How To Turn Off Voice On Roku

Roku is a convenient streaming service that allows you to ‘cut the cable cord’. Once the Roku device is connected to your TV, you have access to thousands of shows, movies, sports, and other programming. You can also add other content services like Hulu and Amazon Prime to Roku, further expanding your viewing options.

There are plenty of features that come with Roku, and one of these is voice. The function reads the menu out loud as your browsing and choosing options. When your Roku starts talking to you, the audio guide has been enabled. It is a handy function, but you might not want it turned on all of the time.

How to Turn Off Voice on Roku

Considered an accessibility feature, Roku’s audio guide is helpful for those that have impaired vision or just don’t want to read the on-screen options themselves. As helpful as it is, sometimes you’d prefer your Roku wasn’t talking to you. When you want to turn it off, you have two easy options.

Disabling Roku Voice with a Remote

Your Roku device should’ve come with a handy remote. Along with taking you to the Roku home screen, it has a button marked with an asterisk. When the button is pressed four times in succession, you either turn the audio guide on or off.

To check if the voice function is disabled, press the home button, and start scrolling through the menu and various settings. If the Roku is still talking to you, repeat the initial step. If this still doesn’t work, you will have to try another option.

Turning Off Roku Voice With the Settings Menu

You can do a lot in your settings menu that includes turning off the Roku voice. You’ll see the settings menu when you press the home button on the remote. On the page you’ll see an option for settings, select that, and then the one for accessibility.

Under the accessibility tab, you’ll find an option for the audio guide. You want to select it, and then choose the off option. Once you’ve selected ‘off’, the Roku audio guide should be disabled. Since there are only two settings, off and on, it shouldn’t be difficult to choose the right one. When you want to enable voice, select the option marked ‘on’.

Additional Roku Voice Options

If the audio guide is active again, even after you disabled it, you might want to get rid of a shortcut. Anytime the asterisk button is pressed four times in a row it activates the shortcut to the voice function. If the voice is turned off, it will be enabled.

To disable the shortcut, you’ll need to go to settings and select the option for accessibility. You should see an option labeled ‘shortcut’. Select it and then choose the one marked ‘disable’. A checkmark should appear next to your selection. Now, you won’t be able to use your Roku remote to turn the audio guide on and off.

Additional Audio Guide Options

When you’re in the Accessibility menu, you’ll notice several additional options. These include settings for volume and speech rate. The audio is preset for a ‘normal’ speech rate, but you can choose to speed it up or slow it down. There are four settings, including ‘normal’ to pick from.

How loud your Roku device speaks is up to you. It is factory preset at ‘medium’ but you can make it louder or quieter. You’ll find the volume option underneath the one for the speech rate. Select ‘volume’ and adjust the level as needed.

There are also options for captions that include style, language, and mode. Turning captions on and making adjustments is as easy as turning off voice on the Roku.

Troubleshooting Roku Voice

Sometimes, even after turning off Roku voice function, there’s still a narrator talking over your shows. It’s annoying but it might not be Roku talking to you. Some shows from other streaming services can also come with narration. When this happens, turning off the audio guide won’t stop the robotic voices.

You will need to start the playback option on the Roku remote. The button is clearly marked. Start the playback, and go into the ‘subtitles and audio’ settings. You will need to still be in playback mode. From there, locate the audio track that has a tag matching your show and select the off option.

Another possible solution is to go into the Roku settings menu, choose audio, and then ‘stereo’. Disabling or enabling the stereo function can also resolve problems with unwanted audio. If the narration only happens on one or more live broadcast TV stations it might be something you’re stuck with until the network supplies a fix. Most have already fixed the problem but there are still complaints about a few.

How to Silence Your Roku Remote

You’ve finally gotten Roku to stop announcing everything you’re looking at. Now, if you could just silence your loud remote. The clicking noise you hear every time you press a button on a Roku remote can also be silenced.

In settings, you’ll see an option for menu sound. It is referring to the noise your remote makes. Disable this function and your remote will stop ‘clicking’ whenever you use it. If you have the Roku Ultra, you’ll still be able to use the ‘find remote’ function even if you have the sound disabled.


Roku designed their devices to be easy to use and for the content to be accessible to everyone. While there are advantages to the audio guide, not everyone wants their Roku to talk to them.

Thankfully, Roku has made it easy to turn off voice with the remote or through the settings menu. You’ll also find other options in settings that will even let you silence the remote. It’s also simple to turn voice back on whenever needed.