Is Splash Too on Disney Plus?

Keen to watch 'Splash, Too' on Disney Plus? Unfortunately, the sequel isn't available yet - find out where you can catch it!

Unfortunately, 'Splash, Too' isn't on Disney Plus. The sequel hasn't officially landed on the platform yet. You may need to explore other streaming services for the 1988 continuation. Options beyond Disney Plus await you to enjoy the mermaid tale further. Keep an eye out for announcements on possible releases.

Availability on Disney Plus

Unfortunately, 'Splash, Too' is currently unavailable on Disney Plus. The sequel, starring Todd Waring and Amy Yasbeck alongside Daryl Hannah and Tom Hanks from the original film, hasn't been officially released on the platform. While Disney Plus doesn't feature 'Splash, Too' at the moment, fans can explore other streaming services or platforms to watch this 1988 sequel.

Given the absence of 'Splash, Too' on Disney Plus, viewers may need to search beyond this popular streaming service to enjoy the continuation of the mermaid tale. The availability of the sequel on alternative platforms provides an opportunity for fans to revisit the world of Allen Bauer and his aquatic love interest. Keep an eye out for announcements regarding the official release of 'Splash, Too' on various streaming services, as the charm and humor of this follow-up film continue to captivate audiences.

Splash, Too Overview

Let's talk about the essence of Splash, Too.

The plot summary will give you a glimpse into the sequel's storyline and how it continues the adventures of Allen and Madison.

You'll also learn about the cast and crew who brought this film to life, adding depth to the discussion of this lesser-known follow-up to the beloved original.

Plot Summary

Set four years after the events of the first film, 'Splash, Too' explores the lives of Allen and Madison as they navigate a secluded island hideaway. Madison's magical ability to view images in water adds a mystical touch to the storyline, while Allen assists his brother with the family business.

The film explores into the strained relationship between Allen and Madison, highlighting conflicts stemming from Madison's struggle to adapt to life on land. As the plot unfolds, Allen comes to terms with his error, leading to a heartwarming reconciliation with Madison.

Together, they release a captured dolphin into the wild, symbolizing their newfound unity and commitment to each other. 'Splash, Too' beautifully weaves themes of love, forgiveness, and embracing one's true self.

Cast and Crew

After exploring the mesmerizing storyline of 'Splash, Too,' it's time to immerse ourselves in the skilled cast and crew that brought this enchanting sequel to life. Todd Waring takes on the role of Allen Bauer, while Amy Yasbeck portrays Madison Bauer, adding depth to the storyline.

Donovan Scott shines as Freddie Bauer, bringing his unique flair to the character. Rita Taggart's portrayal of Fern Hooter adds a touch of intrigue to the film. Dody Goodman reprises her role as Mrs. Stimler, adding a familiar and comedic presence to the cast.

Together, this talented ensemble collaborates to create a captivating follow-up to the original 'Splash,' infusing the sequel with their individual talents and making 'Splash, Too' a memorable viewing experience.

Cast and Characters

Who brings Allen Bauer, Madison Bauer, Freddie Bauer, Fern Hooter, and Mrs. Stimler to life in the sequel 'Splash, Too'?

Todd Waring steps into the role of Allen Bauer, portraying the character with a mix of charm and relatability.

Amy Yasbeck embodies Madison Bauer, bringing a fresh perspective to the sequel.

Donovan Scott shines as Freddie Bauer, adding humor and heart to the film.

Rita Taggart impresses as Fern Hooter, delivering a memorable performance.

Dody Goodman reprises her role as Mrs. Stimler, enchanting audiences with her wit and warmth.

The ensemble cast breathes life into these beloved characters, each actor contributing to the magic of 'Splash, Too'.

Todd Waring, Amy Yasbeck, Donovan Scott, Rita Taggart, and Dody Goodman showcase their talent and chemistry, making the sequel a delightful continuation of the original story.

Production Details

In exploring the production details of 'Splash, Too', the behind-the-scenes intricacies that shaped this sequel come to light, shedding new insights on the making of this beloved film.

Directed by Greg Antonacci, the movie was released on VHS in the UK, France, Germany, and Australia. However, there's no official home entertainment release of 'Splash, Too' in North America, leaving fans in this region unable to enjoy the sequel through traditional DVD or Blu-ray formats.

Distributed by Walt Disney Home Video, the film features Todd Waring, Amy Yasbeck, and Greg Antonacci in prominent roles, adding their talents to the continuation of the mermaid tale.

Despite its availability on VHS in select international markets, the absence of a North American release has left many viewers curious about the production decisions that influenced the distribution choices for 'Splash, Too'.

Differences From Original Splash

So, what sets 'Splash, Too' apart from its iconic predecessor?

The sequel introduces new character dynamics that add fresh perspectives to the beloved story.

With updated plot twists, the film brings a modern twist to the classic mermaid tale.

New Character Dynamics

The introduction of new characters like Karl and Fern Hooten in 'Splash, Too' radically alters the character dynamics, injecting fresh interactions and conflicts into the storyline. Madison and Allen face new challenges on land, shifting the dynamic from the original aquatic setting. The addition of Fern Hooten adds depth to the character dynamics, creating tension as Madison struggles to adapt to human life and Allen juggles family responsibilities. This evolution in the theme of acceptance and understanding among the characters offers a different perspective from the original film.

