Sling TV: a Low-Cost Alternative With Pros and Cons

Looking for an affordable streaming service with a mix of news, sports, and entertainment networks? Look no further than Sling TV.

With two low-cost plans starting at $40 a month each, Sling Orange and Sling Blue, viewers have access to a variety of channels, including ESPN, CNN, FOX News, and more.

While Sling TV doesn’t offer local channels, users can use an antenna to access select networks. Plus, with 50 hours of cloud DVR storage and the ability to stream on multiple devices, Sling TV offers flexibility and convenience.

However, there are some limitations to consider, such as a learning curve with channel bundles.

Explore the pros and cons of Sling TV in this informative article.

Pricing and Plans

Sling TV offers two base plans starting at $40 a month, which makes it a low-cost alternative to competitors who charge $65 a month or more. This pricing competitiveness is one of the key advantages of Sling TV.

They provide two base plans: Sling Orange and Sling Blue, both priced at $40 a month. Sling Orange offers over 30 channels, including ESPN and other Disney-owned networks. On the other hand, Sling Blue offers over 40 channels, including CNN, FOX News, and MSNBC.

Customers also have the option to combine both plans for $55 a month, known as Sling Orange + Blue, which provides the most channels.

When comparing Sling TV’s plan options, customers have the flexibility to choose a plan that suits their preferences and budget.

Channel Lineup

With a better overall mix of channels, Sling Blue offers a wider range of options compared to Sling Orange. Sling Blue includes 40+ channels, while Sling Orange only offers 30+ channels. This makes Sling Blue a more appealing option for those looking for a variety of content.

When comparing Sling TV to cable TV, Sling TV stands out as a low-cost alternative. While cable TV packages can cost $65 a month or more, Sling TV plans start at just $40 a month. This makes Sling TV a cost-effective choice for individuals and families who want to save on their monthly entertainment expenses.

Additionally, Sling TV differentiates itself from other streaming services by offering a mix of news, sports, and entertainment networks, providing users with a well-rounded viewing experience.

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Plan Highlights

Sling Blue offers popular networks such as CNN, FOX News, and MSNBC, providing a diverse range of news options for subscribers. When comparing Sling TV to other low-cost streaming alternatives, its plan highlights become evident.

Sling Orange includes ESPN and other Disney-owned networks, while Sling Blue carries NFL Network and FS1. Additionally, Sling Blue is the cheapest way to get Bravo and other NBC-owned networks.

However, Sling TV’s limited local channel availability does have an impact. While Sling TV carries ABC, FOX, and NBC in select markets, most local TV stations are not owned by the networks. To access local stations, subscribers may consider using an indoor or outdoor antenna.

Despite this limitation, Sling TV remains a cost-effective alternative to other streaming services.

Watching Locals With Sling TV

ABC, FOX, and NBC are available on Sling TV in select markets, but most local TV stations are not owned by the networks. For viewers who want access to their local channels, Sling TV recommends using an indoor or outdoor antenna. One popular antenna option is the Mohu Leaf indoor antenna. This antenna allows users to pick up local channels for free over-the-air. To determine the available channels in your area, you can use a helpful resource like While Sling TV does not offer full local coverage, incorporating an antenna can provide viewers with access to their favorite local stations. This antenna option allows Sling TV to differentiate itself from competitors like YouTube TV and Hulu Live, while still offering a low-cost alternative for streaming TV.

Antenna Options
Indoor Antenna
Outdoor Antenna
Local Channel Availability

Key Takeaway

Incorporating an antenna can provide viewers with access to their favorite local stations, allowing Sling TV to differentiate itself from competitors while still offering a budget-friendly streaming option.

  • Pros:

  • Affordable starting price, with plans starting at $40 a month.

  • Mix of news, sports, and entertainment networks.

  • Many supported devices for streaming.

  • Improved user experience compared to cable or satellite.

  • Potential cost savings compared to more expensive streaming services.

  • Cons:

  • Learning curve with confusing channel bundles.

  • Limited local channels.

  • Sling Orange plan limited to one stream at a time.

  • Some users may experience difficulties with parental control for purchases.

  • Customer service and technical support may be lacking in certain situations.

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Customer experiences with Sling TV have been mixed. Some users have mentioned the lack of functioning parental controls for purchases, while others have expressed dissatisfaction with the service provided by third-party resellers. There have also been complaints about the sudden disappearance of local channels and difficulties in finding customer service phone numbers.

Overall, while Sling TV offers a low-cost alternative, it is important for potential customers to weigh the pros and cons and consider their specific needs and preferences before subscribing.

Cloud DVR

Users can pause, rewind, and fast-forward live TV while using Sling TV’s cloud DVR feature. The cloud DVR offers several advantages, including the ability to record multiple shows at the same time and the option to upgrade to 200 hours of storage.

Users can also fast-forward through ads, and recordings do not expire. However, some users may experience troubleshooting playback issues.

Sling TV’s playback controls allow users to access these features by clicking down on their remote while watching live TV. In addition to the playback controls, there are shortcuts to mini-guides for recent and all channels.

Overall, Sling TV’s cloud DVR feature provides convenience and flexibility for users to enjoy their favorite shows on their own schedule.

Equipment and Streaming Devices

The recommended streaming device for Sling TV is the Roku Express 4K+. This device offers a high-quality streaming experience and is compatible with Sling TV’s platform. It provides access to Sling TV’s vast library of content, including live TV channels, on-demand shows, and movies.

Here are five other streaming options that are compatible with Sling TV:

  • AirTV: Integrates well with Sling TV for local channel access.
  • Amazon Fire TV: Offers a seamless streaming experience with Sling TV.
  • Android TV: Provides a user-friendly interface for accessing Sling TV.
  • Apple TV: Allows for smooth streaming and easy navigation of Sling TV.
  • Chromecast: Enables streaming from your phone or tablet to your TV using Sling TV.
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These recommended devices ensure that users can enjoy Sling TV’s affordable plans and extensive channel lineup with ease. With a variety of options available, viewers can choose the streaming device that best fits their needs and preferences.

Family Sharing and User Profiles

Family Sharing is a key feature of Sling TV. It allows multiple streams and the ability to create user profiles.

With Sling Orange, users can stream on only one device at a time. Sling Blue, on the other hand, allows up to three simultaneous streams.

For those who opt for the Sling Orange + Blue plan, up to four streams are allowed. However, only one stream from Sling Orange is permitted.

This means that if a user is watching ESPN on Sling Orange, it can only be viewed on one TV.

In addition to multiple streams, Sling TV also offers profiles and parental controls. This allows users to customize their viewing experience and restrict access to certain content.

These features are particularly useful for families with children. They ensure that families have a safe and age-appropriate viewing environment.

User Experience and Playback Controls

Sling TV’s new app and user interface, rolled out in 2021, offers improved navigation sections, personalized recommendations, and the ability to pause, rewind, and fast-forward live TV.

The new app features have been designed to enhance the user experience and provide more convenience while watching live TV. With the improved navigation sections, users can easily find their favorite channels and access the DVR and on-demand content.

The personalized recommendations feature helps users discover new shows and movies based on their viewing habits. Additionally, the ability to pause, rewind, and fast-forward live TV gives users more control over their viewing experience.

These new app features contribute to a more satisfying customer experience. However, it is important to note that some users have reported issues with the new live guide view, which may impact customer support satisfaction.