Is Bluey on Disney Plus? How to watch

Imagine curling up on the couch, ready to dive into Bluey’s latest adventures. You’re all set, but where can you find the new episodes? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

In this guide, we’ll show you how to watch Bluey, whether you’re in the US, UK, Australia, or beyond. We’ll navigate streaming services, DVD options, and even bypassing geoblocks.

So, sit back, relax, and let’s get you ready for some fun with your favourite Blue Heeler pup!

Accessing Bluey on Disney Platforms

If you’re looking for a way to watch Bluey on Disney platforms, you’ll find that both Disney+ and DisneyNOW offer an array of options for you to dive into this beloved show.

A Disney+ subscription gives you access to all Bluey episodes, while DisneyNOW availability might vary but still offers a good selection.

You can also explore the Bluey Official Website for fun features like character bios, games, and episode guides.

If you prefer physical copies, DVD and Blu ray options are available for purchase.

For international viewers, check your local broadcasters as Bluey has global recognition.

Whether you’re in the U.S. or abroad, Disney platforms and other options make watching Bluey a breeze.

Watching Bluey on Other Streaming Services

Beyond Disney platforms, you can also catch Bluey on various other streaming services to keep up with your favorite animated dog family. International streaming of Bluey is available through services like Amazon Prime Video and ABC iView.

Stream Service Bluey Availability Accessible Devices
Amazon Prime Video Available Smart TVs, mobile devices, desktop
ABC iView Available Smart TVs, mobile devices, desktop
Apple TV Available Apple devices, Smart TVs
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You can also enjoy Bluey merchandise or watch Bluey on DVD and Blu ray, which are available online and in stores. Accessibility of Bluey on different devices makes it an easy choice for your family’s entertainment. Always remember to check the validity of the streaming platforms to ensure you’re not bypassing any copyrights.

Bluey DVDs: A Comprehensive Guide

For those of you who prefer physical copies or want to have unrestricted access to your favorite Bluey episodes, investing in Bluey DVDs can be an excellent choice. You can purchase these DVDs from reliable sources like official merchandise stores or reputable online retailers.

These DVDs often come with bonus features, like behind-the-scenes footage or creator commentaries, that you won’t find on streaming platforms. For international availability, check your local retailers or use VPN options to access online stores in other regions.

Parental concerns about content are also addressed, as all DVDs carry appropriate ratings and content warnings.

Popularity and Viewership of Bluey

You’ll be amazed by the global viewership and popularity Bluey has garnered, making it a beloved show for both kids and adults alike.

  1. Bluey’s Impact: It’s more than just a children’s show. It fosters parent-child bonding through relatable storylines, creating moments of shared laughter and learning.
  2. Global Streaming Success: Despite streaming cost concerns, Bluey’s popularity has made it a must-have for families, contributing to its global success on platforms like Disney+.
  3. Bluey Merchandise and Licensing: Capitalizing on its fame, a range of Bluey merchandise has been released, further driving its global impact.

Future Updates for Bluey Streaming

Keeping up with how to stream Bluey, let’s delve into the future updates for the show’s streaming availability.

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As Bluey continues to gain popularity, it’s crucial to stay informed about your streaming options.

Future updates may include increased international availability, allowing families worldwide to enjoy this delightful show.

New DVD releases are also a possibility, providing another way to watch Bluey at your leisure.

Remember, these developments can significantly impact families, especially those who’ve integrated Bluey into their daily routines.

Always keep an eye out for these updates to ensure you won’t miss an episode.

And remember, no matter how you choose to watch Bluey, you’re in for a treat with this charming, family-friendly show.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Other Free Platforms Where I Can Watch Bluey Besides Disneynow?

Yes, you can watch Bluey for free on ABC iview. It’s a hit due to its character development, animation quality, cultural representation, and moral lessons. Its popularity stems from its relatable themes and lovable characters.

Are There Any Censorship Differences Between Bluey Episodes on DVDs and Those Streaming on Disney+?

Sure, streaming differences do exist. Some Bluey episodes on Disney+ have minor censorship compared to the DVD quality. Content comparison reveals slight episode variations due to cultural sensitivities. Always check for Bluey’s censorship changes.

What Is the Age Rating for Bluey and Is It Suitable for Very Young Children?

Bluey’s rated for all ages, even very young kids. Its themes carry educational value, often sparking positive reactions from kids. From a parental perspective, you’ll appreciate the show’s impactful lessons on imagination and confidence.

Are There Any Plans for Bluey to Be Dubbed in Other Languages Apart From English and Mandarin?

There’s no official news on additional Bluey dubbing languages yet. However, factors like dubbing quality, voice actor selection, cultural adaptations, language accessibility, and subtitle availability are key in such decisions. Stay tuned for updates!

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Are There Any Bluey Merchandises Available for Purchase to Accompany the Show?

Yes, there’s a variety of Bluey merchandise available. You’ll find authentic Bluey toys online, with costs varying by product. Popular items include figurines and plushies. Always ensure you’re shopping from reputable sources.


There you have it, Bluey fans! Now you know how to catch up with our favourite pup, whether online or on DVD.

If you’re worried about the availability of Bluey in your region, remember, a VPN can be your best friend. So, nothing stands between you and Bluey’s adventures.

Stay tuned for updates about future seasons and keep enjoying the heartwarming, hilarious escapades of Bluey, Bandit, Bingo, and their mates!