Is ESPN Plus on Sling TV?

Starting with the letter 'S', find out why ESPN Plus is not available on Sling TV and discover alternative options for accessing the service.

ESPN Plus is not on Sling TV. You need a separate subscription to access it. ESPN Plus offers more than just traditional live TV channels. It's not part of Sling TV's standard lineup. You may find more details about alternatives and comparisons with other services. Learning about ESPN Plus's availability in different streaming platforms is important. If you want to know more, keep exploring the options presented.

Availability of ESPN Plus on Sling TV

If you're a Sling TV subscriber, you won't find ESPN Plus included in the standard channel lineup. While Sling TV offers a variety of live TV channels, ESPN Plus isn't part of its streaming service packages. To enjoy ESPN Plus content, viewers must sign up for a separate subscription to access its exclusive sports coverage.

Sling TV's focus is primarily on providing traditional live television channels rather than including specialty channels like ESPN Plus in its offerings. If you're looking to stream ESPN Plus, you can do so through its own platform or as part of the Disney Bundle, which includes ESPN Plus along with Disney+ and Hulu. This allows fans to access a wide range of sports content, original shows, and movies beyond what's available on Sling TV's standard lineup.

Alternatives to Watching ESPN Plus on Sling TV

When seeking alternatives to watching ESPN Plus on Sling TV, consider exploring direct subscriptions through ESPN or utilizing other compatible streaming services.

Since Sling TV doesn't include ESPN+ in its channel lineup, ESPN+ is only available as a standalone subscription service. If you're specifically interested in ESPN+ content, it's essential to sign up for a separate ESPN+ subscription outside of Sling TV. By subscribing directly through ESPN, you can access all the ESPN+ content without the need for Sling TV.

Additionally, you can explore other compatible streaming services that offer ESPN+ as part of their packages. These services may provide a more integrated viewing experience for ESPN+ content compared to using it as a standalone service.

Ultimately, considering these alternatives can help you access ESPN+ content conveniently and enjoy your favorite sports programming.

Comparing Sling TV With Other Services

When comparing Sling TV with other services, you should consider factors such as:

  • The channel lineup
  • Availability of ESPN Plus
  • Cost in relation to competitors
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Understanding how Sling TV stacks up against other providers can help you make an informed decision based on your viewing preferences and budget.

Sling TV Channel Lineup

Comparing Sling TV with other services reveals distinctions in their channel lineups, particularly regarding the availability of ESPN networks.

Sling TV's Sling Orange package includes ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3, making it a suitable choice for sports enthusiasts. However, if you opt for Sling Blue, you won't have access to ESPN channels. To enjoy a wider range of channels, including both ESPN and non-ESPN options, you can consider the Sling Orange + Blue package.

Additionally, for sports fans looking for more content, Sling TV offers the Sports Extra add-on, which includes channels like ESPNews, MLB Network, NBA TV, NHL Network, and SEC Network.

When comparing streaming services, understanding the channel lineup variations is essential to selecting the one that best fits your entertainment needs.

ESPN Plus Availability

While Sling TV's Sling Orange package includes ESPN, ESPN Plus isn't part of its channel lineup. If you're looking to access ESPN Plus content, you won't find it through Sling TV or similar streaming services like Hulu Live TV, Fubo, or YouTube TV. ESPN Plus requires a separate subscription and can't be bundled with platforms such as Sling TV.

To enjoy exclusive ESPN Plus shows, live events, and more, you'll need to subscribe directly to ESPN Plus. While Sling TV offers a variety of channels, ESPN Plus availability isn't included in its packages. Make sure to take into account this when deciding on a streaming service if ESPN Plus content is important to you.

Cost Comparison With Competitors

Considering the competitive pricing of Sling TV's base package at $30 per month, it stands out among its competitors in the live TV streaming market. Sling TV includes ESPN in its base package, giving it an edge over rivals like Hulu Live TV and DIRECTV STREAM, which have higher monthly costs.

