The Easy Way To Watch Epix on Roku

Epix is an advanced solution to online content streaming that instantly connects you to highly praised on-demand TV episodes and videos and online live TV content. Epix comes fully supported by most digital and TV providers. This post provides you with info on how to activate Epix on Roku.

Among the supported digital media players is Roku, available as highly effective digital streaming sticks or boxes that connect to the internet to offer instant access to movies and shows online. Roku works with almost all smart and standard TV versions. 

For most Roku users, the question of how to activate Epix on Roku lingers on their minds more often than ever. So how can I go about activating Epix on Roku? It’s easy and fun; read on to understand.

Everything You Should Know About Epix

Epix offers blockbuster movies and originals, with options for clients to download and save TV shows and movies offline to watch later. 

The content download function makes for the perfect solution for frequent travelers who want to enjoy curated content when away from their household or work Wi-Fi connection. So what’s so interesting about Epix and its superior young brother Epix Now?

  1. Lets you watch curated content in 4K Ultra HD streaming quality, ensuring brilliant picture quality
  2. Offers over 4000 TV shows and movies to its clients.
  3. Lets you watch live TV schedules and channels at your convenience
  4. Lets you discover the content you love by using advanced search, where you enter the target keywords, including movie crew members, titles, or actors.
  5. Offers an extensive range of curated collections, uniquely chosen and pinned by qualified movie buffs.
  6. Lets you access your selected title lists alongside previously watched content

Everything to Know About Roku

Roku is an affordable way to stream favorite TV content. It’s the perfect modern-day entertainment solution, allowing you to reorganize your entertainment system, removing the need for cable equipment and every other entertainment gadget or system that could be costing you lots of money every other month. 

Roku devices offer you instant and quality access to free movies, TV, live news, sports updates, and Livestream.

Connecting to Roku and enjoying those favorite TV episodes or movies is a matter of having a TV with HDMI ports. If you’re using outdated TV versions, you can use the Roku Express + model to stream your favorite content because it comes with composite video and audio connectors.

Roku has already released seven models in the market, all of which deliver varying connectivity levels, capability, and compatibility. Roku caters to all content streaming needs as they offer products ranging in superiority from high definition to high-speed qualities. Interestingly, all products by Roku cost way below $100.

What to Know When Activating Epix On Roku

Epix is open to multiple TV service providers. The list of providers supported by Epix is extensive, spanning from DIRECTV, Dish, Comcast, Xfinity, Verizon FIOS, Roku channel, Apple TV channels, Amazon Prime Video channels, to YouTube TV and Apple TV channels, and more.

Epix can be accessed via web browsers or through the official app readily available on iTunes and Google Play. The prices for subscribing to Epix differ based on your preferred satellite or cable provider. 

The subscription cost will also depend on the live TV provider you choose. The price for accessing Epix streaming content via iOS and Android apps is set at $5.99 every month.

The Core Differences Between Epix Now and Epix

Epix is available in two main versions. One is Epix standard, a digital or rather TV provider only accessed on Cable TV network when you’re subscribed to a supported cable or satellite network package.

The next option is Epix Now, an advanced and refined Epix version designed to be accessed via browsers or applications. With is service, you won’t need to be subscribed to any TV subscription.

How to Activate Epix on Roku

  1. Power on your Roku device and with the Roku remote, head to the official Roku channel store
  2. While on the Roku store, search for Epix channel and click add to add it to the Roku channels list
  3. Launch the channel once it’s added, and an activation code will be displayed.
  4. On your smartphone or computer browser, copy-paste this link and press enter to open the site. While on this page, you will be required to input the activation code displayed on the Roku home screen.
  5. If the code is correct, Epix will be activated on Roku.
  6. Go on to sign in to any of the supported TV providers.
  7. When the process is complete, the Epix channel will be activated for use on Roku, and you will have access to all Epix movies and shows on your TV.

What Is Epix Now and What Do I Need to Get Started?

Epix Now is the most updated version of Epix streaming service that eliminates the middleman. By the middleman, I mean that it does eliminate the need for you to subscribe to it via a digital or TV provider. 

You pay for the streaming services on a monthly package that would cost you $5.99 and give you hundreds of amazing Epix original series and movies, including Slow Burn, Belgravia, War of the Worlds, and Pennyworth and Godfather of Harlem. Users can subscribe to the free trial package via the Amazon App Store, Google Play, Roku, or even iTunes.

You can download and Install Epix Now app on your tablet, Apple TV, Fire TV, iOS devices, Android devices, and even Roku.

How to Activate Epix On Roku – Conclusion

Roku and Epix have partnered to bring your disposal the safest and most intriguing way to watch favorite TV episodes, movies, documentaries, and sports. The partnership lets you set up Epix so you can watch its content through your TV at a price lower than any other service in the market. 

There is no other online streaming service like Epix Now that offers you the chance to stream and watch your favorite blockbuster movies and TV episodes from anywhere, whenever you feel like it. However, to enjoy this amazing service, you must know how to activate Epix on Roku, and the guide above has outlined everything.