Texas Longhorns Football: Unmissable Live Games in 2023

Looking to experience the adrenaline-pumping excitement of live Texas Longhorns football games in 2023? Look no further! We've got all the insider information on how to catch every thrilling moment.

From the electrifying matchups to the intense rivalries, this comprehensive guide has got you covered. With channels like ABC, ESPN, and FOX, and streaming options from Fubo to Hulu, you won't miss a single touchdown.

So grab your popcorn and get ready for a season of unforgettable moments. Let's dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Texas Longhorn football games can be watched on ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, FOX, FS1, and the Longhorn Network.
  • Live TV streaming services like Fubo, YouTube TV, Hulu, and DIRECTV STREAM provide access to ABC, FOX 7 Austin, ESPN, and FS1.
  • The Longhorn Network can be accessed through the Watch ESPN app and Sling TV Orange + Sports Extra.
  • Texas Longhorns football has high expectations for the 2023 season with a talented roster and strong recruiting efforts.

Top Matchups on the Texas Longhorns Football Schedule

You don't want to miss the highly anticipated matchups on the Texas Longhorns Football schedule in 2023. The season is filled with top conference matchups and key road games that are sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats.

One of the most highly anticipated games is the showdown against Oklahoma, their long-standing rival. This game always brings out the best in both teams and is a must-watch for any college football fan.

Another exciting matchup is against Texas A&M, as the two teams renew their historic rivalry.

The Longhorns will also face tough challenges on the road, including games against Iowa State and TCU. These matchups will test the team's resilience and provide thrilling moments for fans.

Make sure to mark these games on your calendar because you won't want to miss the action-packed showdowns.

Must-Watch Rivalry Games for Texas Longhorns Fans

Don't miss out on the intense rivalry games that Texas Longhorns fans must watch in 2023. These matchups not only ignite fierce competition but also have a significant impact on the success of the Texas Longhorns' season.

Here are four key players to watch in the Texas Longhorns' rivalry games:

  1. Quinn Ewers – As a former 5-star quarterback recruit, Ewers is expected to make a big impact in the Longhorns' offense. His talent and playmaking ability will be crucial in rivalry games.
  2. Bijan Robinson – The star running back is a dynamic playmaker who can change the course of a game. His explosive speed and agility make him a threat to any defense, especially in rivalry games.
  3. DeMarvion Overshown – Overshown is a standout linebacker who brings a physical presence to the Longhorns' defense. His ability to disrupt plays and make key tackles will be vital in rivalry games.
  4. Joshua Thompson – Thompson is a talented cornerback who excels in coverage and can shut down opposing receivers. His ability to make big plays and create turnovers will be instrumental in rivalry games.

The outcome of these rivalry games can greatly impact the Texas Longhorns' season success. A win in these intense matchups not only boosts team morale but also provides valuable momentum and confidence moving forward. Conversely, a loss can be demoralizing and potentially derail the team's season goals.

It's crucial for the Longhorns to perform at their best in these rivalry games to secure a successful season.

Exciting Non-Conference Showdowns for the Texas Longhorns

Get ready for some thrilling non-conference showdowns as the Texas Longhorns take on formidable opponents in 2023. The Longhorns will face off against some of the top non-conference opponents, providing fans with exciting matchups to look forward to. Here are a few key games to mark on your calendar:

Opponent Date Location Key Players to Watch
LSU Tigers September 2 Austin, TX Quinn Ewers, Bijan Robinson
Ohio State Buckeyes September 16 Columbus, OH Xavier Worthy, DeMarvion Overshown
Alabama Crimson Tide October 7 Tuscaloosa, AL Hudson Card, Joshua Moore
Notre Dame Fighting Irish October 21 South Bend, IN Alfred Collins, Jordan Whittington

These matchups against powerhouse programs will test the Longhorns' mettle and provide an opportunity for Texas to make a statement on the national stage. Keep an eye on key players like Quinn Ewers, Bijan Robinson, Xavier Worthy, and DeMarvion Overshown, as they will play a crucial role in the Longhorns' success. Don't miss out on these non-conference showdowns that are sure to deliver excitement and high-stakes football.

Big 12 Battles to Look Forward to in the 2023 Season

Mark your calendar for the thrilling Big 12 battles awaiting the Texas Longhorns in the 2023 season. As the Longhorns gear up for conference play, here are four top Big 12 matchups that will surely ignite the gridiron:

  1. Red River Rivalry: The annual clash with the Oklahoma Sooners is always a highlight of the season. Expect fireworks as these two powerhouses battle for bragging rights.
  2. Bedlam Showdown: Another intense rivalry game, the matchup against the Oklahoma State Cowboys is one to watch. With high stakes and fierce competition, this game is sure to deliver excitement.
  3. Battle of the Brazos: The clash with the Baylor Bears is a key conference clash that could have significant implications in the Big 12 standings. Both teams will be looking to make a statement in this matchup.
  4. Lone Star Showdown: The Texas Tech Red Raiders always bring their A-game when facing the Longhorns. This matchup is known for its high-scoring affairs and thrilling finishes.

Get ready for these key conference clashes and witness the Texas Longhorns battle it out in the Big 12 in 2023.

Highly Anticipated Home Games at Texas Memorial Stadium

You'll be thrilled to attend the highly anticipated home games at Texas Memorial Stadium this season. As the home of the Texas Longhorns, the stadium will be buzzing with excitement as fans gather to cheer on their team.

One of the key players to watch in these highly anticipated home games is Quinn Ewers, a former 5-star quarterback recruit who brings immense talent to the field. With his skills and potential, Ewers is expected to make a significant impact on the team's performance.

Fans are predicting big things for the Longhorns this season, fueled by the strong recruiting efforts and the leadership of coach Urban Meyer. Expectations are high for the team, and the home games at Texas Memorial Stadium promise to be unforgettable experiences for fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Watch Texas Longhorns Football Games if I Don't Have Access to Cable or Satellite Tv?

If you don't have cable or satellite TV, there are alternative ways to watch Texas Longhorns football games. Streaming options like Hulu + Live TV, FuboTV, DIRECTV STREAM, and YouTube TV provide access to the necessary channels.

Are There Any Specific Games on the Texas Longhorns Football Schedule That Are Expected to Be Highly Competitive or Exciting?

There are several highly competitive and exciting matchups on the Texas Longhorns football schedule. Be prepared for intense games that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Will the Texas Longhorns Have Any Non-Conference Matchups Against Notable Opponents in the 2023 Season?

In the 2023 season, the Texas Longhorns will face notable non-conference opponents. These matchups can have a significant impact on the team's ranking and provide exciting competition for fans to watch.

Which Big 12 Games Should Texas Longhorns Fans Be Particularly Excited for in the 2023 Season?

Excited for the 2023 season? Keep an eye out for the big 12 games that'll get your heart racing. Don't miss out on key players and secure your tickets for Texas Longhorns games.

Are There Any Highly Anticipated Home Games at Texas Memorial Stadium That Fans Should Mark on Their Calendars?

Mark your calendars for highly anticipated home games at Texas Memorial Stadium. Keep your eye on key players who will be showcasing their talent. Don't miss out on the excitement!


So, whether you're a die-hard Texas Longhorns football fan or just a casual viewer, the 2023 season promises to be an exhilarating one. With a lineup of top matchups, must-watch rivalry games, exciting non-conference showdowns, and intense Big 12 battles, there will be no shortage of thrilling moments on the field.

Make sure you don't miss a single game by utilizing the various streaming options and channels available. Get ready to cheer on the Longhorns and witness their quest for glory in 2023.

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