How To Disable Chromecast

Once you have plugged in your Chromecast to your TV’s HDMI port, you can just forget it. But if duty calls or you are relocating, you may want to disable your Chromecast. Don’t have an idea of how to disable Chromecast? Don’t leave this page until you unearth the Chromecast disabling process in detail.

Chromecast is Google’s smartest dongle that links your TV to mobile devices granting you access to streaming services such as YouTube, Google Play Store, Hulu, and Netflix to TVs. It’s quite a handy and affordable small media streaming player that attaches to your TV’s HDMI port, allowing you to stream games, shows, music, movies, and sports in HD quality.

How to Disable Chromecast? Is it Worth It?

Chromecast doesn’t consume extreme levels of data or power when not in use. You don’t necessarily need to disable it unless you’re linked to a metered internet connection. But the accumulative figures of the little data and power it uses can be massive, and so why not disable it?

Are you in a public place and don’t want your Chromecast’s broadcasting signal showing up to those around you or you just want to minimize the risk of being hacked? Or are you leaving home and wouldn’t want your kids to access the Chromecast broadcasting services in your absence? Why not disable it then?

How to Go About Disabling Your Chromecast?

Chromecast doesn’t have a switch for turning it off. The only viable way to disable Chromecast is to disconnect it from the TV or power source.

  •  Unplugging the AC Adapter

Disable Chromecast in seconds by unplugging the AC adapter. Not disconnecting Chromecast from power means its connection to Wi-Fi will be active. Unplugging the AC adapter is as easy as delinking it from the connected power extension or wall socket.

  •  Disconnecting it from the TV

Another straightforward way to disable your Chromecast connection is to unplug it from your TV’s HDMI port. This is the most recommended way to Disable Chromecast. It only takes a maximum of one minute unless you’ve no idea of what you’re doing.

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When I Shouldn’t Unplug My Chromecast?

Unplugging a Chromecast from the TV is strongly advised against. HDMI cable terminals aren’t strong enough to stand the repeated plugging and unplugging. Just like other streaming sticks, they will succumb to the shearing forces and stress. The frequency at which you plug and unplug your Chromecast determines how long it will last. If you do it more often, you’re not only reducing its estimated lifespan but also making it less effective.

Also, you shouldn’t unlink the Chromecast if it’s being updated. You can easily tell when the Chromecast is being updated by checking the LED indicator. When the LED indicator is pulsing orange, it simply means that the Chromecast is updating, and so you should not unplug it.

Will I Miss Essential Updates When I Disable Chrome?

No, you won’t.  Of course, when the Chromecast dongle is off, updates won’t be downloaded and installed. However, once you turn it on again, it will search for the pending updates, download, and install them, automatically.

Once the device is active after being linked to the TV, it will scan, download, and install all the pending updates. Updating the software to the latest features could take several minutes especially if the internet connection is not strong enough or it has been offline for extended periods. These updates cannot be postponed meaning you’ve to wait for the updating to be complete before you start streaming your favorite content.

How to Disable Chromecast—Is It Possible to Disable Notifications?

One of the reasons people choose to disable Chromecast is to stay clear of the disturbing and unending network-wide Chromecast notifications. These network-wide notifications make it possible for you to use the Android-device connected to the Chromecast as remote. 

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It does make it easy and fun to control the content being streamed, but it can send notifications to the wrong android device user, giving them control over the casting, something which could cause an unnecessary commotion. You have got the option of disabling or dismissing these notifications. Dismissing the notifications is simply easy and fun as it’s all about wiping them away.

These are the steps on how to disable Chromecast notifications on every other Android device that runs on Android version 5 or more.

  • Download and install Google’s Home App on your smartphone or tablet. It should be powered by Android, though.
  • Open the downloaded app on your tablet or Android Phone.
  • Once a Chromecast remote notification popups on your smartphone, click on the gear-shaped setting icon.
  • Toggle the slider towards the left, then click on turn off show remote control notifications.
  •  Once you’re done, you will no longer receive network-wide system notifications.

How to Stop Those Nearby From Controlling Your Chromecast Device?

Google Chromecast sends cast notification to all nearby Android devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network. So, when you cast content, all the nearby Android devices using the same Wi-Fi network will be signaled. 

That simply means anyone using an Android device and has a connection to the same network can stop, mute or even pause the cast using the Cast Notification that pops up on their devices. Also, the Chromecast notifications can be quite annoying and disturbing, and so not everyone would want to get them.

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The good news is, you can easily disable the Chromecast Cast notifications on other devices. You can simply cancel the cast notifications sent to individuals who don’t want to see such notifications. Once you’ve canceled the notifications, other Android users won’t be notified of the same, and so they won’t have control of the content you are streaming.


Disabling your Chromecast shouldn’t be a lengthy or complex process. Provided you’ve followed our guide on how to disable Chromecast on any android device, you’ll be good to go. 

Understand all conditions, ensure you use the right Chromecast disabling method unless you want to disrupt essential updates or end up damaging your Chromecast device. Watch out for the latest and most effective tips on how to disable this Google dongle and prevent people from controlling it without your consent.