How to Get Starz on Apple TV With Comcast

Wondering how to get Starz on Apple TV with Comcast? Let’s find out. Starz, the American premium satellite and cable television subscription service owned and run by Lionsgate Entertainment, leads the entertainment space with its first-run unduplicated TV series and theatrically-produced motion pictures. 

It’s a leading American premium subscription service loved for its collection of blockbuster shows and movies characterized by first-hand releases and popular masterpieces.

The service was initiated in 2016 and offers cost-effective and on-demand streaming services covering a range of genres, including sci-fi, action, comedy, drama, and crime.

In this post, we will discuss tips on how to get Starz on Apple TV with Comcast.

What Is Comcast and How Does It Work?

Comcast is an industry leader in the American communications, entertainment, and information industry, offering premium mass media, home telephone, broadband internet, and cable television services. The company also provides top-notch security services for commercial and residential topographies in the U.S states.

As a subsidiary of Comcast Corporation, Comcast Cable communications, known popularly as Xfinity, offers an extensive range of on-demand and customer-targeted wireless services, cable television, and internet services.

Through the Xfinity stream app, Xfinity customers can stream a range of on-demand shows, movies, live news and sports, and lots of other entertainment programs. The app works when the host device is connected to strong 3G/4G cellular or Wi-Fi internet.

Can You Activate Starz on Your Apple TV Using Comcast?

A year ago, Comcast supported Starz on multiple gadgets and platforms. However, the agreement ended in 2019 December. Sadly, the two companies didn’t reach a feasible agreement to renew the deal. 

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Currently, it’s impossible to activate Starz on Apple TV using Comcast. The only practical way Comcast subscribers can watch Starz content is by using supported cable boxes.

Can Comcast Subscribers Stream Starz?

It’s not possible for Comcast subscribers to stream Starz. The Starz app is no longer compatible with Comcast. If you’re to watch Starz content, you must use another media platform. In other words, Xfinity does not support the Starz app, so you cannot use it for content streaming to your Apple TV.

How Do I Activate Starz on my Apple TV?

Before we even get started, it’s essential to understand if Starz works on Apple TV.  Yes, it’s possible to set up the Starz app to run on Apple TV, and here is a complete guide on how to go about it:

  1. Power on and open your Apple TV.
  2. When your Apple TV is running, use its remote to find the Apple TV App Store
  3. Enter “Starz App” on the search bar and then click on the app to install it. You will get on-screen directions to guide the installation process.
  4. Go back to your Apple TV home screen, and then choose the Starz Play app from there.
  5. From this section, you can enter the Starz Play login information to sign in.
  6. Go to your PC or smartphone browser, copy-paste, and click enter to launch this link.
  7. Input the activation code on this page. You can get the code from your Apple TV screen.
  8. After you enter the code, your Starz will be activated on Apple TV, ensuring you can watch movies, series, and TV shows at your convenience.
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How Can I Activate Starz on Comcast?

You can also decide to activate and play Starz on Comcast. However, doing so will require you to invest in an X1 set-top box. There are so many such set-top boxes available, so you’ll have to research to find the perfect one for your unique needs. 

Once you’ve got the right top-set box, follow these instructions to activate Starz on your Comcast account.

  1. Click on your set-top box’s remote guide to display the channel listing
  2. Peruse the guide and then select the Starz channel. You will then have to add it to your list of favorite channels.
  3. The next step is to open the channel and sign in by entering your email and password.
  4. Make sure you’re entering correct sign-in details to avoid getting errors.
  5. Now open the website and input the code displayed on your set-top box screen.

How to Deal With Common Starz Errors?

When launching and activating Starz, you’re likely to get various errors, most of which can be handled without the need to reach out to Starz technical support for help. Here are some of such errors and how to troubleshoot them.

issues

When you get a sign-in error, it will likely be because you’re entering the wrong login details. You can confirm to ensure you’re inputting the right login details or reset your password.

The Starz app is not working

Another error you’re likely to face when using the Starz app is the Starz app not working. The Starz app not working error is mostly triggered by bug issues, third-party app issues, or outdated apps. 

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The error can be fixed in minutes as it’s nothing serious. The troubleshooting guide requires you to sign in to your Starz account via a web browser. Find the streaming device that is not working and then delete it from the website page. 

Now, reboot your device and install the application again and once the app is installed, launch it and start watching your favorite streaming shows and movies.

Starz is not activating

The Starz TV may fail to activate sometimes. It’s not an everyday happening, but once it happens, it can be tricky to resolve. In most instances, such issues occur when there are authentication problems or server issues.

How to Get Starz on Apple TV With Comcast – Conclusion

The outlined above guide has touched on fundamental aspects those looking to get Starz on their Apple TVs with Comcast must understand. Anyone who has read this far would know that it’s currently impractical to add Starz on Apple TV using Comcast. 

However, Comcast subscribers can directly add Starz TV to their channels with no problems. Likewise, Apple TV users can add the Starz app to their televisions with minimal hassle. Whichever way you choose to go, watch out to ensure you’re following the given instructions to avoid facing any of the outlined above errors.