How to watch NFL without cable for free

How to watch NFL without cable for free

how to watch the NFL without cable for freeThere are two ways you can watch NFL games without cable television. You can either purchase a special TV antenna or you can watch free streams of your favorite NFL games on the internet. The classic method is to use a TV antenna which picks up the reception of the ESPN and other sports networks which air these NFL games. This is the method that people previously used before the internet ever existed at all. But now, you have the internet as an additional option for watching NFL without cable. But, which one is better?


There is a special antenna called an “over-the-air antenna” which lets you bypass the cable subscription service that is normally needed to watch NFL games. This antenna will tap into the cable signal coming from your local television stations and deliver the video to your television screen. You will be able to access the biggest television broadcasting networks for free, such as ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS. Not only that, you can still get the video in high definition quality too.

Of course, you’ll want to use a more modern antenna instead of the classic “bunny ears” antenna that people used decades ago. One highly recommended antenna is the Mohu Sky 60. It is actually an HD antenna which has the ability to access the HD signals coming from local television stations. So, if you want the clearest picture possible, consider investing in this particular antenna. It is about $149.95 on Amazon and comes with free shipping. When you receive it, just set it up outside within 30 feet from your television.

The strength of the signal will depend on how close you live to the nearest affiliated television station of these networks. You might not get ESPN or some premium sports cable network like that, but those four basic networks should come in clearly on your screen. Just research when they’re going to air sports games, like football or baseball, and then tune in at those times.

Internet Streaming

Some of you might think that antennas are a bit old-fashioned. If you’re the kind of person that likes to watch video streams over the internet, then you can utilize this technology to watch NFL games for free online. For people who don’t mind paying money, they can just use streaming services like Amazon Prime, DirecTV Now, NFL Game Pass, and Sling TV. Those options require a small monthly fee, but you get the highest quality reception possible. NFL Game Pass offers a free trial subscription, so perhaps you could test it out the next time a big NFL game is going to be aired.

As for those who still need a free way to watch streamed NFL games, one thing you can do is search around on YouTube for live streams of the games. Sometimes, you will find YouTube members who put up live streams of various sports games as they are happening in real-time. This is not the most dependable option, though, because there is no guarantee that someone will run these streams. But when they do, it is a free and easy way to watch NFL games online. Just search for these streams while the game is taking place.

Go Somewhere Else to Watch

If you desperately need to watch an NFL game for free, try watching it at a bar or over a friend’s house. This is a common practice among friends, especially those who are interested in Sunday Night Football. Chances are that one of your friends has cable, so you can just watch over their house. But if you don’t have a friend like this, the local bar is a classic place to watch the game and to socialize with other patrons at the same time.