How to Activate Epix on PS4

EPIX, the first-ever multiplatform premium TV network to offer an above-board app on the PS4 system offers its authenticated subscribers over 3000 verified on-demand titles and high-definition top-end blockbusters. This article is on how to activate Epix on PS4.

Its blockbuster classics and new originals streamed on EPIX include The Legend Continues, The Wolf of Wall Street, From Rocky to Creed, Interstellar, and more. When you subscribe to EPIX premium service with PS4 supported TV streaming service, you’ll be able to watch concerts and stream movies on your PS4 system. 

The streaming service is available to customers subscribed to telco distributors, cable or satellite TV as well as those subscribed to the Epix Now app. The good thing is, you can download and install the Epix App to your PS4 from the PlayStation Store.

How to Stream Content on PS4

PS4 works fine with 4K movies, TV episodes, and originals. You can stream the content from any preferred streaming app. Streaming movies and TV shows require you to be connected to a premium network cable or Wi-Fi internet.  

You must as well have a premium PSN active account, which you will use to access PlayStation Store to download and install third-party apps such as Epix. You can create an account with Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and any other similar PSN account.

For superior immersion when watching series and movies, you can easily download the Epix app on your PS4 from the PlayStation App Store. When you already have the app on your PS4, you can stream content in the highest quality level ever, including VR format and 4K Ultra HD formats.

How to Activate Epix On PS4

With PS4, you can stream tons of amazing content with your console, among which include intriguing TV shows and originals. If you’re looking to activate Epix on your PS4 console, here are the steps to follow:

  1. On your PS4 console home screen, search for the PlayStation Store.
  2. While on the PlayStation store, find the search button located on your screen’s upper left corner.
  3. Write Epix in the search box and then search. You will get the app icon in the search results.
  4. Click on the Epix icon to start the download and install the app on your PS4 system.
  5. Head back to your PS4 home screen and then start your Epix application.
  6. Choose any movie or TV show you will want to watch. You will be prompted to enter an activation code.
  7. Search the page on your web browser and then enter the name of your active TV provider.
  8. On the page that popups, choose PS4 as the streaming device and you will get an activation code.
  9. Copy the code and enter it in your PlayStation console to activate the app and get started watching your favorite episodes and movies on the Epix app.

I am Unable to Activate my Device, What Can I Do?

I have tried to activate my PS4 to no avail, what could be the problem? When activating PS4 from the Epix now website, you may end up having problems completing the process. That should not be a worry since it’s often a technical glitch that can be troubleshot in minutes. 

The error could occur when you use an expired verification code. The Epix activation code is only active for one hour, after which it expires. Don’t wait until the activation code has expired to complete the activation process.

While activating your PS4, ensure you stay active on the PS4 screen as that’s a sure way to avoid losing the activation code. When the problem persists, you should reach out to a specialist for help.

I am Unable to Login to Epix, What Could Be the Problem?

I am trying to log in to to no avail, what could be the problem? When you’re activating your PS4, you have to log in online to complete the activation. In some instances, the login may fail, especially when you no longer remember the password and email of your account. 

If the error is coming from an incorrect password, you should consider resetting the password. Tap on the forgotten password link on the website. You’ll receive a reset password email to complete the password reset action. If it happens you don’t get the forgotten password reset email, likely, you have never created an account with 

You will have to create a new account. If resetting the password or creating a new account fails, you will have to contact customer care for further assistance.

How to Make the Epix Watching Experience Amazing?

One way to make your experience of watching videos and shows on the PS4 with Epix awesome is to ensure you’re connected to a high-speed internet connection. It’s strongly recommended you connect to the internet with a speed of at least 5Mbps. 

Epix says that’s the least speed you can have if you want their servers and your device to have a smooth content transition, and for your content streaming experience to be awesome. With this speed, you can stream movies and shows in HD quality. Not connecting to a strong internet connection will often result in you having to watch movies of low quality. 

Watching movies in the best quality pictures need high-speed internet, and so you’ve no option but to connect to high-speed internet to have a smooth movie watching experience.

How to Activate Epix On PS4 – Conclusion

If you have PS4 and would want to stream blockbuster movies from Epix now, you would have to pair the two by activating the PS4 device on your Epix. In our today’s post, we talked about the tips on how to activate Epix on PS4 and the best ways to tackle all major glitches. 

Epix recommends you connect to strong internet for your experience in streaming movies and TV shows through PS4 to be incredible. If you are stuck while completing the activation process, you would want to reset your password or reach out to the team for further assistance.