TCL Roku TV Screen Mirroring not Working

TCL Roku Tv comes with a built-in Roku and the option to mirror your devices. While it is a good and affordable approach to run cable-free, the process might not always go as planned. There have been reported lots of issues about TCL Roku T.v screen mirroring not working. 

Some of the issues might be the incompatibility of the devices, however most of the time, you shall be missing something in the setup process. Here are some of the issues that might be behind your faulty TCL Roku tv screen mirroring. 

TCL Roku TV Screen Mirroring Not Working on Samsung A10e 

Are you at crossroads on what action to take after your Samsung A10e fails to mirror on TCL Roku even after doing the connection the right way? Sometimes it actually connects only to give no result! In case you’re facing this, here is the solution.  

This troubleshooting process works across all devices. We use Samsung A10e as a sample device and also because most people have experienced issues with it to be precise. 

Check your settings 

The Roku screen mirroring mode can cause issues if not set to prompt. Always make sure that it’s at prompt before starting the connection process. Navigate to settings>>system>>screen mirroring mode>>prompt. 

Choose always allow for permissions in the pop-up dialogue box 

Upon making a mirroring request from your Samsung A10e via smart view, Roku tv displays a pop-up dialogue box. It gives you options to select custom permissions for the requesting device(Samsung SA10e). So you have the options to, allow, always allow, block, and always block. Here, choose always allow.  

The ‘always allow’ option enables Roku to store your device so you won’t have to connect afresh every time. This in turn reduces the chances of experiencing connectivity issues. 

Check for your device in the ‘screen mirroring devices’ on Roku 

If you want to know whether or not your device has connected, check for the already listed devices. Navigate to settings>>system>>screen mirroring devices’>>always allowed. In the list shown under always allowed, you should be able to see your device, if it’s not listed, then you are not connected. It might be a wrong connection procedure or that you have not connected before. 

Check whether your device is blocked

Might you be trying to mirror a previously blocked device? Do you remember the permission selection options? You or someone else might have previously blocked your Samsung A10e on TCL Roku T.v. To check for this, navigate to your settings>>system>>screen mirroring devices’>>Always blocked>>none. 

If your device is listed under ‘always blocked’ then unlock and try connecting again. 

Reboot your Roku t.v 

Has your t.v stayed powered on over a long time? Well, such continuous working might cause connection issues. Therefore, as a last resort, try and reboot your t.v before connecting again. Your device should be able to mirror after rebooting if this was the issue. 

Check your WiFi connection  

This is the most common issue with mirroring. Try turning your WiFi connection on and off then try connecting again. You should now be able to mirror your device if this was the issue. 

Still on the Wi-Fi issue, if you have two wifi connections, then check to ascertain that they have separate SSIDs. If they aren’t, try to ensure that you configure your router, modem, or gateway to make them different. After this, reboot your WiFi, then your TCL Roku T.v, and try again. Everything should now be okay if the wifi signals were the cause. 

For iPhone users, here’s how to mirror iPhone to Mac Book

TCL Roku Tv Screen Mirroring Not Working On Windows 10 

TCL Roku tv screen mirroring not working on Windows 10 has been an issue, so we also decided to include a troubleshooting guide. Issues reported differ with some reporting a stagnant connecting screen while others report a connected but not working situation. There are a number of possible causes for these connecting troubles. Here is a troubleshooting guide to help you connect. 

Check your windows version 

Tcl Roku tv screen mirroring on windows works with the latest windows version. If your Windows PC is out of version, then it might be the issue. Most users who experienced this problem and changed to upgrade their windows version had their issue fixed.  

Disconnecting Roku and reconnecting 

Sometimes your Roku driver gets stuck within the process of connection. This brings a problem in that your computer OS continues connecting since it assumed the Roku driver is in the process of connecting. This especially happens when you experience a disturbance on Roku in the process of connection, such as an unexpected interruption in the middle of the process. 

Update your wireless network driver 

Miracast has been reported to have connection issues when operated on an outdated wireless network driver. Update your wireless network driver to the latest version and try connecting again. A number of users reported a successful connection after this update. 

Restart your computer after every fixing trial then tries connecting again, if the issue has been addressed, the connection shall be successful. If the issue persists, move to the next possible issue, check for it and fix, then try again, and so on until you’re connected 

Report the issue to both the device manufacturers and Roku 

If your connection problems persist even after trying out all the above methods, then your best resort is asking the owners. Each has been reported to notoriously blame the other whenever confronted with connection issues queries. However, as the owners of these technologies, they stand in a better position to explain when things get to the wall. 

Tcl Roku Tv Screen Mirroring Not Working – Conclusion

If your TCL Roku tv screen mirroring was not working, we believe one or more of the above remedies have helped you solve it. Most of the time a simple network disconnecting and connecting solve connectivity issues. 

Depending on your issue, rebooting might bring the solution while you might have to update your driver’s. Roku doesn’t always fail to connect and after you’re connected have selected ‘always allow’ you should be able to easily connect thereafter.