How to Watch FS1 without Cable?

Fox Sports 1 or FS1 is an exclusive sports-oriented cable in America. This is also a satellite TV channel owned and managed by Fox Sports Media Group, a Fox Entertainment Group Unit. Fox Sports 1 or the FS1 replaced Speed last August 17, 2013 same time its companion sports channel Fox Sports 2 also replaced the Fuel TV. Both FS2 and FS1 absorbed majority of sports programming from its exclusive predecessors.

FS1 widely airs a wide range of live sport events such as:

  • College sports ( Big 12 Conference Football, Pac-12 and the Big East
  • Sporting events (Major Baseball League)
  • Soccer matches (UEFA Champions, Major League Soccer etc.)
  • Championship events
  • Martial arts
  • Motorsports events

FS1 also features analysis, discussion programming, sports news daily, documentary programs and other sports-related reality.

Possible Ways on How to Watch FS1 without Cable

When the cord cutting initially emerged as one major trend, it cannot be denied that replacing sports has become a tough thing to do. Fortunately, things have changed. Even networks that were once cable only like the FS1 are now accessible and available online. If you are looking for ways on how to watch FS1 with no cable, you have come to the right place.

Your way towards watching FS1 is simple. You may want to consider turning to skinny bundle and stripped down cable-like video streaming packages offering streaming networks for reduced giant cable charges. These skinny bundles actually come in all sizes and shapes nowadays. In fact, these are delivered online and commonly offer one option for subscription at least. That is cheaper than the usual cable package helping them to provide options that are low priced than their counterparts.

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Below are primary skinny bundles offering FS1. You might want to use the free trial to check on the availability of local stations:


This is the skinny bundle version of AT&T. This provides selection of exclusive bundles which grow in price and size. However, you do not really need to desperately climb the cost ladder just to get hold of FS1. Check out this hot deal right now on DIRECTV Now.


This originally started as soccer streaming services, have been moved so long through expanding its exclusive channel line up to essentially compete with other skinny bundles. Fans of FS2 and FS1 are so much lucky since these are both available in FuboTV.

Hulu w/ Live TV

This was an in demand video streaming. Hulu also provides packages allowing individuals to watch FS1 even with no cable. FS2 and FS1 are both included in similar bundles. Just like other bundle included in this list, Hulu TV also offers exclusive and live streams of the flagship channel of Fox.

So who says that you can’t watch FS1 if you don’t have cable? The information given above just proves that you can do so even without cable. This is actually great news to those who love watching FS1 and are completely hooked with this well-known American sports oriented and satellite TV channel. Knowing that it’s now possible to watch FS1 even without cable, more viewers are sure to watch and enjoy.