How to Activate Youtube TV on Apple TV

Wondering how to activate YouTube TV on Apple TV? This post is for you. After a little period of trouble setting up YouTube TV on Apple TV, YouTube came up with an exclusive app that lets you watch YouTube TV on Apple TV with better support than we saw before. 

However, before you start enjoying it, you have to do the initial setup on your Apple TV. Today, we are going to take you through the process of how to activate YouTube TV on Apple TV. 

YouTube TV is a great premium version of YouTube’s streaming service which also includes all your favorite cable TV networks. With YouTube TV, you get all the content without the hassle of having to forcefully pause for ads like in the free version. 

To watch YouTube TV on Apple, you only need to download the YouTube TV app and get started. When selecting the app to be downloaded, make sure you choose the YouTube TV app and not the regular free version of YouTube. 

Also, remember that you can only activate YouTube TV on your computer, however, after installation you can enjoy YouTube TV services from your mobile device. 

How to Activate YouTube TV on Apple TV 

Open your Apple app store 

Start your Apple TV and navigate to the app store. The app store on Apple TV is a blue icon with a white letter ‘a’ formed by stick-like strokes. Click on it to open the Apple app store. 

Search for YouTube TV application 

Now check you need to check your Apple app store for YouTube TV. The best way to go about it is by using the search option. On the top right of your Apple AppStore, type in ‘YouTube TV’ and hit on the search button. 

You should be able to see the app by now. As noted earlier, ensure you select the YouTube TV app and not the YouTube app.  

If you love your things easily, just use the voice search option by tapping on the microphone button and holding it, then say YouTube TV and you got it. 

Get YouTube TV 

After selecting the right app using your remote, the next window shall have the get and cancel options. Click on get to continue.  

Confirm your download 

The next step shall be Apple TV prompting you to confirm your download, do this by entering your Apple ID password. 

Sign in to get started 

If you are already subscribed to the YouTube TV service, you can sign in and start enjoying the service. However, if you are not subscribed yet, you have a few more steps to go before you get access to YouTube TV’s pool of content.  

Set up YouTube TV on your phone 

Navigate to the app store on your iPhone and search YouTube TV. Since you already shall have downloaded it on your computer, just click on the app to open it. After it’s open, click on the ‘try it now’ button and sign in using your select YouTube TV account. 

Confirm your location and channels

You shall be prompted to confirm your location, this helps YouTube TV to provide relevant content based on your location. After this, YouTube TV shall display your available channels, you can add any additional channels at an extra cost. Click next to skip this step if you’re not interested in adding channels and are okay with the displayed ones. 

Activate YouTube TV on your Apple TV 

It’s now time for activation. Open your browser and open the YouTube TV activation page found through this address, Follow the steps to sign in to your google account then enter the confirmation code that shall be displayed on your Apple TV when prompted.

Congratulations, you just activated your YouTube TV on Apple TV without the hassle of using airplay. 

Information You Need to Know About YouTube TV 

Now that you’re planning to use YouTube TV, it is important to familiarize yourself with its operation. We compiled a few tips to get you started. 

How many devices can be used by YouTube TV at a time? 

YouTube TV accepts 3 devices at a time. Take note that if you are streaming on your mobile and TV devices at the same time, they are counted as two devices. YouTube TV has an option for three devices is better compared to other streaming services like Netflix and Amazon which allow a single device. 

The only service that beats YouTube TV is Disney plus which is not only cheaper but also allows up to 3 devices. 

Which channels shall you get on YouTube TV? 

You are learning how to activate YouTube TV on Apple TV to start enjoying your favorite channels and other premium content. YouTube TV has been generous on channels, especially sports ones when you compare to its competitors. 

You shall get SEC network, CBS sports network, MLB network, NBCSN, ESPN, FOX Sports 1 and 2, Big Ten Network, and NBA. Now, this is a handsome package for sports lovers. Local and regional sports channels can also be streamed in most places. 

YouTube added a ‘sports plus’ addon to its options for an additional $10.99 per month that opens up to even more sports channels.

Is unlimited DVR included in YouTube TV? 

Yes, YouTube TV included its unlimited DVR cloud storage option that lets you save unlimited content for later viewing. Your recorded videos in DVR can last up to 9, months, which is quite a good period.  

Can YouTube TV be shared? 

As hinted earlier, YouTube TV allows for up to six accounts for a single subscription. Therefore if you are a family or roommates, you can comfortably share the subscription from your own accounts. However, the limitation to three devices means only 3 of you can use the subscription at a time. 

How to Activate YouTube TV on Apple TV – Conclusion

Wondering how to activate YouTube TV on Apple TV? Following the above steps shall let you start streaming the unlimited YouTube TV content on your Apple TV. Additionally, we added a few tips and information to get you on the front line with YouTube TV. Enjoy your streaming.