How to Connect Apple TV to WiFi without Remote

Apple TV does not have any physical button, and that’s great for users who like minimalistic designs. However, if you happen to lose your remote, this minimalistic design can be a bit problematic. The good news is, a remote is not necessary for connecting your TV to WiFi. In this post, we will show you how to connect Apple TV to WiFi without remote.

To do it, connecting your TV to a wired network is necessary. When your TV is connected to the Ethernet cable, configuring the WiFi network may not be possible. So you will have to get the temporary set up.

Basic Steps

  1. First, you have to use an ethernet cable and plug your Apple TV into its network.
  2. Make sure your iPad or iPhone is connected to the same WiFi network. To control your Apple TV, you have to use the Remote App. It is important to note here that with this wired connection, the WiFi can not be configured.
  3. Download and install a remote control with the very basic keys.
  4. Find the “General” menu and navigate it with the iPad or iPhone Remote App.
  5. Find the menu option “Remotes”.
  6. Browse the menu options and select “Learn Remote”.
  7. Now you will be prompted to the appropriate button.
  8. Now you will have to name your remote. However, you can simply keep the default name.
  9. This remote will now work with your Apple TV. Now choose the right security settings and configure the WiFi.

Once you have connected it, you will be able to use your iPad or iPhone to communicate with your TV. If you wish, you can simply use the temporary remote. This is how to connect Apple TV to WiFi without remote. 

Setting Up Your Apple TV with a Bluetooth Keyboard

You can use a Bluetooth keyboard to set up your TV. If this is the first time you are going to set up your Apple TV, or you are doing it after a factory reset, begin once the screen appears. Before you dive into action, wait for the options to appear on the screen.

Take a Bluetooth keyboard and pair it with your Apple TV. The TV screen may show you a code. Try entering the code on the keyboard. This is the process of pairing. The process is pretty intuitive. So, hopefully, you will not need further instructions to do it.

On the screen, you will see a keyboard symbol. This is a confirmation that the keyboard is now connected to the TV. The arrow keys should be used to move around and the enter button should be used to select. Once you have selected a language, you have to select relevant options for the Siri Remote.

Now you can use the keyboard to select whether to enter Apple ID or WiFi information manually. You can also use an iOS device to enter the information automatically. The second option is more convenient for you if you have an iPad or iPhone. Entering the information manually is hard and time-consuming.

Once you have completed that, you will have to provide some other information regarding analytics, screensavers, and location services. The set up is complete once you have provided all the information.

Using Your Apple TV without Remote

Once you have completed the setup, you do not need a remote to enjoy your Apple TV experience. You can do it with your iPad or iPhone. If you are running iOS 12 on your iPad or iPhone, you can take care of the streaming device with the Control Center widget. Do a simple Google search to learn the right way to use the Control Center.

Once you have added the Apple TV to the Control Center, you can begin by simply tapping the icon. It is important to note here that your Apple TV and your device should be on the same network. Your TV screen will display a four-digit code that you will have to enter on your iPad or iPhone.

If there are multiple devices, you will have to select which one to control. Apple also has a dedicated app that can be used to control your Apple TV. To learn more about how to connect Apple TV to WiFi without remote, you can visit the official site of Apple.

Turning on Your Apple TV without a Remote

If you leave your Apple TV idle for some time, it will go to sleep mode. It can be a real issue if you no longer have access to your remote. However, there is a way out. First, try the Control Center widget or the Remote App to wake up your Apple TV. Find the virtual control area and press it to see if it works.

If it does not give any result, the device may have some other issue. In such a situation, removing the power cord and then placing it back maybe the best thing to do. In other words, you have to reboot your Apple TV. You can use your iPad or iPhone to control your Apple TV.

Using Another Remote

Using a third-party remote is another option to control your Apple TV. Here are the steps to set one up:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Head to Remotes and Devices. Then, select Learn Remote.
  3. To start the procedure, select the Start button.
  4. Take the new remote. Point it to your Apple TV.
  5. The screen will display several different prompts. Use the new remote to respond to those prompts. Some of them will be the Menu, Select and directional buttons. Your Apple TV will gradually learn about your new remote.
  6. Once you have completed that, give a custom name to your remote.
  7. To help your TV learn about the other options, select Set up Playback Buttons.

Later, you can delete the information on the new remote from your TV. To do it, you have to go to Settings and then Delete Remote.

Still Can’t Connect?

If you have had no success with the methods mentioned above, probably you are still wondering how to connect Apple TV to WiFi without remote. Here are some additional tips to help you out:

  • First, check if there is interference in the network you are using.
  • If you can not go online in spite of being connected to WiFi, use another device to use the network. If that does not work, the issue may be out there—probably there is a service outage. For assistance, call your internet provider.
  • See if you can find another WiFi network and then try to connect to that network. If you are able to connect your TV to that network, there is an issue with your original network. And if the connection is not successful, your only option is to contact Apple Support.
  • Check your WiFi router and see if the firmware is of the latest version. If you are using a non-Apple router, you can update it by contacting the manufacturer. Make sure your Apple TV is compatible with the router.

Now you know how to connect Apple TV to WiFi without remote. A remote is not necessary for it. If you have lost your remote, there are still several ways to connect your TV to a network. We hope the methods discussed in this post will help you resolve the issue.