  • Madison and Allen navigate unfamiliar territory, testing their bond.
  • Fern Hooten's arrival shakes up the established dynamics, leading to emotional confrontations.
  • The struggle to balance human life and mermaid origins brings out raw emotions and complex decisions.

Updated Plot Twists

Amidst the tranquil seclusion of a deserted island hideaway, 'Splash, Too' weaves a tapestry of new plot twists that explore considerably from the original 'Splash,' introducing fresh challenges and dilemmas for Allen and Madison to navigate.

Set four years after their initial encounter, the sequel showcases conflicts such as Madison's struggle with life on land and Allen's dedication to assisting his brother in managing the family business. Themes of secrecy, reconciliation, and embracing the future unfold as the storyline examines deeper into the complexities of their relationship.

Through these updated plot twists, 'Splash, Too' offers a unique perspective on the characters' journey, showcasing their growth and resilience in the face of evolving circumstances.

Fan Reactions and Reviews

Disappointed fans have been vocal about the absence of 'Splash, Too' on Disney Plus, sparking widespread requests for its inclusion. The absence of this sequel has stirred up varied reactions among viewers, leading to a flurry of online discussions and debates.

  • Some fans have resorted to alternative methods to watch 'Splash, Too,' highlighting their strong desire to revisit the sequel.
  • Online forums are abuzz with fans expressing their disappointment over the missing film from the Disney Plus library.
  • The mixed reactions from fans of the original 'Splash' movie showcase the significance of 'Splash, Too' in the hearts of the audience.

The absence of 'Splash, Too' on Disney Plus hasn't gone unnoticed, with fans actively seeking ways to relive the sequel's magic. As discussions continue to unfold online, it's evident that the inclusion of 'Splash, Too' would indubitably resonate with a dedicated fan base keen to see it on the streaming platform.

Legacy of Splash, Too

Amid the ongoing discussions surrounding the absence of 'Splash, Too' on Disney Plus, the legacy of this sequel stands out as a unique chapter in the franchise's history.

Released on VHS in select countries like the UK and Australia, 'Splash, Too' didn't receive an official DVD or Blu-ray release in North America, leaving fans to rely on older VHS copies for viewing.

One notable aspect of the sequel is that it underwent almost entirely recasting from the original 1984 film, with Dody Goodman being the sole returning cast member from the first movie. This shift in cast brought a fresh dynamic to the story, although some fans missed the original actors.

Despite not achieving the same level of recognition as its predecessor, 'Splash, Too' has carved out its own niche in the hearts of those who appreciate its unique take on the mermaid-human love story.

Watch Splash, Too Online

If you're excited to watch *Splash, Too* online, you won't find it available on Disney Plus at this time. Unfortunately, this sequel to the beloved mermaid film isn't part of the streaming service's current lineup. Here are a few key points to keep in mind when looking to watch *Splash, Too*:

  • The movie has had VHS releases in the UK, France, Germany, and Australia, but official home entertainment releases are now out of print in the UK and Australia.
  • There's been no official DVD or Blu-ray release of Splash, Too in North America, making it challenging to find a high-quality version for home viewing.
  • Although the film was initially released by Walt Disney Home Video, it seems that for now, fans will have to explore other avenues to enjoy this sequel from the comfort of their homes.

Given the limited availability of Splash, Too through traditional channels, fans may need to get creative in their search for a way to watch this nostalgic film online.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

In light of the limited availability of *Splash, Too* through mainstream platforms, exploring alternative options may be necessary for fans excited to enjoy this nostalgic sequel. While *Splash Too* isn't currently on Disney Plus, it did have a release on VHS in select regions like the UK and Australia. However, the absence of an official DVD or Blu-ray release in North America makes accessing the sequel a bit more challenging for fans in this region. Walt Disney Home Video originally brought *Splash Too* to home entertainment, but its availability may still vary depending on the region and the platform.

For those excited to dive back into the world of Allen and Madison in *Splash Too*, seeking out second-hand VHS copies or exploring digital platforms outside of Disney Plus might be worthwhile ventures. Keep an eye out for potential releases or streaming options that could make this sequel more accessible in the future. Until then, embracing the hunt for this hidden gem may add an extra layer of excitement to the viewing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Splash on Disney Plus?

If you're wondering if Splash is on Disney Plus, it's not currently part of their lineup. You'll need to look elsewhere to catch this classic. Consider checking other streaming services for availability.

What Streaming Service Is Splash On?

To watch 'Splash, Too,' explore various streaming services or rental platforms. Availability varies based on region and licensing. Check beyond Disney Plus for the sequel. Enjoy the search for the movie!

Is Splash Censored on Disney Plus?

You'll find Splash on Disney Plus, but with edits. The changes are made to align with current standards. These edits aim to remove controversial content without altering the film's essence substantially.

Was Splash a Disney Movie?

Yes, 'Splash' was indeed a Disney movie. As a film produced under Touchstone Pictures, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, it falls within the Disney umbrella. Its inclusion showcases Disney's diverse film repertoire.


So, is Splash, Too on Disney Plus? Unfortunately, it isn't currently available on the streaming platform.

But don't let that hinder you from exploring this delightful sequel to the beloved original film. Take a plunge into the world of Splash, Too and uncover a hidden gem that may not be as well-known, but still holds its own in the hearts of fans.

Explore beyond the surface and you may find a new favorite movie to enjoy.