How to Mirror iPhone to Roku Without Wi-Fi

Roku does abridge the process of mirroring the iPhone to Roku. It’s a safe and reliable way to mirror the iPhone to a TV or computer screen. Get to know how to mirror iPhone to Roku without Wi-Fi in these easy steps.

Watching Roku content on the iPhone is only fun when you’re relaxed in the office or bed. It’s more fun when you’re watching Roku films or gaming on a bigger screen. Mirroring an iPhone to Roku to enjoy gaming or watching on a bigger screen isn’t always a straightforward process. Apple products like the iPhone come with a range of restrictions, making it quite a challenge to get a good mirroring option.

How to Mirror iPhone to Roku without Wi-Fi via Apple TV

The first way to cast an iPhone screen to Roku with no need to use the same Wi-Fi network is through Apple TV. Here are the steps to go about it.

  • Get the Apple TV app and have it installed on your iPhone
  • Open your iPhone’s control center
  • While on it, click on the AirPlay mirroring Icon. It is usually in the shape of a triangle that points up in the direction of the rectangle.
  • Allow it some time to detect your Apple TV. Select the Roku receive and get ready to enjoy immersive gaming or video watching experience.

How to Mirror iPhone to Roku without Wi-Fi via the Beam App

The next great way to mirror the iPhone to Roku without needing Wi-Fi is through using the beam app. Here is how to do this process.

  • Head to your Roku’s account and sign in using your login details, which are your password and user ID.
  • Once you are logged into your Roku account, head to Roku’s channel store.
  • Search for the air beam app, download, and install it on your iPhone smartphone.
  • Launch the app after it has been successfully installed. Click on the tap mirroring option on the app’s menu.
  • Select mirror for Roku icon alongside the start broadcast icon.
  • Once you’re done, your Roku will be cast on your TV or monitor.

How To Solves Issues that Arise When Mirroring iPhone to Roku

Thus far, you likely have successfully mirrored your iPhone to Roku. Relax and watch your favorite movies, listen to music, or enjoy anything else on a bigger screen. Successful mirroring of iPhone to Roku doesn’t guarantee you’ll have a wonderful watching or gaming experience. In some instances, you might experience some issues in the quality of content streamed. Here is how to solve most issues that may arise.

  1. The Video Suddenly Stops

While immersed in an immersive and superb video watching experience, the film may stop unexpectedly. That happens mostly when the iPhone’s screen is off and its screen has entered the sleeping mode. Once the iPhone’s screen is off, the screen mirroring will be stopped immediately. You can solve this issue by setting up your screen’s display time such that it can last for the period you’ll gaming or watching games

  1. Time Lag Between Visuals and Audio

In some instances, you will as well experience time lag between the visuals and audio of the streamed content. Nothing makes a movie more boring than when the sound is poorly synced up. The number one reason for the time lag between the video and the sound of any content streamed when an iPhone is mirrored to a big screen is usually Roku’s advanced app technology. The issue mostly arises owing to the newly added features. You can solve this kind of issue by restarting the video or your iPhone smartphone.

  1. The Mirroring Doesn’t Work Completely

The final issue you may come across when mirroring your iPhone to Roku is functioning issues. The mirroring may fail to work completely.  Roku keeps advancing over time and as more features are being added, the device becomes heavier and a bit challenging to maneuver. If it happens your iPhone to Roku mirroring doesn’t work, you should turn off your smartphone and give it some minutes before you power it on again. 

Why Would You Want to Mirror iPhone to Roku Wirelessly?

Mirroring your iPhone to a bigger screen such as a computer monitor or TV comes with multiple benefits. Get to understand why most people want to know how to mirror iPhone to Roku without Wi-Fi.

  1.  Enjoy More Lively Watching Experience

While our small smartphone devices such as iPhone stream content in HD, they don’t deliver crisp-free, high-quality, and clear images that are vividly visible. When the content from your iPhone is mirrored to bigger screens, you’ll enjoy a more immersive viewing experience. You’re enjoying bigger images in high definition quality and so the watching experience will be more lively and immersive.

  1. Superior Engagement

Wirelessly mirrored content offers superior aesthetics in an integrated cable-free solution. There’re minimal cables and adapters cluttered around your home. And so, you’re adding aesthetics to the way you watch your iPhone’s streamed movies on a bigger screen. Everything will look organized, ensuring superior engagement to all.

  1. Minimize the Hassle

Unlike pairing your iPhone to Roku TV using wired adapters or dongles, wireless mirroring is easy and fun. You can complete the pairing process in a matter of minutes. Provided you’ve read and understood the tips we’ve outlined above, you’ll have a smooth and simple experience getting your iPhone mirrored to your Roku wirelessly.

Is Wireless iPhone to Roku Mirroring For You?

Watching your iPhone’s Roku streamed content on a bigger screen shouldn’t be a hassle. We’ve tons of ways you can link up your iPhone to Roku using the same Wi-Fi. In the article above, we’ve outlined the two main ways to mirror the iPhone to Roku without Wi-Fi alongside the many problems that may arise and how to troubleshoot them.

Get the right apps for mirroring iPhone to Roku and relax as you enjoy your favorite movies as well as games on a bigger screen. Not everyone that owns a TV or computer can mirror their iPhone to Roku successfully. Only people who have digital televisions and computer monitors that have the mirroring option and support content casting from smaller devices.