How to Watch March Madness without Cable

The shows being aired on cable channels give us a reason to have something to look forward to. Whether you love streaming your favorite show alone or enjoying the weekend company with your family, there is always a good reason to have cable connections at home. But what if you don’t have a cable connection or there is no available television at the time you want to stream the must-watch 2018’s NCAA tournament? Don’t worry! How to watch March Madness without cable is made easy. We will teach you how using this post.

Of all the shows you can watch in the cable channels, perhaps it is the NCAA tournament that makes the people of all ages stop on what they do and take their eyes to the show. Over the last 63 games from the past three weeks, the field of the NCAA tournament will be narrowed down from the 64 teams. The game will continue until we get only one champion who will bring home the bacon. With this, each viewer has their bet of who to win and anticipating a more exciting show in the future games.

Who will be the champion? That is what we are going to see soon. For the fans who don’t have a cable connection and don’t have access to the broadcasting channels, we will teach you how to watch March Madness without cable.

Where Will the Games Be Broadcasted?

Before we proceed to the topic on how to watch March Madness without cable, let us first give you the overview of where the March Madness is to be watched. All of the games are being broadcasted on cable channels such as TNT, TBS, CBS, and TruTV. If there is no cable reception available in your home or you can’t get yourself to a television, you can still have a chance to watch the game on those channels live using your computer, tablet, smartphone or any streaming device. All you have to do is to sign up for any cable-free live streaming services.

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Available Cable-Free Live Streaming TV Services

Learn how to watch March Madness without cable with the help of cable-free live streaming services. As what we have said above, watching the NCAA tournament from TNT, TBS, CBS, and TruTV cable channels using your streaming device s made easy. All you have to do is to sign up for one of the services.

Hulu offers the clients with bundles of exciting live channels such as TNT, TBS, CBS, and TruTV, though CBS is available in the selected markets. In addition to Hulu’s comprehensive Netflix library, these live channels can offer you an extensive viewing experience in all NCAA tournament episodes. So you can take advantage of the service and have a wonderful viewing experience, sign up on Hulu. Watch the game straight from your computer with the help of the Hulu website. To enjoy the best NCAA tournament streaming experience, download the app and stream straight to the game using it.


This is another best option for people looking for an idea on how to watch March Madness without cable. The TNT, TBS and TruTV cable channels are part of the inclusive package called Sling Blue. The Sling Orange package is also available, which contains the TNT and TBS only. The service offers the clients with a free trial, allowing everyone experience the NCAA men’s basketball tournament for seven days. Like the one we have above, the clients who are using a computer to view the game can use the Sling TV website while the smartphone users can use the app.

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The cable channels such as TNT, TBS and TruTV are included in all DirecTV services. They are offering packages to the clients and regardless of what package you choose, they will offer a seven-day free trial to take advantage of the free offer. Plus, the clients can also have the chance to get the Amazon Fire TV for free if they prepay one month. Once the sign-up process is done, you can automatically proceed to the streaming activity. Watch the live NCAA games on your desktop via DirecTV website or on your smartphone using the app.


Whether you have the Amazon Prime or you just want to avail a new Amazon Prime service to get a 30-day free trial, the chances are you can enjoy the NCAA tournament and watch it live from the local CBS channel with the help CBS All Access Amazon Channel. Once you successfully sign up for both CBS channel and Amazon prime, you can then watch the CBS live using your computer via Amazon website, or in your smartphone and other streaming devices using the Amazon video app.

So, here are the tips on how to watch March Madness without cable. All you have to do is to sign up for the service you prefer and enjoy the live streaming of NCAA men’s basketball tournament. You can even watch the game via March Madness Live website using your computer, or on your smartphone using the March Madness Live app. You are free to select which among these options on how to watch March Madness without cable is best suited for your preference.

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The Takeaway

March Madness has just started and the 2018 NCCA tournament is officially on its way. We are just waiting for it to end and see who will take the championship spot for this year. But in order for you to avoid missing out a piece of every action, you have to find a way to watch it, with or without cable. This kind of tournament is one of the most prestigious sporting events for everyone to catch without spending a lot of dimes for the cable and satellite television.

The suggestions we have above about how to watch March Madness without cable are important if you are one of the avid fans or supporters of the college. So, there is no reason for you not to watch the NCAA men basketball tournament because there is now a better option available for you. Have a happy streaming experience with the help of these services.