How To Turn On Roku TV Without Remote?

Roku TV devices make it easy to access all manner of streaming content easily, and all from one small device that simply plugs right into the HDMI port of your chosen screen.

With the one small Roku device and its associated remote control, you can access streaming services such as Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, and even HBO Max. 

Roku’s small size, paired with its wealth of possibilities makes it a convenient option for anyone looking to stream tv or film, and its small size also makes the device easy to transport, making it perfect for vacations and other uses.

But is there a way to make Roku even more convenient? Is there a way to control it without any remote control necessary?

It certainly sounds like a dream come true, but maybe it is a dream come true, as there are ways in which you can use the device without any need for a remote control at all. 

So how do you do it? Is it hard to do? Is it even worth it? Let’s find out together, as we explore how to turn on your Roku tv without any need for your remote control.

Is It Possible To Turn On Roku TV Without A Remote Control?

In order to turn on a Roku TV regularly, you would need to make use of the packaged controller that comes with the Roku TV unit. This controller is automatically paired to your Roku device when you receive it, so it is ready to use right out of the box.

However, you may want to opt for a different control option for your own convenience. For instance, you may want to use your smartphone to control your Roku TV. Luckily, you can. 

In order to use your smartphone as a remote control for your Roku TV, you would need to download the associated Roku app onto your smartphone. Head to the app store associated with your operating system, such as the Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store. 

Once you are on the application store, simply type in ‘Roku’, and you should be met with the right result. Install that application to your phone.

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Once the application has successfully been installed, all you need to do now is log in. To begin with, you will be shown a short tutorial that will show you everything you can access through the Roku app.

It is worth paying attention to this tutorial, as it helps you to make the most of the app.

Once you are given free rein over the Roku app, simply tap on the ‘Devices’ menu found at the bottom of the app. This menu will present you with a selection of Roku devices that you can connect to. Find the device that you want to connect to and tap it.

You will need to ensure that your smartphone and your Roku device are connected to the same Wifi connection as one another, or they will not be able to find each other. 

Once you have connected to your chosen Roku device, simply tap the ‘Remote’ icon that will now have appeared once you have connected to your device.

Now, you can control all of the settings on your Roku TV through your smartphone, this includes the volume level, the streaming service, and even the very content you are watching! Pretty convenient!

You can also continue to use your smartphone as normal while using your phone as a controller.

Why Should You Connect Your Roku TV To A Smart Device?

There are quite a few reasons why you might choose to connect your Roku TV to a smart device. One of the most obvious is convenience. Say you wanted to choose a separate program to stream, but the remote is too far away!

Simply grab your phone, and control the Roku as you would with the standard controller!

Connecting your Smart Device to a Roku is also very useful if you ever find yourself losing your remote control. In such a situation, your smart device can make for a very adequate replacement until you are able to reliably replace your controller.

Connecting a smart device to your Roku is also great for allowing you to access more in-depth and accurate control and settings so that you can get exactly the experience you want out of your Roku . 

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How Do You Cast From a Smart Device To Roku TV? 

Casting refers to the act of sending streamable digital content to a compatible device in order to view or hear it from there.

If you want to cast something from your phone or laptop onto your Roku TV, all you need to do is open a compatible app on your smart device such as Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Prime, or Disney Plus

When you begin streaming some content on your device you will notice a certain icon in the UI that can best be described as a tv-like shape with a wifi signal poking into it from the bottom left corner. Tap this, and you will be given the chance to choose a device to cast to. 

All you need to do is choose your Roku device, and the content will now begin playing on whichever screen your Roku is hooked up to.

Using your phone to cast to your Roku TV makes it easy to control the content that you are playing, as your phone will now act as a de facto remote control.

How Do You Mirror A Smart Device On Roku TV?

Mirroring is slightly different from casting, as casting implies sending specific media content to be played on a different screen. Mirroring, on the other hand, simply replicates exactly what is on your smart device’s screen on the Roku device.

In order to mirror your smart device on your Roku TV, all you need to do is follow the steps below.

First, you will want to make sure that your Roku is currently on the home menu. You can do this by tapping the ‘Home’ button on your remote control. 

To begin mirroring, you will need to go to the settings menu on your Roku TV, and then onto the ‘System’ submenu. From that submenu, you will notice the option to choose ‘Screen Mirroring’. Tap this option. 

From this menu you will be able to activate screen mirroring mode. You have three to choose from. ‘Prompt’, which will cause your Roku TV to prompt you with a message when you attempt to connect with your smart device.

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This prompt will ask you to confirm that you accept the mirroring attempt.

‘Always Allow’ will allow mirroring to occur without a prompt every time, no matter the device, while ‘Never allow’ will, of course, not allow any device to mirror to the television.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Won’t My Roku TV Turn On?

First, you should make sure to check that your Roku TV is definitely hooked up to a power supply, and plugged firmly into your TV. If it still does not turn on, try unplugging it fully from the wall for a few seconds, before then plugging it back in.

If it does not work after this, you may have a larger issue on your hands, and you should make a point of contacting Roku support.

How Do I Turn On My Roku TV Without The WiFi Rremote?

If you find that you have lost track of the remote for your Roku TV, don’t worry! You can instead connect your Roku TV to your smartphone via the Roku App. 

The Roku app will allow you to control your Roku TV as normal by using your phone.

How Do I Turn On My Roku Without The Power Button?

If you don’t currently have access to your Roku TV remote, you can still easily control your Roku TV via your smartphone by using the Roku app! 

Simply download the app and connect it to your Roku TV device, and you will then be able to control every aspect of your Roku TV entirely from your phone!

To Conclude

Being able to turn on your Roku TV device without even having to touch your remote control feels so great. Controlling your Roku TV via your smartphone allows you to access a greater sense of control that you simply cannot get anywhere else. 

It’s easy to do and makes for a great solution if you ever find yourself losing access to the standard Roku TV remote control.