How to Activate Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go, as the name suggests, allows you to watch your favorite regional sports on the go, that is, anywhere any time as long as you got your device. This post is targeted at how to activate Fox Sports Go.

Fox Sports Go isn’t a stand-alone streaming service, it relies on other streaming services or cable providers and shall most at times be found as an add-on. Being a free service, it is great leverage for sports lovers and can be found as an add-on to selective streaming services like YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, Sling TV, Fubo TV, and AT&T TV. 

Today, we are going to show you how to activate Fox Sports Go and get your favorite regional sports channels on the go. Note that channel offers are limited in terms of location, but for a free service, there’s nothing much to complain about. 

Sign-up for a Paid TV Provider 

As noted earlier, Fox Sports Go is an add-on which relies on other paid TV streaming services. Visit and continue to sign-up with any of your select paid TV services. For guide purposes, we are going to use ROKU.

  1. Go to Roku home screen 

The first step is going to your Roku home page screen. To do this, you can press the home button on your Roku remote. This shall land you on Roku’s home screen.  

  1. Select the channel to stream 

On your Roku’s left side of the home screen, choose to select the channel that you are planning to watch. On your Roku channels store, navigate to the sports category. Check for the streaming channels that are available on the Fox Sports Go application. 

  1. Search a channel on Roku sports category 

Now that you have identified a channel that is offered by Fox Sports Go, navigate to the search box of your Roku sports category and type in that channel then hit search. Click on the channel in the displayed results and look at its information. 

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4. Add the channel 

Highlight the channel from search results and click on the ‘add channel’ option to add it. Press ‘ok’ on your Roku remote to complete.  

5. Go back to your channel app 

Navigate back to your Roku home screen and go to the channel application. Your added channel’s link code should pop-up on your Roku screen. Copy or write this code somewhere to use it in subsequent steps. 

6. Open the Fox Sports Go activation page 

Open your browser’s device and navigate to  

Choose your TV provider and enter the activation code to activate Fox Sports Go. Congratulations, you just activated Fox Sports Go and are ready to stream regional and local sports channels

So, What Channels Shall You Get With Fox Sports Go? 

Fox Sports Go offers a variety of sports channels to choose from. The only limitation is that it is tied to games in your region because it is tied to your regional Fox sports network. Therefore, you may find that some channels shall be missing. Log in then navigate to categories. Choose from live TV, replays, and have highlights depending on your needs.  

Get your favorite programs including MLB, NHL, NBA, NASCAR, and others. There are also live matches of boxing, basketball, baseball, football, and much more. You might not be able to find some channels like Fox 1&2, BRN, Deportes, and more. To watch these, you have to use the Fox sports website or application. 

If you enjoy watching replays, there are lots of them here. You shall get access to highlights, interviews, and games replayed of your choice. From TMZ Sports, First Things First, The Journey, WWE Friday, and much more.  

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What Devices Are Supported by Fox Sports Go? 

Fox Sports Go can be enjoyed across devices, from your laptop, android and iOS phone, and tablet and TV.  

How to Activate Fox Sports Go on Apple TV  

To activate Fox Sports Go on Apple TV, this is the process you shall follow. 

  • On your supported Apple TV, go to the app store and download the Fox Sports Go app location. 
  • Next, you shall have to log in to Fox Sports Go with your credentials, those might be your streaming service credentials or those of your cable provider. 
  • Now open your browser and open this address: This is the official activation page of Fox Sports Go on their website. 
  • You shall be prompted to enter a confirmation code. Check the activation code displayed on your Apple TV and enter it to continue and complete the activation process. Congratulations, you just activated Fox Sports Go on Apple TV. 

Here Is How to Activate Fox Sports Go on Smart TV 

The process of activating Fox Sports Go on a smart TV is almost similar to the other devices

  • On your supported smart TV, download the application for Fox Sports Go 
  • Next, you need to log in with your streaming services provider like youtube TV or Hulu. Alternatively, you can log in using your cable provider. 
  • Open your preferred browser and navigate to 
  • You shall be prompted to enter a code to continue and complete the activation process. Check your smart TV to access the code and enter. After accepting the next prompt, you should be now able to access Fox Sports Go on your smart TV. 
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Activating Fox Sports Go on Fire TV and Amazon Firestick 

In case you get at crossroads on how you should activate Fox Sports Go on Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Firestick, follow the below guide. 

  • On the Amazon device home page, open the Sports Go app. 
  • Using the credentials from your streaming services sign in to your Fox Sports Go account. 
  • Go to your browser and open the address: 
  • Enter the activation code on your Amazon Fire TV. 

How to Activate Fox Sports Go – Conclusion 

Fox Sports Go is an affordable way of getting your favorite local and regional sports. We created this simple guide on how to activate Fox Sports Go to help you easily navigate through the initial set up. We have also hinted at some of the channels and services you shall enjoy on Fox Sports Go. Activate yours and start enjoying.