How to Restart HBOMax App

HBOMAX is one of the more popular streaming apps available, with a combination of everything that HBO and Cinemax have to offer. However, like all streaming apps, HBOMAX isn’t perfect and, of course, there are always going to be small issues with your device from time to time and you will need to restart HBOMAX. 

It’s generally pretty simple to restart HBOMAX, regardless of what device you are on. If the app is frozen, resetting the device itself will always reset the apps that are actively running on the device. 

That’s usually all it takes, as resetting or restarting devices or the apps themselves tend to solve 95% of all issues. But HBOMAX is on a ton of different devices and restarting the app may be a bit different on each device, depending on how the app runs on those devices. 

How to Restart HBOMAX on an Android Phone

There are two ways to close and restart any app on an Android phone, specifically the HBOMAX app in this scenario. The first method is to restart it by closing it out in the “Recent Apps” shortcut. The second method is to close it out the standard way, by going into the Settings Menu.

The First Method

Android phones have a feature called the “Recent Apps” shortcut, that will allow you to quickly access the apps that you have most recently opened, which is especially useful if you usually have a ton of apps running in the background. 

  • On the Home Screen, select the three vertical lines symbol on the bottom, left-hand side of the screen
  • This is your “Recent Apps” icon
  • Locate your HBOMAX App by skimming through your open apps left to right
  • When you locate the HBOMAX app, swipe up to close it
  • You can also close all of the Recent Apps by choosing “Close All”

When you return to your Home Screen, select your HBOMAX app to open it again. Since you closed it through the Recent Apps feature, it will start up fresh because it has been effectively restarted. 

The Second Method

The standard way to close out and restart an app is to jump into your Settings menu.

  • Pull up your app menu by swiping up from the bottom of the Home Screen
  • Locate your Settings app and open it
  • Locate the “Apps” icon and open it
  • Select the three vertical dots in the upper, right-hand corner
  • Select “Show System Apps
  • On the next page, locate your HBOMAX app and select “Force Stop”

How to Restart HBOMAX on an iPhone

Restarting an iPhone app is really simple, especially since Apple instituted changes to how apps are accessed and how to quickly shut them down so that they are not only no longer on the screen, but completely closed. 

Once you have closed an app for good, in this case, the HBOMAX app, opening the app again is the same as restarting it. On an iPhone, all you need to do is swipe up and left or up and right from the bottom of the screen, when you are on the Home Screen.

You’re basically drawing an upside-down L with the tip of your finger. This will present you with all of your open apps and the screens that they are currently on, fanned out from left to right or right to left. Simply scroll in that direction, find HBOMAX, and swipe up to close it out. 

When you open the app again, it will have restarted. 

How to Restart HBOMAX App Samsung TV

There are two ways to restart the HBOMAX app on a Samsung TV. It’s not as open and shut as doing the same thing on a mobile application, such as on an Android device or on an iPhone. 

The first method is as old school as it gets. Simply reach behind your Samsung TV and unplug it. Leave it unplugged for a period of at least 20 seconds and plug it back in. When you power your Samsung TV back on, all of the apps that were running are restarted. 

The second method is to uninstall and reinstall the HBOMAX app.

  • On the Samsung Home Menu, select the Gears icon
  • Look for the HBOMAX app
  • Select the HBOMAX app and uninstall it
  • Return to the Home Screen and open the app store
  • Select and redownload the HBOMAX app

How to Restart the HBOMAX App on the Amazon Fire Stick

The Fire Stick gives you three ways to restart the HBOMAX app. The first is to force stop the app. The second is to reset the Fire Stick. The third option is to remove the Fire Stick from power. 

Force Stop the HBOMAX App

With this method, you don’t just force-stop the app—you also want to clear the cache so that when you start it again, it begins with a clean slate. 

  • Navigate to the Settings menu
  • Select the Applications Tab
  • Select “Manage Installed Applications”
  • Select the HBOMAX App
  • Select Force Stop
  • Select the HBOMAX app again, in the same menu
  • Select “Clear Cache”

Unplug or Restart Fire Stick

You can also unplug your Fire Stick, so long as you remember to both unplug it from the power source that it’s connected to and the HDMI port that it’s connected to on your TV. Wait half a minute and then plug the Fire Stick back into the HDMI port.

Then, plug the power cable back into the Fire Stick. 

The last method is to reset your Fire Stick. Hold both the center and the Play/Pause buttons down at the same time on your Fire Stick remote for three seconds. Release the buttons, go to the Settings menu, select My Fire TV, and select Restart. 

How to Restart HBOMAX App on Apple TV

You have the same options with Apple TV that you have with the Fire Stick, which are to restart the Apple TV, Reinstall HBOMAX, or simply reset your Apple TV.

Restart Apple TV

  • Press and hold the Back and the TV buttons on your Apple remote until the remote’s lights blink repeatedly
  • Unplug the power cable on your Apple TV
  • Wait five seconds and reconnect it
  • Navigate to the Settings menu when Apple TV is back up
  • Select System
  • Select Restart

Reinstall HBOMAX

If some of the files are corrupt on the HBOMAX app, the solution is to reinstall it. 

  • Press the touchpad on your Apple remote when the HBOMAX app is highlighted
  • The icons will start wiggling
  • Select HBOMAX and press the Play/Pause button on the remote
  • Select Delete
  • Access the App Store, locate HBOMAX, and reinstall

How to Restart HBOMAX on an Apple iPad

The iPad works almost exactly like an iPhone. If you want to force close and restart an app, you need to go to the Home Screen on your iPad. Swipe up and either to the left or to the right on the screen, which will bring up a card display of all of your open apps.

Scroll over to find the HBOMAX app and swipe up to force close it. Now reopen the app the regular way and it will have restarted.

Final Thoughts

There you have it—all of the various ways to restart the HBOMAX app on a variety of devices. It’s not always a simple A to B solution and sometimes it requires removing everything from power. However, all of the above methods will effectively restart HBOMAX on its respective device.