How To Cancel Crunchyroll Membership

If you love watching manga, anime, and dramas having a Crunchyroll membership can be beneficial. The American licensing, publishing and distribution company provides members with access to manga and anime shows, along with plenty of Asian dramas. You can watch some of the streaming content for free, but without a membership, you won’t have access to everything Crunchyroll has to offer.

Even though membership isn’t extremely expensive your taste in entertainment can change. You might also be trying to streamline your budget which means some memberships must be canceled. As easy as it is to sign up for Crunchyroll membership, it’s not always as simple to unenroll from the service.

How to Cancel a Crunchyroll Membership

You have a few options when you want to cancel your Crunchyroll subscription and some are a little easier than others. Whether the monthly charge comes directly out of your bank, PayPal, or another account we’ll guide you through the cancellation steps.

Canceling Crunchyroll Membership via PayPal

How To Cancel Crunchyroll MembershipPayPal is a great service that allows you to send and receive money. The premise behind the online service is simple, it functions similar to a brick-and-mortar bank. You can link the service to handle your monthly subscription fees, and you can also use it to cancel unwanted memberships.

There are only 6 steps you need to follow to discontinue your Crunchyroll subscription.

  1. Log into your PayPal account from any connected device.
  2. Scroll through your payment history until you find the last charge from the streaming service, and select it.
  3. You should see an option labeled ‘manage Crunchyroll payments’, you want to select this option.
  4. After selecting manage payments, a window with the billing information should pop-up. Under ‘status’, you’ll notice options for both ‘active’ and ‘cancel’. Select ‘cancel’ if you want to discontinue your membership.
  5. Next, you’ll be asked if you are positive that you want to stop the recurring monthly payment if you do select ‘yes’.
  6. You should be redirected to the billing page where the payment details for the subscription will be listed as ‘canceled’.
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Discontinuing a Crunchyroll Membership via Credit Card

Your credit card account makes it easy to manage your subscriptions, and the steps to discontinue paying for your Crunchyroll membership are similar to PayPal. You’ll need to go to your billing page and find your last charge. From there, follow the on-screen prompts to stop paying the monthly subscription fee.

Another option to discontinue your credit card payments is to go directly to your Crunchyroll account billing page. There should be a tab marked ‘cancellation’. If you don’t see this option, it might be due to the type of account you have. Only premium subscribers can cancel their credit card accounts through the streaming service.

Discontinuing Your Crunchyroll Membership via iTunes

If you need to cancel the Crunchyroll app, you can use any Apple device, including TVs. There are only five steps to follow. It’s almost as easy as installing the app.

  1. Go to the settings tab and open it.
  2. Enter your name in the supplied field.
  3. Go to the setting marked ‘subscriptions’ if it’s not there go to the ‘iTunes & app store’ tab instead. From there, tap on the subscriptions tab.
  4. Select the subscription you want to cancel.
  5. Tap on the tab marked ‘cancel’.

Your subscription to Crunchyroll should be listed as canceled. You can also use these or similar steps to stop your monthly payments to the streaming service with your Mac PC and Apple Watch. If you downloaded the Crunchyroll app through a non-Apple device either your iTunes app or Android device will navigate you through the cancellation steps. You’ll start in ‘settings’ and follow the provided on-screen instructions.

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What You Need to Cancel a Crunchyroll Membership

Some information will be needed to cancel your Crunchyroll membership. Like any other monthly subscription service, there are security protocols in place around members’ accounts. It means that you will need to prove you have the authority to access a user’s account.

You will need to have your account user name and password ready no matter which method is used to cancel the subscription to the streaming service. You might also need to have credit card information ready to resubmit. There might also be a few security questions that must be answered.

Hopefully, you know your user name and password, if not there is a tab that will direct you on how to reset them. If you’re still finding it difficult to cancel your Crunchyroll subscription, you can contact the service directly.

Easiest Way to Cancel a Crunchyroll Membership

When you first sign up for the Crunchyroll streaming service, you have the option of selecting a free trial period. You will have access to the same commercial-free content as paying premium members. Manga, drama, and Asian anime are all available for free viewing.

The trial period is usually only for 24 hours. It’s not a lot of time to make your way through the thousands of hours of available content.

If you decide the service isn’t for you, within the trial period, it’s easy to unsubscribe from any compatible device. Go to your account page on Crunchyroll that you recently setup and click on the cancellation tab. You won’t be charged a cancellation fee or any other charges as long as the trial period hasn’t ended. If it has, your account has been billed and the service will remain active until the next payment due date.

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Crunchyroll is a great streaming service if you love anime, manga, and Asian dramas. Even if you enjoy the content, sometimes it’s necessary to downsize the number of entertainment services you pay for.

Canceling a Crunchyroll membership isn’t as easy as enrolling in one, but it’s also not difficult. All you need is your account information and the ability to follow the on-screen steps. You even have options on how you want to cancel the streaming service.