How to Install 3rd party Apps on LG Smart TV

What is LG WebOS?

You can install allowed apps on your TV through a software system called LG WebOS. It works with the LG content store wherein only apps that are available from that storage may be installed. In this guide, we will be exploring both installing apps from WebOS and using other 3rd party apps for your LG Smart TV.

First, let us look into the apps contained in WebOS.

Installing Apps on Your LG Smart TV Using WebOS

1. Power On your Smart TV and press the Home button to get to your home screen

2. Go to the More Apps button on the lower right-hand corner of your home screen. Select then click.

3. Go to the LG Content Store and view available options

4. Select Premium from the store.

5. Find 4 columns that say TV shows, Live TV, Apps, Movies, and so forth.

6. Choose your preferred app and click on it to download

7. Once the download is completed, initiate the install app option

8. When the installation is complete the app will appear on your home screen.

9. Launch the app and browse for your favorite content

How to Install 3rd party Apps on LG Smart TV

Can You Install 3rd Party Apps on Your LG Smart TV?

If the app is available in the LG content store, the answer is yes. But, if the source of the app is unknown, and it’s not available in the LG content store, the answer is no. But not to worry, there are other ways you can enjoy your streaming programs and 3rd party apps even without having to install them directly to your TV.

How to Work/Install 3rd Party Apps on Your LG Smart TV

Since we are not able to install 3rd party apps directly to your TV we will be using peripherals instead. These are streaming devices that have their own hardware (some don’t need one) and name. As follows:

• Amazon Firestick

• LG Smart Share

• Google Chromecast

Amazon Firestick as 3rd Party App (with hardware)

This device is a streaming video player form Amazon that looks like an unusually large USB stick. Similar to the popular Roku streaming stick, Amazon Firestick is part of the streaming media player line of products of Amazon.

How To Use Firestick for Your LG Smart TV

Physically connect the Firestick device to your LG TV via HDMI cable. Next, plug to the outlet for power, then verify if the stick already has power.

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1. Power On your LG TV

2. Press Input on your remote control

3. Select chosen HDMI port (right or left)

4. Wait for the Firestick Logo to appear on the screen

5. Activate remote control of Firestick by putting on batteries.

6. Firestick will automatically pair with the remote control that came with it.

Navigating Firestick Menu

1. Using your Firestick remote control press the Play/Pause button to access the set-up screen.

2. On your set up screen comes on, you will be asked to choose your preferred language. Select your choice then press OK to confirm.

3. Firestick will then activate and automatically search for your Wifi signal in which you can manually connect using your username and password.

4. You will be prompted to register your device by following the on-screen instructions.

5. Once registered, Firestick will be ready for use and you can take the on-screen tutorial for first-time users.

Installation is successful.

LG Smart Share™ for Screen Casting (without hardware)

Smart Share™ technology is a function that is available on your LG Smart TV. It allows you to do mirroring of content from peripheral devices such as an android, PC, or a laptop among all other connectible devices. To put it simply, you can use your TV as an alternative screen when playing or pulling up apps from your other devices.

How to Use LG Smart Share™ to Mirror PC or Mobile Device to TV

Connect your Device to Your Smart TV

Make sure to connect the peripheral device (only on android or PC) to your Smart TV prior to browsing for content. Please note that LG Smart Share doesn’t work with iPhone or Ipad also known as Apple products. This is for the reason that iOS of Apple is not compatible with LG Smart TV. The solution to this issue is to just use Google Chromecast instead. We will be discussing more of that in the latter part of this article.

Both your Smart TV and the peripheral device must be on the same wifi connection. There are also many available methods such as DLNA, Miracast™, Wifi Direct, and many others) for connection purposes. In this particular device, we will be using the Miracast method.

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A standard wireless display software feature that is commonly available on mobile devices. You can find it in android version 4.2 and newer. It is also available in PC’s that are windows 8 and above. If your Smart TV is an LG, then it should be Miracast ready.

It is ready meaning, there is no need for a dongle or hardware to be plugged into your TV for you to connect with your device.

Preparing Your TV to connect: (via Smart Share)

1. Press the Home button on your remote.

2. Select screen share or Smart Share™ app from the home menu and turn on the listening mode. You can find this button on the upper right-hand corner of your TV screen.

3. Once your TV is activated in listening mode wait for the signal of your device to appear.

Preparing Your PC or Mobile Device to connect: ( via Smart Share)

1. On your android home screen tap Settings or the gear icon.

2. Tap screen mirroring icon

3. Choose and tap where to play on the available media list

4. Wait for your device to detect your TV.

5. Once your TV is detected it will give you the option to choose it, tap on it, and connect.

When the status is confirmed that it is already connected, you will now see your android’s screen right on your LG TV Smart TV screen.

Looking for Your Content Using Smart Share™ Feature:

• Go to the Home screen by pressing the Home button on your LG TV remote.

• Select SmartShare™

• On the SmartShare™ menu, view available content from your connected device.

• Select videos for video content, select photos, select music, and so forth.

Using Google Chromecast as a 3rd Party App (with hardware)

What is Chromecast?

It is a device/dongle that you plug into the HDMI port of your Smart TV. Together with your PC or mobile device, the dongle serves as a conduit to mirroring your android screen onto the screen of your Smart TV. With your android or mobile device functioning as your remote control, you will be able to access content platforms like Youtube, Netflix, Google Play Store, and other popular apps otherwise not found on the LG content store.

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How To Set Up Chromecast (with hardware)

For LG TV: (Chromecast)

1. Plug in your Chromecast dongle into the HDMI port of your TV. Make sure it is also plugged into the outlet for power too. Take note of the HDMI port number of where the device is plugged in.

2. Power On your TV and press input repeatedly until the Chromecast welcome logo appears on your TV screen. You will specifically see the “Set me up” message on your Smart TV screen.

For PC or Mobile Device: (Chromecast)

1. Go to Google Play Store and download the Google Home App. Then, Install the app.

2. Access the Google Home App and follow the on-screen instructions.

• Tap Get Started

• Sign in to your Google account or make one if you haven’t yet.

• Tap Get Started again

3. Tap New Devices, then after that create another home. Input a nickname while leaving the address blank.

4. Wait until the app “sees” the device.

5. Once the Chromecast signal is “seen” tap on it.

6. Wait for a code to appear on your TV then select and click yes. A code composed of 4 digits should appear on both your TV and phone screen.

7. Select a name for your Chromecast device then tap continue.

8. Have your Chromecast connected to your Wi-fi connection. Both your device and Chromecast must be logged on to the same wifi. Once the dongle connects to the wifi you are now ready to screencast to your LG Smart TV.


We end this guide with the goal of clearing the confusion of what a 3rd party app actually means. In this manual, we simply refer to apps that are allowed by LG to be installed as the apps contained in the LG content store. Conversely, we refer to the apps that are not included in the LG store. as 3rd party apps. Most of the latter didn’t even need to have software installed. This is with the exception of the hardware that is plugged into the back of the TV, which is by the way, technically not installed.

It just acts like a bridge from one device to another. Enjoy your content!