Is Hulu Free With Amazon Fire Stick?

Wouldn’t it be great if Hulu was free with the Amazon Fire Stick? All that would be necessary to access thousands of hours of great shows, movies, and more is to buy a Fire Stick. It would be a one-time purchase that would set-up you up with all of Hulu’s great programming. Unfortunately, Hulu is a streaming service that charges a small monthly fee. It’s not free just because you are streaming via a Fire Stick.

However, this shouldn’t prevent you from getting an Amazon Fire Stick to stream content on Hulu. These two platforms work great together.

Watch Hulu with an Amazon Fire Stick

If you’re a Prime member, you automatically have access to a huge library of shows, movies, and music through Amazon’s streaming entertainment service. What’s even better is that a Fire Stick is included with your membership. You don’t have to purchase it separately.

Once the Fire Stick arrives – Amazon ships it out to Prime members free of charge –connect it to your smart T.V. and follow the simple set-up sets. It should only take a couple of minutes before you have access to Amazon’s entertainment library. Before you spend several hours browsing through the extensive list of available content, don’t forget about adding your favorite apps.

This is one of the benefits of using an Amazon Fire Stick. It supports most streaming entertainment apps. For example, you can add HBO or other premier movie channels a la carte, instead of having to purchase the entire cable T.V. package. The Netflix app can also be downloaded, along with Hulu. There is a monthly fee – charged by the downloaded app provider – to access their content. The cost usually ranges from $6 to $16 per month.

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Why Download the Hulu App?

The growing number of consumers that are choosing to “cut the cord” has created a new marketplace for entertainment. The three largest streaming services are Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video. Only Amazon’s platform allows users to download the apps for the other streaming services and there are a few good reasons why you want to have access to Hulu.

The Cost

Both Amazon and Netflix cost subscribers on average $16 a month. Hulu is less than $7 per month. Not only is Hulu the less expensive streaming service, but first-time users also get a free 30-day trial. For the first month, subscribers can check out Hulu’s wide variety of original and syndicated programming that also includes top-rated movies.

Watch Entire Series

One of the downsides to Amazon Prime is missing episodes and seasons in a syndicated series. You are committed to watching a series or are catching up on a current one, only to find out that Prime doesn’t carry it in its entirety. This is not only disappointing, but it’s also frustrating.

Don’t be surprised to see icons for the missing episodes on Prime with a banner underneath displaying the cost of watching each one separately, usually through the Hulu app. You can pay per episode or avoid the frustration by subscribing to Hulu. A subscription is the most cost-effective option. For just a free dollars a month you’ll have access to entire series, even some of the ones that are currently running on broadcast television.

Watch on Any Device

With Hulu, subscribers can watch their favorite shows and movies on almost any device. It’s compatible with smart T.V.s, laptops, and computers. You can also stream Hulu from your tablet and smartphone. If the device supports the app you’ll have Hulu wherever you go.

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Unlike other streaming providers, the interface remains the same, regardless of the device. This ensures that your saved and favorite content is easy to find, whether you’re using your phone or television at home. You can relax and stay entertained during your commute to work, instead of spending time searching for your program.

New Content

Even if you’ve “cut the cord”, you will still have access to new series, shows, and movies with a Hulu subscription. Hulu does release new movies at the same rate as the other streaming service providers, but this platform has them beat when it comes to series and shows. This applies to content produced by Hulu and along with broadcast and syndicate.

If you want to pay extra for Hulu’s live T.V. you’ll have access to sports and news streamed in real-time. This does cost more than the basic package, but since there aren’t any contracts you can cancel after watching the big game or other sporting events.

No Monthly Contracts

This is one of the biggest advantages of the Hulu app. You are charged a monthly fee, based on the package you selected. The fee is automatically deducted each month from your registered financial account. It can be through your bank, PayPal account, or even added on to your Prime membership fee. If it’s billed through Prime, you’ll see Hulu listed under your subscriptions.

Canceling or editing your Hulu subscription is a breeze. There are no penalties for canceling or changing the subscription. If you cancel and then want to resubscribe at a later date, the only difference might be that you’re no longer eligible for a free one month trial.

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Hulu and Amazon’s Fire Stick

You don’t have to miss great shows and movies just because you’ve cut the cord with your cable provider. For only a few dollars a month, you can watch great programming by downloading the Hulu app.

It’s incredibly easy to install with Amazon’s Fire Stick. Just select the Hulu app and follow the simple download instructions. Within minutes, you’ll be able to watch content from Hulu’s extensive library from almost any compatible device. See what you’ve been missing and start your Hulu subscription. It’s free for the first month if you’re a new subscriber.