Is Youtube TV Cheaper Than Sling TV?

Hesitant about whether Youtube TV is truly cheaper than Sling TV? Uncover the real cost and features to make an informed decision.

If you're weighing the options between Youtube TV and Sling TV, you might be curious to know that one provider comes out as more budget-friendly than the other. But, is it really that straightforward?

While Sling TV may have the edge in terms of cost, there are other factors at play when considering which service is the best fit for your TV-watching habits.

Let's break down the pricing, channel offerings, additional features, sports coverage, device compatibility, and trial periods to get a clearer picture of which streaming service aligns better with your preferences.

Key Takeaways

  • Sling TV costs $24 less than YouTube TV, making it the more affordable option.
  • YouTube TV offers a wider range of channels and premium features despite the higher price.
  • YouTube TV excels in sports coverage with NFL Sunday Ticket, while Sling TV focuses on ESPN, FOX, and NBC.
  • Sling TV is compatible with more devices and occasionally offers free trials, enhancing accessibility for users.

Pricing: Youtube TV Vs. Sling TV

comparison of youtube tv and sling tv pricing

When comparing the pricing of YouTube TV and Sling TV, it's evident that Sling TV emerges as the more cost-effective option at $49 per month, making it a compelling choice for budget-conscious consumers.

Sling TV provides Live TV streaming at a significantly lower price point than YouTube TV, which costs $73 per month. This $24 price difference can make a substantial impact on your monthly expenses, especially if you're looking to save on your TV subscription. Despite YouTube TV offering a wider range of channels and premium features, Sling TV's affordability makes it an attractive option for those seeking a more budget-friendly alternative.

Moreover, Sling TV still manages to offer a solid selection of channels, including sports and local channels, making it a well-rounded choice for those looking to access a variety of content without breaking the bank.

In terms of pricing, Sling TV clearly stands out as the cheaper option between the two.

Channel Offerings: Youtube TV Vs. Sling TV

In terms of channel offerings, YouTube TV provides 134 channels, while Sling TV offers 47 channels in its Orange + Blue package. Here are some key points to consider when comparing the channel lineups of these two live TV streaming services:

  • YouTube TV channels: With 134 channels, YouTube TV offers a wide variety of options ranging from news and entertainment to sports and family-friendly programming.
  • Sling TV's offers: Sling TV's Orange + Blue package includes 47 channels, focusing on a more streamlined selection with an emphasis on customization through add-on packages.
  • Sports channels: YouTube TV boasts a robust selection of sports channels, catering to sports enthusiasts with offerings like ESPN, Fox Sports, and NBC Sports.
  • Price point: While YouTube TV is priced higher at $73 per month, its extensive channel lineup and additional features like unlimited DVR recording make it a premium option compared to Sling TV's more affordable $49 Orange + Blue package.
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Additional Features: Youtube TV Vs. Sling TV

streaming service comparison details

Comparing the additional features of YouTube TV and Sling TV reveals distinct advantages in terms of DVR capabilities and streaming quality.

YouTube TV offers unlimited DVR storage, while Sling TV provides 50 hours of cloud DVR in all packages. This means YouTube TV users can record as much content as they want without worrying about running out of space, unlike Sling TV subscribers who may need to manage their recordings more carefully.

Moreover, YouTube TV allows for unlimited simultaneous streams with the 4K Plus pack, providing more flexibility for multiple users in a household.

On the other hand, Sling TV stands out with its super-customizable channel packages, catering to viewers who prefer a more tailored selection. Additionally, YouTube TV streams at up to 1080p at 60fps, with an option for 4K quality in the $9.99 per month 4K Plus pack, offering a high-quality viewing experience compared to Sling TV's standard resolution.

Sports Coverage: Youtube TV Vs. Sling TV

For sports enthusiasts looking to elevate their viewing experience, exploring the sports coverage offered by Youtube TV and Sling TV reveals distinct differences in channel availability and exclusive features. When comparing the sports coverage of Youtube TV and Sling TV, several key points stand out:

  • YouTube TV provides national sports broadcasts, NFL live streams, NFL Network, and NBA TV.
  • Sling TV offers ESPN, FOX, and NBC, catering to sports fans.
  • YouTube TV is the new home for NFL Sunday Ticket, enhancing its sports coverage.
  • Sling TV carries NFL Network in Sling Blue and offers NBA TV and MLB Network in a separate package.
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YouTube TV stands out for its comprehensive sports coverage, including NFL Sunday Ticket and a unique multiview feature that allows you to watch multiple games simultaneously. On the other hand, Sling TV caters to a broader audience with its selection of ESPN, FOX, and NBC channels. Consider your sports preferences and viewing habits to determine which service aligns best with your needs.

Device Compatibility: Youtube TV Vs. Sling TV

streaming service device options

With a focus on device compatibility, the range of supported devices for streaming services like YouTube TV and Sling TV can significantly impact your viewing experience and convenience.

Sling TV offers compatibility with 16 devices, including popular options like Roku and Apple TV, whereas YouTube TV is accessible on 8 devices such as Amazon Fire TV and iOS. This means Sling TV has compatibility with 8 more devices than YouTube TV, providing a wider array of streaming options.

Both services ensure compatibility with prevalent streaming devices, ensuring a diverse range of viewing experiences for users.

When choosing between YouTube TV and Sling TV, consider the devices you prefer to use for streaming. If you already own specific devices or have preferences for certain streaming platforms like Roku or Apple TV, this compatibility factor might influence your decision for a seamless streaming experience.

Trial Period: Youtube TV Vs. Sling TV

YouTube TV and Sling TV offer different trial options, providing users with varying opportunities to explore their services before committing.

YouTube TV stands out by offering a 20-minute trial without needing a credit card for signup, allowing quick access to its features. On the other hand, Sling TV occasionally provides free trials during promotional periods, such as the Freestream option that grants free access to 100+ channels and on-demand content.

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Additionally, YouTube TV offers a more structured trial experience with a 3-month trial period that includes a $10 discount per month, making it an attractive option for those looking for an extended trial with savings. In contrast, Sling TV doesn't consistently offer free trials, making it less predictable compared to YouTube TV's more defined trial offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Cheaper Youtube TV or Sling TV?

YouTube TV provides a more extensive channel selection, including major local channels, for a higher price compared to Sling TV. While Sling TV is cheaper, YouTube TV offers a premium experience with over 100 channels.

What Is the Price of Youtube TV per Month?

YouTube TV offers a base plan at $72.99 per month. It provides a wide channel selection, high streaming quality, and excellent DVR options. The service supports various devices and has user-friendly interfaces. Customer service is responsive, and family sharing is available.

What Are the Disadvantages of Sling Tv?

Limited channels, unreliable connection, high cost, poor customer service, limited DVR storage, inconsistent streaming quality, lack of local channels, limited device compatibility, difficult cancellation process, and lack of sports programming are notable disadvantages of Sling TV.

Is Youtube TV Worth It Anymore?

When deciding if YouTube TV is worth it, consider its top-notch streaming quality, vast channel selection, user-friendly interface, solid customer service, broad device compatibility, robust DVR capabilities, extensive on-demand content, convenient family sharing, comprehensive sports coverage, and inclusion of local channels.