Additionally, Sling TV offers a Sports Extra add-on for $10/month, expanding sports channel options. By combining Sling Orange and Sling Blue for $45/month, subscribers get a broader channel selection.

The Total TV Deal at $20/month includes all Extras and Cloud DVR Plus, making Sling TV a compelling choice for both entertainment and sports content. When comparing Sling TV with competitors like FuboTV and YouTube TV, Sling TV's pricing and channel lineup make it a strong contender in the market.

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Subscription Plans and Pricing

To access ESPN channels on Sling TV, you can subscribe to the Sling Orange package for $30 a month. This package includes popular ESPN channels such as ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3, making it ideal for sports enthusiasts looking to watch ESPN content. If you opt for Sling Blue, be aware that it doesn't include any ESPN channels. However, for broader access to all ESPN channels, you can subscribe to the Sling Orange + Blue package for $45 a month.

Sling TV offers flexibility with its subscription plans, allowing you to enjoy ESPN programming without long-term commitments. Additionally, users can enhance their viewing experience by adding extras like Cloud DVR for an additional fee. This feature enables you to record your favorite ESPN shows and games to watch later at your convenience. With Sling TV's various subscription options and add-ons, you can customize your plan to suit your ESPN viewing preferences and budget.

Accessing ESPN Plus Content

If you're looking to access ESPN Plus content, it's important to note that this service isn't available on Sling TV as a standalone option. To watch ESPN Plus, you have a few options:

  1. Subscribe Directly: You can subscribe directly through ESPN to gain access to ESPN Plus content. This direct subscription allows you to enjoy ESPN Plus independently of any other service.
  2. Get the Disney Bundle: Another way to access ESPN Plus is by subscribing to the Disney Bundle, which includes ESPN Plus, Disney+, and Hulu at a discounted price. This bundle offers a complete entertainment package.
  3. Use a Streaming Device: If you're subscribed to ESPN Plus through either of the above methods, you can easily access the content on your preferred streaming device. Simply download the ESPN app on your device and log in with your subscription credentials to start streaming ESPN Plus content.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

In conclusion, ESPN Plus offers sports fans a diverse range of content not available on Sling TV's standalone options. While Sling TV's Sling Orange package includes ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3, ESPN Plus provides additional exclusive content, including access to live games, original shows, and in-depth coverage of various sports. Combining ESPN with Sling TV can enhance your sports viewing experience, especially if you're looking to stream live sports and enjoy a broader selection of games.

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Choosing Sling Orange as a cost-effective option gives you the opportunity to access ESPN content without committing to a full cable subscription. This package allows for one stream at a time, which may suffice for individual viewers or smaller households. If you own a smart TV or compatible streaming device, you can easily enjoy ESPN's offerings through Sling TV, making it a convenient choice for sports enthusiasts seeking flexibility in their viewing options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Watch ESPN Plus?

You can watch ESPN Plus online through its platform or the ESPN app. It's compatible with devices like Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Roku. ESPN Plus offers a monthly subscription for $10.99 or an annual plan for $109.99.

Is ESPN Plus on Fubo?

ESPN Plus is not available on FuboTV. You can find ESPN Plus on platforms like ESPN+ directly or Sling TV. FuboTV offers various sports channels but does not include ESPN Plus in its lineup.

Does Roku Have ESPN Plus?

Yes, Roku does not offer ESPN Plus directly. To watch ESPN Plus on Roku, you must subscribe separately and access it through the ESPN channel. ESPN Plus content is not automatically part of the Roku lineup.

What Sports Channels Does Sling TV Have?

Sling TV offers various sports channels, including ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3 in its Sling Orange package. If you're a sports enthusiast, Sling TV can provide you with access to a range of sports content to enjoy.


So, there you have it – ESPN Plus isn't available on Sling TV. But fear not, dear sports fan! There are plenty of alternatives out there to satisfy your streaming needs.

Whether you choose to stick with Sling TV or explore other options, just remember: the world of sports streaming is vast and full of possibilities.

So grab your snacks, kick back on the couch, and enjoy the game – no matter where you watch it.