How To Unhide Youtube Channel

unhide channel

How do I unhide a channel user?

Show a user Sign in to YouTube Studio, From the left menu, select Settings. Community, In the “Hidden users” box, find the user you’d like to show, Select Remove next to their name, Select Save

How To Unhide Your Youtube Channel

Having any issues in making your youtube channel reappear? Read this article to learn how to unhide your Youtube Channel.

1. Head to Your Google Account

In order to access the settings of your Youtube Channel, you need to log in to your Google Account. Once you are logged in, move to your Google’s Homepage.

2. Go To My Channel

Once you are in your Google’s Homepage, you will see the My Channel option on the bottom of the page. Choose the My Channel option, and you will now be able to see your Youtube Channel.

3. Search For Your Channel

Now, search for your Youtube Channel by typing in the name of your YouTube Channel in the search bar of Youtube.

4. Unhide Your Channel

After you find your Youtube Channel, click on the More button. Now, you will get an option of Unhide Channel. Click on Unhide Channel and now your Youtube Channel won’t be hidden anymore.


By following the simple steps above, you will easily be able to unhide your Youtube Channel. Being able to access the settings of your Youtube Channel crucial, so make sure to use the steps outlined in this article.

Good luck!