on the right, there are large graphic rectangles. The grid patterns are pretty easy to read and visually appealing. These rectangles include YouTube, Netflix, The Roku Channel, and numerous other channels. The channels are like apps on a smartphone.

In order to select a channel, you just have to use your remote and press OK. You will start watching the channel. But if it is a subscription-based channel like Netflix, the system will ask you to create an account. You have to do it from your smartphone or PC, but luckily you need to do it only once.

If you wish to go to another channel, just press the home button. A Roku device allows you to select and launch channels, but there is another thing you can do with it.

Adding Channels

New channels can be added to your Roku home screen. In fact, it is a major reason why so many people like this platform. The store already has thousands of channels, but you can find new ones and add them. With this device, you can even stream from your personal library.

The procedure for adding channels is very easy. you can use a web browser, or you can just go to the Streaming Channels menu. Roku has a mobile app that allows you to find channels and add them.

More on Netflix on Roku

Netflix is a widely acclaimed movie streaming service with numerous original movies and TV shows. Whether you want to watch a documentary, movie, or web series, you can start doing that in seconds.

Netflix records your browsing habits and recommends titles based on the previously watched movies. There are many popular categories, and chances are that you will fall in love with some of those categories.

Before you watch a TV show, drama or movie, you can cast information and watch a synopsis. The title can be easily added to your watch list. There are many other options such as changing subtitles and audio and rating the piece.

An account can be used to set up multiple profiles. That means, in your house, everyone can have their own watch list. The system can even maintain profile information between devices.

Final Thoughts

How much is Netflix on Roku? Now you know the answer, and you know what to expect from Netflix on Roku. We hope you will enjoy Netflix movies and make your leisure more colorful. Roku gives you access to numerous free channels, but Netflix can really add a new dimension to your experience. Happy streaming!