PBD WA-2608 Antenna Review: Amplified HD TV Solution

As a tech enthusiast and avid TV viewer, I’m always looking for ways to enhance my viewing experience. That’s why I was intrigued by the PBD WA-2608 Digital Amplified Outdoor HD TV Antenna.

With an impressive 150 miles range and dual TV outputs, it offers convenience and flexibility. The antenna’s full HDTV support and built-in 360-degree motor rotor ensure crystal-clear, high-definition channels.

Plus, its durable design and weather resistance provide peace of mind.

In this review, I’ll share my personal experience and insights on the PBD WA-2608.

Key Takeaways

  • The PBD WA-2608 Antenna is a digital amplified outdoor HD TV antenna with a range of 150 miles.
  • It supports full HDTV and can receive free digital broadcast high definition TV signals.
  • The antenna has dual TV outputs and can support 2 TVs at the same time without a splitter.
  • It features a built-in 360-degree motor rotor, a wireless remote controller, and a durable design with grounding.

Key Features

One of the key features of the PBD WA-2608 antenna is its dual TV outputs, allowing me to connect and watch two TVs at the same time without needing a splitter. This feature is incredibly convenient, as it eliminates the need for additional equipment and simplifies the installation process.

The antenna’s signal strength is also noteworthy. With a working frequency range of VHF 170 – 230MHz and UHF 470 – 860MHz, it’s capable of receiving free digital broadcast high definition TV signals. This ensures a clear and crisp picture quality on both TVs.

Whether you’re setting up the antenna for the first time or simply want to improve your signal strength, the PBD WA-2608 antenna is a reliable choice.

Pros and Cons

I’ve found that the PBD WA-2608 antenna has its pros and cons.

In terms of the installation process, it offers a snap-on installation feature, which makes it easy to set up. Additionally, users have mentioned positive experiences with the ease of installation and the ability to receive additional stations. On the other hand, some customers have reported that the antenna quit working within a few months of installation. Furthermore, there have been concerns about the durability of the antenna due to its lightweight construction.

In terms of signal strength, there have been positive reviews about the reception and picture quality. Users have mentioned breaking free from cable/satellite providers and being able to receive a good number of channels. However, there have been requests for presets to save antenna positions, which could enhance the user experience.

Overall, the PBD WA-2608 antenna offers convenience in installation but has some drawbacks related to durability.

Detailed Features

The antenna’s built-in 360 degree motor rotor allows for optimal signal reception from various directions. The installation process was straightforward and hassle-free. With the included 40 ft RG6 Coax Cable and mounting pole, setting up the antenna was a breeze.

The signal strength and range of the PBD WA-2608 antenna are impressive, with a 150-mile range and dual TV outputs. I was able to receive free digital broadcast high definition TV signals with ease. The built-in Super High Gain and Low Noise Amplifier further enhanced the signal quality. Whether it was VHF or UHF frequencies, the antenna performed exceptionally well.

Overall, the PBD WA-2608 antenna is a reliable choice for those looking for a durable, weather-resistant outdoor antenna with excellent signal reception capabilities.

Final Recommendation

Based on my experience, the PBD WA-2608 outdoor antenna is a reliable option for anyone in need of a durable and weather-resistant solution with excellent signal reception capabilities. The antenna’s performance is impressive, delivering clear and high-definition TV signals even in challenging weather conditions. Additionally, the built-in 360-degree motor rotor allows for easy adjustment to find the best signal direction.

However, some customers have expressed concerns regarding the antenna’s durability, as it may quit working after a few months. Another aspect that could be improved is the customer support experience, with reports of slow response times.

Despite these drawbacks, the antenna’s positive reviews regarding signal quality and reception during severe weather, as well as the positive customer service experiences, indicate that it’s still a viable option. With a 1-year warranty and the availability of different configurations and accessories, the PBD WA-2608 outdoor antenna offers a cost-effective solution for those looking to break free from cable and satellite providers.

Concluding Thoughts

In my opinion, the PBD WA-2608 outdoor antenna offers a reliable and cost-effective option for those seeking to enhance their television reception.

The antenna’s durability is one of its standout features, as it’s built to withstand various weather conditions and has lightning protection.

However, customer support response time can be a concern. Some users have reported slow responses when seeking technical assistance. Despite this, the company has been known to send replacements when the antenna stops working within the warranty period.

It’s also worth noting that the antenna has received positive feedback for its signal quality and reception during severe weather.

Overall, the PBD WA-2608 is a solid choice for those looking for a durable antenna, but it’s important to consider the potential delays in customer support response time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the PBD WA-2608 Antenna Compare to Other Antennas on the Market?

The PBD WA-2608 antenna excels in signal strength compared to other antennas on the market. It also stands out in terms of installation ease.

Can the Antenna Be Used in Both Urban and Rural Areas?

Sure, the PBD WA-2608 antenna can be used in both urban and rural areas. It has pros and cons in each location. Signal strength and reception vary depending on the geographical location.

Does the Antenna Require a Specific Type of TV or Can It Work With Any TV?

Any TV can work with the PBD WA-2608 antenna. The advantages of using an amplified antenna are improved signal reception and better picture quality. The installation process is straightforward and can be done on different types of TVs.

Can the Antenna Be Installed on a Roof or Does It Require Professional Installation?

The antenna can be installed on a roof easily with DIY installation. It doesn’t require professional installation. This provides flexibility and convenience for users who want to optimize their reception.

Are There Any Additional Accessories or Components That Need to Be Purchased Separately for the Antenna to Work Properly?

No, there are no additional accessories or components that need to be purchased separately for the antenna to work properly. To troubleshoot common issues with the PBD WA-2608 antenna, refer to the user manual or contact customer support.


In conclusion, the PBD WA-2608 Digital Amplified Outdoor HD TV Antenna is a game-changer for enhancing your TV-watching experience.

Its impressive range, dual TV outputs, and full HDTV support make it a convenient and flexible solution for remote areas.

The built-in motor rotor, durable design, and weather resistance ensure optimal signal reception and peace of mind.

With easy installation and a wireless remote control, this antenna offers a hassle-free TV solution that will leave you impressed and satisfied.