How to Make Roku Discoverable

Roku is a smart and affordable way to watch Live TV. Roku devices are designed to make streaming content online fun and cheap. They replace those costly cable entertainment devices, enabling you to watch your favorites without having to pay more. Streaming movies and TV online through Roku is the cheapest alternative solution to cable boxes.

What Do You Need to Stream Content Through Roku

Roku TVs and streaming players use the internet to access and stream content. These devices use wireless internet network or wired Ethernet connections. Roku users need to create and activate their accounts on their favorite devices so they can access and stream thousands of live TV channels. Roku doesn’t come with monthly rental equipment costs. 

Roku lets you access paid or free streaming services such as Showtime, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, The Roku Channel, Google Play, Hulu, and HBO. Through these live video-streaming services, you can access kid’s programming channels such as CBS, ABC, and NBC. You can also access entertainment, news, sports, and international channels.

Improve Wireless Connection To Your Roku Device

Roku devices enable users to stream music and video online. To enjoy a smooth and immersive content streaming experience, you should be connected to a strong internet network. In some cases, your internet connection may have issues hence making your Roku device undiscoverable. Here are the ways to solve the issue of an undiscoverable Roku device by enhancing the quality of internet connection.

Check the Signal Strength of Your Internet Connection

The first step to restore the ‘unable to discover the Roku device’ error on Roku is to determine the signal strength of the internet connection.

  • Head to settings and then network.
  • For Roku devices that aren’t connected to the internet network, click the ‘setup new wireless network connection’ icon.
  •  In case your home internet network isn’t discoverable, try bringing the router closer.
  •  If that fails, try connecting to a router that’s closer to the Roku device.
  • Once you have connected to the internet network, the strength of the network will be shown on your screen, marked as Excellent, Good, Fair, or Poor.
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If after connecting to the Wi-Fi network and the signal strength is marked as excellent or good, but it happens you’re having playback or connection problems, here is how to make Roku discoverable.

  • Look out for wireless interference. Different devices or household systems can block the Wi-Fi network, making the speed low.
  • Also, check if the issue is coming from your internet service provider. In case the issue is from the internet provider, you should contact the provider to notify them about the issue.
  • The slow internet may be caused by multiple user connections. So, try reducing the number of devices that are connected to the Wi-Fi network.

If you discover that the signal strength is marked as poor or fair and you’ve playback or connection issues, here is how to make Roku discoverable.

  •  Move the router closer to the Roku device or remove any stuff that could be blocking the Wi-Fi signals.
  • Moving the router closer and away from any walls or objects would definitely improve the signal strength of your internet connection.
  •  If the router cannot be moved, try moving the Roku device to see if the signal strength becomes better.
  • If that doesn’t work, re-orient the antennas of your router.
  •  You can as well raise the Roku or router a big higher.
  •  If you’ve kept the router or Roku device in a closed area, remove it.
  • In case your TV is placed amid the Roku device and router, move the Roku device closer to the router as the TV may be blocking the wireless network signal.
  •  In the case of a Roku streaming stick, move it some meters from the TV using extension cables.
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If all that doesn’t work, here are some other ways to solve the issue:

  • Buy a more advanced and smarter wireless router. The advanced wireless routers include super reliable software. The quality and performance of different router brands differ and so read online reviews to settle for the best.
  • Invest in home network signal improving systems such as mesh network routers and powerline extenders.
  • Connect to the Ethernet connector. More advanced Roku devices include Ethernet jacks. These allow you to connect to wired-internet, which provides a stronger connection.

How to Make Roku Discoverable—By Solving Roku App not Discoverable Issue

In rare instances, your Roku device may not be discoverable on your Roku screen. If the app can’t link to your Roku device, here is how to make Roku discoverable.

  •  On your Roku remote, click the home button.
  • The home screen will pop up.
  •  Hover your remote up and down until you discover the settings icon.
  • Click on the settings icon.
  • On the screen that popups, scroll up and down to highlight the System icon.
  • Head to the right side of the screen and try highlighting the advanced system settings.
  •  Head to the right part of the screen and try scrolling down and up. Highlight the control by mobile apps icon. This icon will appear as external control on some types of Roku devices.
  • Head to the right side of the screen and highlight the Network Access icon.
  • Confirm to be sure the Network access is set as Default. You can do so by checking if it has a checkmark on the box next to its name. You can as well set the option to Permissive that if you’ve to conduct advanced network configuration.
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If your Roku device is not discoverable, you can troubleshoot it yourself. You can do the obvious troubleshooting tricks we’ve outlined above. Moving the Roku device or router closer to each other is the easiest way to solve the issue. You can as well troubleshoot the issue by investing in a higher quality router or buying home internet signal improving devices.

If all the troubleshooting tips outlined above fail, you may have to change your internet service provider. Subscribing to a more reliable internet provider may as well be a great way out. You may as well need to change your internet connection hardware to see if the internet speed improves.