How To Browse The Internet On A Samsung Smart TV

You can do a lot with a Samsung Smart TV. It comes with plenty of apps that make it easy to watch movies and keep up with your favorite television shows. You can spend hours looking through the options, but did you know that you can also browse the internet on a Samsung smart TV?

Some models come with the web browsing app preinstalled, while others you have download the app. Whichever Samsung smart TV you have, it’s not difficult to enable its web browsing capabilities.

How to Browse the Internet on Your Samsung Smart TV

It’s simple to activate internet browsing on your smart TV if the app was preinstalled. You won’t be able to press a button on your remote at first, but after following a few steps you’ll be able to visit all of your favorite websites and find new ones.

How to Set Up Internet Browsing

connect-samsung-smart-tv-to-wifi-home-networkThe first thing you need to do is check to see if the internet browsing app is installed on the TV. You’ll need to go into the smart hub screen. There should be a tab or icon for the web browser, you’ll want to click on it. If the app isn’t already installed, you’ll have to download it. Simply go to the app store and select the web browser option.

It is easy to use your Samsung smart TV to browse the web. You can use the cursor controls on the remote to navigate the web, there is also an onscreen keyboard that you can use. Some models allow you to connect a keyboard or mouse to the USB ports on the back of the TV. It makes it easier to search for URLs, and if yours is compatible it should be listed in the owner’s manual.

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What Can You Do with the Samsung Internet Browser

The Samsung internet browser comes with pre-select websites chosen according to search popularity and lists them under the ‘featured’ tab. You don’t have to type in search words or URLs to find the sites everyone’s talking about. The browser will also remember your searches and the websites you most frequently visit and save the listing under the ‘most visited’ tab.

If you want direct access to certain websites, just ‘bookmark’ it. You should be able to find the site in your ‘bookmark’ tab. Your browsing history is also temporarily stored so you can go back to a site you forget to bookmark. As your browsing history expands, it will delete the oldest searches and websites.

Other Advantages of Using the Samsung Web Browser

Along with being able to read online articles, watch videos, view photos, and listen to music, you also have picture-in-picture (PIP) capabilities. You can browse the web and stream content simultaneously from live channels or another compatible source. There’ll be a smaller screen for TV on top of the web page. It’s similar to pop-up ads, only it’s displaying video you want to see.

Similar to the internet browser on your laptop, the Samsung smart TV also boasts a convenient toolbar. From here, you can customize your browser settings, including security and privacy. You can also block and approve pages, stop pop-up ads, and more.

Samsung Smart TV Browser Limitations

The Samsung smart TV browser does work like the one you use on your other devices, but there are some limitations to what it can do. You may not be able to download or access all websites, and some applications like Java aren’t supported.

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Flash videos and some audio files can’t be played on the Samsung browser. You might also run into problems with some video streaming services not being compatible. If you frequently use Active X, you’ll quickly find out that it’s also not supported by the browser.

Additional Limitations

If you’re trying to respond to emails, you’ll notice that you’re restricted to a small number of fonts and colors. Symbols may not be in the same place you’re used to on other browsers. It doesn’t mean that you can’t draft and send emails, only your creativity will be limited.

If you’re using the PIP function, you may notice web pages running slower or freezing. You are also limited on how many tabs are open at the same time. If more than one or two are open you may not be able to view streaming content. Copy and paste are also non-functional.

You can delete the Samsung browser and install another one if the limitations are too much. It is a little harder than using the app designed for smart TVs, but it is an option. The app store should have additional ones to choose from. Your owner’s guide should also have a list of compatible browsers.

New Features to Samsung Smart TV Internet Browser

There are limitations to what the Samsung browser can do and updates are periodically released that addresses some of them. Over time, you may notice browsing speed increase or that web pages doesn’t freeze while you’re streaming content. It will depend on the websites and streaming services if this potential issue improves.

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Samsung released a new feature with its 2019 TV models. You can now remotely access content on other network-connected devices vis your smart Samsung television. It expands your web browsing capabilities, you’ll also be able to navigate the cloud and even access your online games.


It is convenient to use your Samsung smart TV to browse the internet. You can even watch TV at the same time. You might not have to leave your couch since all of your entertainment can now be accessed from your TV.

There are limitations to what the Samsung browser can do. It’s similar to the browser installed on your PC or laptop, but it also lacks some of the power. You won’t want to use it as your primary browser, but if you just want to surf the web and watch TV it is a convenient option.