How To Log Out Of Hulu On TV?

Hulu has become the favorite streaming service for millions of Americans. The service offers thousands of movies and television shows from major networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and ESPN.

If you want to watch something on Hulu, you simply go to the site and click on the show or movie you want to see. 

But what if you want to log out of Hulu on your smart TV? Exiting the application is as simple as using whichever button on your remote will take you ‘back’ to the dashboard, but leaving the app isn’t quite the same as actually logging out of your account. 

So, how do you make sure you’re fully logged out of Hulu on your smart TV? Read on to find out everything you need to know. 

How To Log Out Of Your Hulu Account On A Smart TV

There are several reasons why you might want to log out of Hulu; for example, maybe you want to log into a different account but can’t do so until the other account has been logged out. Signing out of your Hulu account on a smart TV is a simple process, as long as you know what to look for. 

The interface of Hulu can differ depending on the version of Hulu you’re using. If you haven’t updated the application for a while, it might be running on an older version.

This shouldn’t matter too much, though, as the method for logging out of your Hulu account on a smart TV tends to be the same across all TVs. 

The first thing you need to do to log out of Hulu on your smart TV is to open the Hulu application. Once it’s fully loaded, navigate to the icon for your account, which will be on the top right-hand side of the screen. 

Once you select this icon, you’ll be taken to the settings for your account. Scroll until you see the ‘Log out’ option, and select this. At this stage, you’ll be given a prompt that says ‘Log out of Hulu’.

Select this, and you should be logged out of your account, at which point you’ll be taken to the page for signing in, so you can either sign into another account, sign back into your account, or make a new account.

On the vast majority of platforms (if not all platforms), the option for logging out will appear underneath your profile icon once you’ve selected it in the top right-hand corner. This should be the case whether you’re using a smart TV or using the website. 

Another Way To Sign Out Of Hulu On A Smart TV

It may be that you’re unable to sign out of Hulu using the traditional method. Whether you’re struggling to log out because the app’s acting up or for any other reason, there is another method for signing out successfully. 

All this entails clearing the application’s data, which will erase all of the information that the application has collected as you’ve used it- including your account details. 

The method for clearing an app’s data can differ depending on your television- in some cases, your TV may not even offer the option. Most modern smart TVs allow you to clear an app’s data, though. 

 To do this, navigate to your list of applications via the television’s settings (you may need to select an option like ‘See all of my apps’ if only some of them are showing) and select the Hulu application. 

At this stage, you’ll be given the option to clear the app’s data. Select this option and all of your data within the application will be wiped, meaning you’ll be logged out of your account. 

How To Delete A Hulu Profile 

So, now you know how to log out of your Hulu account on a smart TV; but what if you want to create a new profile on your account, and are already at capacity? 

Hulu lets you make as many as six profiles per account. This allows more than one person to use the account, and means they’ll have their viewing history and algorithm, without interfering with the other people using the account. 

Once you’ve created six profiles, though, the only way you can make another one is by deleting one of those six. The quickest way to do this is by heading to the Hulu website on desktop, but the steps will remain almost the same regardless of the device you’re using (and that includes smart TVs). 

Select your profile name or icon, which you’ll see on the top right-hand side of the screen. One of the options in the dropdown menu will be ‘Manage Profiles’. Select this, and all of your existing profiles will be displayed. 

Scroll until you find the profile that you’d like to delete, and then click on the pencil icon on the right. This will open a new window with options to change the name assigned to the profile, the birthday, and the gender. At the bottom of this window, you’ll see an option to ‘Delete Profile’. 

Select this option and you’ll be asked if you’re sure you want to delete the profile. Confirm that you do want to delete the profile, and then Hulu will erase it from your account, at which point you can make a new profile to replace it.

To do this, head back to the Account page, navigate to the Profiles tab, and click on the option to ‘Create Profile’.  

Final Thoughts

Logging out of your Hulu account on a smart TV is usually as simple as selecting the icon for your profile and scrolling down to the ‘Log out’ option. 

If for whatever reason you can’t log out using this method, you may need to head to the television’s settings and find the Hulu application in your list of apps, at which point you should clear the application’s data, which will log you out. 

Only do this if you’re fine with all your data being erased from the app (which won’t have much of an effect in the grand scheme, considering the website itself will still have your data).