How to Get Youtube TV Premium Trial Via Verizon?

Despite a few loggerheads heard and there, Google and Verizon have had a lot of profitable cooperation together. One of these is the collaboration of YouTube TV and Verizon. 2019 saw Verizon merge with YouTube TV to bring you all the content on YouTube TV via Verizon. Wondering how to activate YouTube TV through Verizon? Read on to find out.

Since then, there have been lucrative offers like the one month free upon signing up on YouTube on Verizon app 5G home internet or the mobile plan. How to activate YouTube TV through Verizon is easy as with the guide we shall provide below. 

Cable cutting is what every TV owners wish with the preference of bandwidth going higher than ever. That said, YouTube is among the best channel streaming service to resort to instead of the limited cables. When planning to activate YouTube TV through Verizon, there are a lot of uncertainties. 

For instance, you may ask, do I lose all my previously saved content in the library? Which channels shall I access after activating YouTube TV through Verizon? All this is going to be answered later, for now, let us get the process. 

What Is Verizon? 

5G network in the cannot be said of without mentioning Verizon, now that it is the pioneer of this fast and reliable connection. Surfing and streaming need a high-speed network which makes 5G the best and therefore Verizon the best network provider. 

Verizon unlimited comes with a number of services including 4G LTE data, unlimited mobile hotspot, and unlimited talk and test at an affordable price.  

Verizon offers a mix and match option that enables different line users with different subscriptions to mix and match their content. For parents, you got the “just kids” plan that comes prepared to show kids only content. 

For streaming and video streaming service, you need a stronger network and the ‘play more unlimited’ plan shall do this perfectly. 

Verizon caters to each member of the society with its plans, that is, a plan for kids, adults, streaming users, and many others. Select plans of Verizon to come with six months of free Apple TV and other channel and video streaming services. 

What Is YouTube TV 

YouTube TV is a paid video and channel streaming service. With YouTube TV, you can stream most channels and access other YouTube content. It gives access to over 70 channels from local to regional ones including Fox, ABS, CBS, TBS, ESPN, FX among many others. 

YouTube TV has got high compatibility and sharing potential. It allows up to three people to stream simultaneously under one subscription. Still, the same subscription allows for up to 6 accounts with each personalized with the user’s preferences and a separate MVD cloud space.

Talking of MVD, YouTube TV offers unlimited MVD storage for all it’s to save their streams in the library for later use.  

For streaming devices, tube TV has high compatibility and has proven to work for most streaming services including but not limited to ROKU, Fire TV, NVIDIA, Google Chromecast, and many more.  

Verizon And YouTube TV, How Do They Work  

If you are using Verizon and have their 5G internet with high-speed streaming, surfing, calling, and texting, you can watch content on YouTube TV via Verizon. The good part is that whenever you start using YouTube TV on Verizon for the first time, you get a free one month on YouTube TV rather than the regular 7-day trial. 

This only applies to new smartphones or those that have not signed up for Verizon before. The process is easy, you sign up and do the necessary transactions for Verizon, you shall then get a link for signing up for YouTube TV for free. 

After you sign up for YouTube TV, you shall get access to all its premium features in the first month. After the free month is over, you only need to renew your YouTube subscription for $49.99/month. 

How to Activate YouTube TV Through Verizon 

  • To subscribe to YouTube TV through Verizon, you need either the website or Verizon application. As said earlier, new Verizon subscribers shall get one month free of YouTube TV, you shall get a link to follow and sign up for YouTube TV. 
  • If this is not your case, go to the Verizon app or website and navigate to the add-ons page. From there click on the ‘get YouTube TV’ button and subscribe then complete activation. The activation process involves the below steps. 
  • After subscribing to YouTube TV, open your device browser and visit 
  • You shall be prompted to enter an activation code, enter the code displayed on your screen after subscription. 
  • Next, you shall be requested to select the google account to use with YouTube TV 
  • The next click allows activating YouTube TV on Verizon. Congratulations, you just activated YouTube TV on Verizon. 

How to Activate YouTube TV Through Verizon Faqs 

Where do I access the charge for YouTube TV on my bill? 

On your Verizon bill, check the ‘account charges and credits’ section. There you shall find your YouTube TV charges and also charges for other Verizon add-ons that you are subscribed to. 

How to cancel YouTube TV membership 

If, for any reason, you want to cancel your YouTube TV subscription on Verizon, use the YouTube TV support to learn how. After you are unsubscribed from YouTube TV, Verizon shall still work as usual. 

What devices can I use on YouTube TV? 

YouTube TV has got wide device compatibility and keeps adding more day by day. You can stream tube TV on a number of smart TVs starting from android TV, Samsung, LG, Vizio, Hisense, Sharp, and sony. 

You can also use streaming media players like Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV. Compatible game consoles like Xbox and PlayStation. Smart displays like google nest hub and finally iOS and android smartphones and tablets. 

How to Activate YouTube TV Through Verizon – Conclusion

Verizon is a fast and reliable network provider, combined with YouTube TV, you get high-quality content streamed at fast speed. This guide on how to activate YouTube TV through Verizon shall help you get started. Enjoy your streaming.