How to Activate Epix on Apple TV

Apple TV has cooperated with Epix Entertainment to add to its breadth of entertainment solutions. The partnership saw the release of Epix Now, an inclusive subscription-based TV channel that allows you access to the biggest collection of movies and hit TV shows streamed in 4K. Wondering how to activate Epix on Apple TV? This post got you covered.

The service is available to EPIX subscribers at a monthly price of $5.99. It offers you direct access to on-demand content, which can be downloaded to your Apple TV to watch later when not connected to the internet.

Let’s see how to activate Epix on Apple TV.

What Do You Get When You Activate Epix on Apple TV

EPIX is an MGM affiliate and a top entertainment streaming channel providing the finest in classic films, original series, movies, and documentaries. You can stream the content or access it on demand via your cable or satellite provider. 

With its EPIX Now app, available free of charge in the App Store, Epix subscribers can enjoy a seven-day unpaid trial and enjoy an affordable monthly package of $5.99. Why would you want to activate Epix on your Apple TV?

  • You will enjoy EPIX Now casting ability that lets you improve your video or TV shows watching experience by casting from your small phone screen to a larger TV screen.
  • Extensive range of curated collections. You can access and browse multiple titles that are uniquely selected by the qualified movie buffs staff.
  • An advanced search option lets you filter your search content based on target keywords, titles, crew members, actors, and more.
  • Browse history, which provides you with details of the content you previously searched and watched, including movie and TV show title suggestions.

What’s so Great About Streaming Epix on Apple TV

There are many perks to connecting EPIX to Apple TV.  With the new EPIX Now app with the finest content-forward user experiences, subscribers are sure to have an experience like no other once they activate their Epix on Apple TV. Watch out for these amazing benefits once you pair your Epix with Apple TV:

  • A chance to watch a stream of EPIX live, linear channels with a finger tap
  • The ability to add your favorite content to curated collections, free sampling, or even personal queue.
  • Superior video playback and advanced search features coupled with free limited access when they activate their Epix on Apple TV.

How to Activate Epix on Apple TV

EPIX is now open for activation with Apple TV and allows its subscribers access to multiple TV shows and movies. Want to enjoy this impressive choice of services? Activate your Epix on Apple TV first using these tips:

  1. Download the Apple TV app and install it on your iOS or Android smartphone. The application can also be downloaded and installed on smart TVs, Android TVs, and Apple TV alike.
  2. Once the application is downloaded and available on your device, launch it.
  3. Navigate to the section of the app where all the channels are listed.
  4. You will notice that EPIC is already listed as one of the core channels
  5. Click on it to get started watching those awesome movies, shows, or documentaries.

Why Would Want to Access Epix on Apple TV?

Apple TV’s story is told expansively and to a worldwide audience. The popularity and use of this TV have grown over the years, with its benefits celebrated far and wide. Why then do people stream Epix on Apple TV?

Let’s you stream a manifold of channels

With Apple TV, you can access thousands of well-known channels, EPIC online channel included. The channels come in the form of applications that run on the Apple OS. The channels are accessible on iTunes or ESPN, and all it takes is for you to add the channels to the Apple TV.

Easy to maneuver

Apple TV is designed to be extra user-friendly. It contains a few buttons and an easy design, which makes it plug-and-play. IPad and iPhone users don’t necessarily need to use the remote since they can remotely control the Apple TV using their smartphones.

Saves You the Hassle of Paid Subscriptions

With Apple TV, you won’t have to subscribe to any TV since you’re already accessing paid-for channels. For instance, when linking Apple TV to EPIX, you’re doing so because you’ve already subscribed to EPIX, so Apple TV acts to present the streamed content to target users. 

Also, as with Apple TV, you’re able to access lots of online streaming services for free as there are so many online streaming services that don’t charge anything provided you have an internet connection, YouTube included.

Sets up quickly and easily

One thing you’re going to love about Apple TV is it’s easy to set up design. Nothing too much is required to get the Apple TV running. You can quickly plug it into your TV using HDMI cable and getting it connected to your home Wi-Fi. When you’re connected, you can quickly log into your Apple TV and get multiple channels by adding them to your existing channels.

Allows for streamlined mirroring

Another amazing quality of the Apple TV is its ability to be mirrored to bigger screens. If you’re watching Apple TV on your smartphone, you can mirror it to your TV to enjoy bigger and clearer videos and pictures.

It’s a matter of a single tap on your smartphone, and the video or image you’re viewing will be presented on your TV screen wirelessly. It’s good to understand the connection is seamless, and no complex set-up work is required to get done. 

How to Activate Epix on Apple TV – Conclusion 

The benefits of activating Epix on Apple TV are many, and the activation process is not complex, either. Our tips outlined above will guide you to activate Epix on your Apple TV in a matter of minutes, without much hassle or mistakes. 

All you have to understand is that you should follow the tips outlined to avoid errors that could further complicate issues and make it more challenging to complete the activation process.