How to Watch iTunes Movies on TV Without Apple TV

iTunes movie store offers hundreds of the latest and most thrilling movie and TV show blockbusters. Get everyone to watch those iTunes movies by following this easy guide on how to watch iTunes movies on TV without Apple TV.

Sadly, iTunes only supports small-screen devices such as tablets and phones. So if you want a more immersive HD quality watching experience, you may have to sync your smartphone to your TV. Apple TV makes it easier for you to enjoy your iTunes move in higher image quality and superior visuals. Immerse yourself into real high-definition movie quality by synching your mobile device to your smart. 

  1. How to Watch iTunes Movies on TV Without Apple TV—Via the USB Port

One effective yet reliable way to watch iTunes movies on TV if you don’t have an Apple TV is by connecting it via a USB port. This trick only works for smart and digital TVs that have USB ports. You can copy the converted iTunes movies to the USB drive or watch the movies directly from your computer. Link the USB port to your smart or digital TV to sync iTunes movies.

  • Copy the Movies to the USB Stick

Insert the USB stick to your laptop or computer. Copy the DRM-free iTunes movies to the USB. You may need to create a unique folder where the movies are to be copied to ease access.

  • Play and Watch Your Movies

Now, get the USB stick and plug it onto your smart TV via the USB port. Identify the folder where the movies were copied and then select the movies you want to watch. Since iTunes movies are in the M4V format and protected by Apple, you must convert them into playable formats before you save them into USB drives.

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  • It is easy and free
  • It doesn’t require complex and procedural steps


  • You need a USB drive with large enough storage capacity to store the movies

2.  Play Via Your DVD Player

Watch rented or purchased iTunes movies through your DVD player. DVD players are convenient to operate and present superior picture quality. The iTunes movies must, however, be burned and saved in DVD. iTunes movies are available in the M4V format and highly protected by Apple’s DRM, and so these movies cannot be directly burned and saved onto DVDs.

Look out for a trusted software for removing the DRM protection on iTunes movies. Read through the user manual to understand the tips on how to remove the DRM protection and burn the movies onto DVDs.


  • You’ve got total control over the burned movies
  • It’s a great way to save and backup the iTunes movies


  • The movie conversion and burning process can be quite lengthy

      3. How to Watch iTunes Movies on TV Without Apple TV—Via Computer

Streaming the iTunes movies right from your computer to your TV via an Airplay or HDMI port also works miracles. It works best for computers powered by Windows or Mac OS. Plug your TV to the computer via an HDMI cable and then launch the iTunes app on your computer. 

Once you’ve paired the two, stream live movies or play the downloaded movies. Use your TV’s remote control to select settings and adjust its input to your computer’s input. Doing so will guarantee a smooth and immersive movie playing experience?

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If you have a smart TV that supports AirPlay, you can use a Mac-powered computer to watch iTunes movies. You can quickly pair the two by first connecting them to the same Wi-Fi network. Once linked to the same Wi-Fi network, they will pair automatically. Now, start streaming or playing your downloaded movies in a more immersive HD quality.


  • You don’t need to have an Apple TV
  • It’s quite fun and enjoyable


  • It is not convenient enough

     4. Watch iTunes Movies on Your TV via your iOS Device

Another straightforward yet reliable way to watch iTunes movies on your TV is via your iOS device. If you have an iPad or iPhone smartphone, the better. That’s because you can seamlessly sync the iTunes movies so they can play on your smart TV. This trick allows you to seamlessly stream iTunes shows and movies to HD TVs using adapter cable or AirPlay.

Synching your iOS smartphone to an HD TV via AirPlay involves the same steps followed while syncing a Mac-Powered computer. Connect your iPad or iPhone smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network as your smart TV. Once done, click on the AirPlay button to start playing the iTunes movies, which will then be mirrored to the Smart TV.

Those who would wish to connect their iOS devices to HDTVs through an adapter cable can do in seconds. Connect one end of the adapter capable of the HDTV and the other one to your iPad or iPhone smartphone.


  • Super easy and reliable
  • Allows for two connection options
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  • You may have to spend more money buying the adapter cable


The easiest and the most convenient way to how to watch iTunes movies on TV without Apple TV is by using a USB cable port or HDMI port. These two involve no complex process or DRM protection removal tools. Just connect both ends of the HDMI or UBD cables to both your smartphone and computer and immersive yourself in high-definition movie watching experiences.

While linking your smartphone or computer to an HDTV may prove complex, if you master the art of what goes into the entire process, you will have fun moments. As for burning DVDs to watch iTunes through your DVD player, it can prove quite challenging as you have to do all the conversions and DRM protection removal for the DVD to work on DVD players. 

The best thing about burning iTunes movies onto DVD is that you get the rights and full control of the movies.

Whichever way you decide to go, ensure you’re comfortable and won’t be forced to spend extra money. Why would you pay more to watch iTunes movies on your HDTV while there are ways to do it without having to pay?