How To Find Roku IP Address Without Remote

There are several ways to find out your Roku’s IP address. You can use the web browser, your mobile app, check your router or use the Roku’s serial number. All these methods work fine if you want to know your Roku’s IP address without using the Roku remote. Read on to find out how to do it!

Mobile Application

You can use the Roku app on your smartphone or tablet device to control your Roku and find out the IP address.

Download The App

First of all, you need to install the Roku application on your phone or tablet. Go to the app store and download the application. Then, install the application on your device.

Connect The App

You should be able to connect your phone to your Roku without any problems. Your Roku should automatically detect your phone and allow you to log into your account. After logging in, you should be able to see your Roku’s settings.

Check IP Address

You can now see your Roku’s IP address by launching the mobile Roku app on your smartphone. Tap on your Roku device’s connection and then go to the Network settings page. Choose the About tab and enter your Roku’s IP address.

Use Roku’s Serial Number

There is an alternative way to find out the IP address of your device. You will have to contact Roku to get this information. All you need is the serial number.

To find your Roku serial number you need to go to the “About” tab in the settings of the device. Since you don’t have a remote, you’ll be using the app again. On the bottom of the page you should either write down the serial number or memorize it so you can provide it to a Roku rep later.

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How Do I Get In Touch With Roku?

You can connect Roku using any of these methods:

1) Using an Ethernet cable, plug the ethernet port into your router or modem. Then plug the other end into your Roku player.

Using Live Chat

You can chat with a customer service rep from Roku via the website.

Phone Support

Roku devices have unique IP addresses. Their IP addresses are usually assigned to individual users. If you want to know your Roku’s IP address, call their support line. They can help if you can’t find it another way,

Router Admin Page

You can get your Roku’s IP address by checking your router or modem’s admin page. You can also find this information by going into the Settings menu and looking under Network & Internet.

Remoku Chrome Extension

You can easily get your Roku’s IP address by using Remoku. Open the Chrome Web Store, and search for Remoku. Once installed, you can now use a virtual remote to control your Roku.

Remoku is a free app that lets you control your computer remotely using a smartphone or tablet. You can use it to take screenshots, record videos, manage files, play games, and even change settings. 

How To Find Roku Ip Address Without Remote (1)

Open Remoku via the icon in the upper-right corner of your browser window. The virtual remote pops up.Your Roku device is open. You can use the Settings tool across the top to connect to your Roku.

The first two lines show the IP address pattern you should enter into the field.

The next line shows how many Roku devices are connected to your network. When you’ve found the correct IP addresses, select Start Scan.

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Remoku will scan through your computer’s network range of IP addresses and list out any Roku devices found. You can then find your Roku’s IP Address by clicking on the device name.

Why Is the Roku App Not Seeing My Streaming Device?

Roku devices need to be connected to a network before they can stream content. Your Roku device should always be connected to your router or modem. You can also connect your Roku directly to your Wi-Fi network using Ethernet cable.

If you’re having trouble with your Roku, first make sure that it isn’t disabled. Choose settings from the menu, then choose system. Click advanced system settings and then choose control by mobile apps.

Select network access. Select default. Make sure your roku device is on the same wifi network as your phone. if they’re both already on the same network, check your Roku’s IP address.

You should be careful when using a VPN because some streaming services might block them. Also, you shouldn’t enable AP isolation on your router because this could prevent you from connecting to others’ networks.

Still Don’t See Roku?

You need to connect your Roku manually by entering the IP address of your Roku into your computer or mobile device. Then restart your Roku, and ensure it’s connected to the correct Wi-Fi network.

You need to connect your Roku to the same WiFi network as your Android device. Your router should be set to use both 2.4 GHz and also 5 GHz frequencies.

You need to call Roku Customer Support if you’re having trouble connecting your device to the Roku App.

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You can find your Roku’s IP address by opening the Remoku app. Click settings then look under My network.

You can connect Roku to WiFi without a remote through the remoku app or web browser extension.

You need to download the Roku app first before you can use it. Then, open the app and follow the steps. Click devices, select your Roku, make sure it’s on the same Wi-fi network as your phone, and then click connect.

To set up your Roku without an IR remote, you need to use a web browser. You can do this by going to or Then, go to the support section and search for “Roku”. This should take you to the right page.


Now that you know how to retrieve a Roku IP address without a remote control, we hope you were successful in extracting your device’s address. It may be challenging without a remote control but having multiple different ways to do so, you can’t go astray!