How To Add Hulu To Smart TV

If you want to switch from cable TV and still maintain your Sunday best shows, you’ll want to have a look at Hulu. The provider has a thick library of popular channels and thousands of titles. You can watch Hulu on practically any device; mobile phones, tablets, firesticks, and also from TV screens.

While watching from your mobile or tablet is quite a breeze, to stream Hulu Tv on your screens requires a little more effort. In this detailed guide, we’ll have a look at how Hulu works on TVs and see how you can set up your Hulu to a Smart TV.

How To Watch Hulu on Your TV

Hulu is a U.S based streaming service that’s only available to U.S citizens and anyone outside the country can’t legally access it. However, if you are from outside the U.S  you can still watch Hulu shows. You’ll need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access Hulu from outside the US. Hulu has anti-VPN blocks which are more stringent than the Netflix VPN ban.

But with a reliable VPN provider, you can watch your favorite shows from anywhere in the world. Apart from accessing Hulu, you’ll also be an anonymous browser online and your identity will be hidden. The best VPNs will also allow you to watch from multiple streaming devices like smart TV, tablets, and even gaming consoles.

Just like Netflix, Hulu is accessible on multiple streaming devices including a smart TV. But not all smart TV devices will be compatible and you’ll need to check out Hulu’s device list page to see more information about supported features and devices.

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How to get Hulu on LG Smart TV

Amongst the supported smart TVs, LG tops the list. It has several brands compatible with the Hulu app but still limited. Older LG television models may not work with Hulu and compatible models need to have webOS 3.5, Netcast, or other recent operating systems. Newer models are set up for streaming and may have the Hulu app already installed in it.

A couple of older models may run the app on web OS 3.0 but not in the category of B6, UH6330, UH6350, UH76, UH77, and UH61 models. These older models will, however, be limited to the classic Hulu app and may not be compatible with Hulu + Live TV. Two other common TV brands Hulu will work on are Samsung and Vizio Smart TV.

How to get Hulu on my Smart TV

Smart TV operating systems are able to connect to the internet via WiFi or ethernet cable to access online content like the Hulu app. If you own a smart TV, you don’t need any other accessory to help you watch your favorite show on Hulu.

Some smart TVs will come with inbuilt applications like Netflix, Hulu, and others. If your TV set doesn’t have a Hulu app, simply download the app to stream online. Here’s how to get Hulu to work on your smart TV:

  • Press “Home” button on your remote to go to the hub
  • Select Apps and search “Hulu” on the search box at the upper-right corner
  • Follow on-screen prompts and install the Hulu app
  • Launch the app
  • Select the “log in” and specify log in on this device
  • Enter your credentials and press “Log in”
  • Choose your preferred profile and start streaming
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If you previously created your Hulu subscription using Apple TV, then you’ll have to change a few tweaks and go to complete account setup before logging in to Hulu with your smart TV.

Alternatively, you can log in to your Hulu account using an activation code as opposed to typing your credentials. If you don’t like typing out long email addresses and passwords then this is for you:

  • Launch the Hulu app
  • Go to “Log in” on the welcome screen
  • Select “activate” on a computer and you’ll see an activation code appear on the screen
  • Go to and log in
  • Enter the unique activation code given on the TV and you’ll be logged in moments later
  • Choose your preferred profile and start enjoying Hulu shows

The activation route is only applicable to smart TVs and may not be suitable for mobile phones and tablets.

What about Hulu + Live TV?

If you’re used to the regular $9.99-a-month Hulu app, then you are probably missing out on so many things! Apart from Hulu’s normal app, there’s a Hulu + Live TV version which gives access to lots of channels and features like cloud DVR, 50 hours storage, and ad-free streaming. The base package will cost you around $55.55 a month. But if you want more features like an extra HBO channel, more storage hours on DVR, access to Spanish channels, you may have to add a little extra something. The Hulu + Live TV is way techy than the regular Hulu app and may have issues supporting even current models of TVs.

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It’s available on the fourth generation or newer Apple Tvs, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and other devices like PS4 consoles, or select Roku models. It may not work on all smart TVs and you’ll have to check with the website for compatibility issues.

How to get Hulu on Non Smart TV

If you don’t own a smart TV you can improvise and watch through so many avenues. Since Hulu is supported on many devices, you can use them as a tunnel for streaming Hulu channels. For instance, you can use a Roku or Amazon Fire TV Stick. These devices can be plugged in a regular TV and give you access to the Hulu app.

You can also use your laptop and connect via an HDMI cable. When using a laptop, just access Hulu through their website and watch all favorite shows from there. Also, you can set up Chromecast and connect with your android phone or tablet.

Final Thoughts

Hulu has great shows to offer but it may be a bummer for non-U.S residents. But you can access Hulu with a VPN from anywhere in the world. Luckily, you can add Hulu to your smart TV since it is easy to set up and needs no extra accessories. But if your smart TV is not supported or doesn’t work, you can still watch Hulu with your tablet, gaming console, or even a laptop.