How to watch the olympics without cable, info you should know!

How to Watch the Olympics without Cable

Are you fond of watching Olympics? Do you want to stay updated with the latest happenings on Olympic sports yet don’t have a TV or cable? You don’t need to worry because there are various ways to get in touch with this sports.

The latest trend on watching the Olympics without a cable is now made easier. However, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to pay for watching the Olympics.

Here’s how to watch the olympics without cable

Live Broadcast

Many of these Olympic events are being broadcasted during the usual human hours. This only means that you don’t need to wait to see your favorite sports event. The NBC will be airing the live sports events all throughout the week. Here are the steps on how to watch the Olympics.

First, you need to figure out the event that you want. Most of these events will be aired on the 11 different channels like the NBC, Bravo, CNBC, MSNBC, USA Network, Golf Channel, NBC Sports Network and other channels.

Internet TV

Today, the most avid fun of Olympic Games are using the internet just to watch their favorite sports events. You can choose from the numerous online TV streaming sites that offers a live TV streaming services such as the PlayStation Vue and Sling TV.

With the Sling TV, you can possibly get all the channels of the Olympic. Due to the service of the live stream is under your control you can add channels that you want and get rid of those that don’t interest you. Just be careful about the trial of the Sling TV because, after its 7-day trial, the Sling TV will start charging you for the services. Fortunately, unlike the cable, the services come monthly so you could easily cancel once the Olympic is over. You can also acquire the Sling TV for your iOS and Android devices.

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There more options on how to watch the olympics without cable.

PlayStation Vue

This live streaming app is available for all types of OS like iOS, Android, and Roku. The service offers a one-week free trial which you can use to watch the live streaming of the Olympics. Once you get the week free trial, you can now visit all your favorite channels like Bravo, Disney Channel and many more.

There are three kinds of membership in PlayStation Vue: the Elite, the Core and the Access. This three membership comes with different numbers of channels and its cost monthly. You can try one from this three membership for free which is good for one week but don’t forget to cancel the membership before the end of the week, or else you will pay $40-$55.

Going Mobile

You can also use your phone to watch the Olympic Games. Though this might not completely replace for the games, this will be a helpful partner. Since Google is putting the Olympic at the center of the Google searches, the platform will also send live stream actions from the live events.

If you have an account on both Facebook and Instagram, it will be also another way to keep track of the Olympic happenings. These two platforms will be sending a social command center together with the NC commentators. Not only that, YouTube will also conduct its live streaming that is worth subscribing. Bing, a Microsoft platform is also offering similar services like Google. This includes a well-designed schedule and will also provide the fix schedules of all the events. You can also visit the official website of the Olympics to get updated of the latest results and medals.

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Using a vpn is also an option on how to watch the olympics without cable.

Use a VPN

One of the best ways to watch the Olympics without a cable is to use a VPN. This has been a technique used by a most avid fan of the event just to watch the Olympics. All the traffic and the connection will be coming from the remote and to the exit point. For example, if you are in the US and you are planning to watch a live streaming from the website of BBC, you need to have a VPN provider with an exit node which must be somewhere in the United Kingdom. This is an effective technique for you to watch the live sports event of the Olympics. You and your wife can also watch the same coverage on the separate device by configuring the VPN connection of the service.

Although this is an effective way to watch a live streaming of the Olympics, this is likely one of the most complicated options. However, the moment you convinced your computer about your location for these countries, you can enjoy watching the live coverage for free.

Digital Antenna

Investing in a digital antenna is another way to watch your favorite Olympic events. Since the Olympic is being broadcasted in NBC, which means you can watch the channel without having a cable subscription. To have a better watching experience, you can use a digital antenna to get access to the different channels. You can pick from around $20 in most stores.

NBC Olympics Website Live Streaming

The website of the NBC, will be having both live streams and video recaps all throughout the games. There are some recap videos that will be available for free without a TV login. You can also try a cord cutting or subscribe into a skinny bundle. You can also check out some other websites that also deliver live streaming of the Olympics. All you have to do is to be remember that all the live content are paid, so all you have to do is to be a TV subscriber.

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Most of the avid fans like the Americans are cord-cutter which means they are dropping their cable subscription or in other words, they never had one. The above list is your options if you really want to watch the Olympics without using a cable subscription. You can also try watching the event over the air. The NBC will also provide access to some portion of the games. This network has 260 hours of coverage which includes the most popular sports events like diving, swimming, track and field and basketball. This also delivers the Opening and the Closing Ceremonies of the Olympics. Choose the best option and let the games begin!

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