MLB TV Slashes Prices, Unleashes Ultimate Baseball Experience

In a move that will delight baseball enthusiasts, MLB TV has recently announced significant price reductions on their subscription packages.

Offering an ultimate baseball experience, this premier streaming service now offers the MLB.TV package at a reduced price of $139.99, down from $149.99, while the single-team option is now available for $119.99, down from $129.99.

With seamless viewing on supported devices and a range of exciting features, MLB TV ensures fans can enjoy every thrilling moment of the game at a more affordable price.

Key Takeaways

  • MLB.TV package prices have been reduced by $10, with the single-team option also seeing a price reduction.
  • MLB.TV subscription allows access to every remaining 2023 out-of-market regular season game.
  • MLB.TV can be accessed on 400 supported devices, including popular streaming devices.
  • MLB.TV offers personalized game and content recommendations, an expanded library of programming, and additional features to enhance the viewing experience.

Significant Price Reductions

The recent price reductions on MLB TV packages have provided significant savings for subscribers.

With a $10 price reduction on the MLB.TV package of out-of-market games, subscribers can now enjoy the ultimate baseball experience at a more affordable price. The original price of the MLB.TV package was $149.99, but with this reduction, it is now available for $139.99.

Additionally, the single-team option price has been reduced from $129.99 to $119.99. This price reduction has a direct impact on subscriber benefits, making it more accessible for fans to watch every remaining 2023 out-of-market regular season game.

Enhanced Access on Supported Devices

Subscribers can now enjoy enhanced access to MLB TV on a wide range of supported devices, such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, computers, smartphones, and tablets. This expanded accessibility options allows fans to watch their favorite baseball games on multiple streaming platforms, providing convenience and flexibility.

The availability of MLB TV on popular streaming devices ensures that subscribers can easily access their content on the device of their choice. This means that fans can catch every out-of-market regular season game from the comfort of their own home or on the go.

With the ability to stream games on various devices, MLB TV offers a seamless and immersive viewing experience for baseball enthusiasts.

Exciting Package Features

MLB TV offers an array of exciting package features. These features include personalized game and content recommendations, an expanded library of programming, and the MLB 'Big Inning weeknight feature.

Subscribers can enjoy personalized recommendations that cater to their specific preferences. This ensures a more tailored viewing experience.

The expanded library of programming goes beyond live games. It includes a wide variety of content, such as documentaries and classic games. This allows fans to dive deeper into the world of baseball.

Additionally, the MLB 'Big Inning weeknight feature provides live look-ins and breaking highlights. This keeps fans updated on the most thrilling moments of the game.

With these features, MLB TV enhances the viewing experience. It does so by offering a wealth of content and personalized recommendations to satisfy every baseball fan's appetite.

Understanding Local Blackouts

Local blackouts affect a significant number of MLB.TV subscribers, preventing them from watching games of their local teams. These blackout restrictions are based on the subscriber's zip code and exclude the local teams from the subscription.

Here are two important points to understand about local blackout restrictions and their impact on local fans:

  1. Limiting access to local games:
  • Subscribers residing within the blackout region are unable to watch their local team's games on MLB.TV.
  • This restriction is in place to protect the rights of local broadcasters and encourage attendance at the games.
  1. Disappointing local fans:
  • Local blackout restrictions can be frustrating for fans who are unable to attend games in person or access them through MLB.TV.
  • Fans who rely on the streaming service to follow their favorite team may feel excluded from the ultimate baseball experience.

It is important for MLB.TV subscribers to be aware of these blackout rules to make an informed decision about their streaming options and explore alternative ways to watch their local teams' games.

Exclusions to Be Aware of

Certain games are not part of the MLB.TV plan and may be subject to exclusions based on specific platforms and streaming services.

For example, Friday night doubleheader games that are exclusively streamed on Apple TV+ are not included in the MLB.TV subscription.

Similarly, Sunday morning games that are exclusively streamed on Peacock are also not available on MLB.TV.

It is important for subscribers to be aware of these exclusions in order to avoid any disappointment or confusion.

These exclusions are limited to specific games and platforms, and the availability of games depends on the streaming service used.

Therefore, it is recommended that users check the schedule and exclusions before subscribing to MLB.TV to ensure they have access to the games they want to watch.

Unleashing the Ultimate Baseball Experience

Enhancing the MLB.TV subscription with new features and expanded content offerings contributes to unleashing the ultimate baseball experience for fans. With personalized recommendations and an expanded content library, subscribers can now enjoy a more immersive and tailored viewing experience.

  • Personalized recommendations:

MLB.TV now provides personalized game and content recommendations based on the user's preferences and viewing history. This ensures that fans can easily discover games and content that align with their interests, enhancing their overall enjoyment of the platform.

  • Expanded content library:

Subscribers now have access to an expanded library of programming, including documentaries and classic games. This allows fans to delve deeper into the world of baseball and explore its rich history. With a wider range of content options, fans can dive into their favorite aspects of the sport and discover new stories and moments to cherish.

These new features and expanded content offerings elevate the MLB.TV subscription, providing fans with an unparalleled baseball experience.


In conclusion, MLB TV's recent price reductions and enhanced features make it an attractive option for baseball fans looking for an immersive viewing experience. With access to a wide range of supported devices and personalized game recommendations, subscribers can enjoy every thrilling moment of the game.

However, local blackouts and certain exclusions should be taken into consideration. These limitations may prevent fans from watching their favorite local team's games or certain nationally televised games. This can be frustrating for subscribers who want to watch all the games.

Overall, MLB TV offers an ultimate baseball experience that is worth the investment for die-hard fans who want access to a wide range of games and features. It provides a convenient way to watch games wherever and whenever you want. However, fans should be aware of the limitations and potential frustrations that come with local blackouts and exclusions.