Unleash the Rockets: Watch Houston Soar Live

Are you ready to unleash the Rockets and experience the thrill of watching Houston soar live? Well, you’re in luck!

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to catch every electrifying moment of the Houston Rockets games without a cable subscription. Get ready to witness their performances from the comfort of your own home as we provide you with a comprehensive list of Rockets TV schedule and the live TV streaming services that carry each game.

It’s time to gear up and be a part of the action!

Key Takeaways

  • AT&T SportsNet Southwest is the primary channel for watching Houston Rockets games.
  • It is important to have ABC, ESPN, and TNT for complete coverage of the Rockets season.
  • DIRECTV STREAM is required to access Rockets broadcasts on AT&T SportsNet Southwest.
  • fuboTV is a streaming service that carries AT&T SportsNet Southwest but lacks TNT for NBA coverage.

Rockets TV Schedule: Stay Updated on Game Times

Want to know when the Rockets games are on TV? Stay updated on game times with the Rockets TV schedule. It’s important to know when and where to catch the action, whether you’re a die-hard fan or just looking for some exciting basketball.

The Rockets TV schedule provides all the information you need, including game dates, times, and channels. Never miss a game again!

And it’s not just about watching the games, but also enjoying the Rockets game highlights and player interviews. Get a closer look at the team and stay connected with their latest news and updates.

With the Rockets TV schedule, you’ll always be in the know and ready to cheer on your favorite team.

Live TV Streaming Services for Rockets Fans: Your Options

If you’re a Rockets fan, you have multiple options for live TV streaming services. Two popular choices are fuboTV and DIRECTV STREAM. Let’s compare their pricing and channel offerings:

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Streaming Service Price Channels Included
fuboTV Starting at $64.99/month AT&T SportsNet Southwest, ABC, ESPN, KHOU CBS News 11 Houston (for Texans games)
DIRECTV STREAM Starting at $69.99/month AT&T SportsNet Southwest, ABC, ESPN, TNT

Both fuboTV and DIRECTV STREAM offer AT&T SportsNet Southwest, the primary channel for Rockets games. However, fuboTV lacks TNT, which is important for complete NBA coverage. On the other hand, fuboTV includes KHOU CBS News 11 Houston, allowing you to stream Texans games as well. Pricing starts at $64.99/month for fuboTV and $69.99/month for DIRECTV STREAM. Consider these factors when choosing the right streaming service for your Rockets viewing needs.

Channel Information: Where to Tune in for Rockets Games

To catch all the action of Rockets games, make sure to tune in to AT&T SportsNet Southwest, the primary channel for live broadcasts. Here’s what you need to know about channel information for Rockets games:

  • AT&T SportsNet Southwest availability:
  • AT&T SportsNet Southwest is available on various cable and satellite providers, including AT&T TV, DIRECTV, DISH Network, and Xfinity.
  • Check with your local provider to ensure that AT&T SportsNet Southwest is included in your channel lineup.
  • fuboTV vs DIRECTV STREAM comparison:
  • fuboTV offers AT&T SportsNet Southwest in its channel lineup, making it a great option for Rockets fans who want to stream games without cable.
  • DIRECTV STREAM also carries AT&T SportsNet Southwest, giving you another streaming option to consider.
  • Compare the pricing and channel offerings of fuboTV and DIRECTV STREAM to determine which service best suits your needs.

Make sure you have access to AT&T SportsNet Southwest to enjoy all the thrilling Rockets games.

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Streaming Platforms: Watch Rockets Games Anywhere

If you’re looking to watch Rockets games anywhere, you can find them on various streaming platforms. Streaming platforms have become a popular way for sports fans to watch their favorite teams without cable.

When it comes to Rockets game availability, one streaming platform that stands out is AT&T TV. With AT&T TV, you can access AT&T SportsNet Southwest, the primary channel for Rockets games. This means you won’t miss any of the action no matter where you are.

Another option is fuboTV, which also carries AT&T SportsNet Southwest. However, it’s important to note that fuboTV doesn’t have TNT, so you may miss out on some NBA coverage.

Ultimately, the choice of streaming platform will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

Choosing the Right Streaming Service: Enhance Your Rockets Viewing Experience

Enhance your Rockets viewing experience by selecting the perfect streaming service. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the right streaming service:

  • Upgrade requirements for accessing Rockets broadcasts on DIRECTV STREAM:

DIRECTV STREAM offers access to AT&T SportsNet Southwest, the primary channel for Rockets games. However, to access this channel, you may need to upgrade your package.

  • Availability of AT&T SportsNet Southwest on Hulu and YouTube TV:

Unfortunately, Hulu and YouTube TV don’t currently carry AT&T SportsNet Southwest, which means you won’t be able to watch Rockets games on these platforms. It’s important to keep this in mind when choosing your streaming service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Watch Houston Rockets Games on ESPN Plus?

No, you cannot watch Houston Rockets games on ESPN Plus. To catch the action, explore other streaming options such as AT&T SportsNet Southwest, fuboTV, or NBA League Pass.

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Is At&T Sportsnet Southwest the Same as Bally Sports Southwest?

Yes, AT&T SportsNet Southwest is the same as Bally Sports Southwest. It recently rebranded, but it’s the regional sports network where you can watch the Houston Rockets games.

Can I Watch Rockets Games From Houston on NBA League Pass?

Yes, you can watch Rockets games from Houston on NBA League Pass. It allows you to stream Houston Rockets games live, even if you’re in the team’s local market. Enjoy the action!

Do Hulu and Youtube TV Carry At&T Sportsnet Southwest for Local Rockets Fans?

Yes, Hulu and YouTube TV are alternatives for Rockets fans. However, they do not carry AT&T SportsNet Southwest, the primary channel for Rockets games. Consider other streaming options for NBA games outside of Houston.

Are There Any Other NBA Team Viewing Guides Available?

Looking for NBA team viewing options? Check out our comprehensive NBA team viewing guides for all the info you need on streaming services and channels to watch your favorite teams in action.


Get ready to witness the unstoppable force of the Houston Rockets as they soar to new heights!

With our comprehensive guide, you can catch every thrilling moment of their games without a cable subscription. Don’t miss out on the electrifying performances from the comfort of your own home.

Choose the right streaming service and unleash the Rockets like never before. Get ready to be blown away by their incredible skills and experience the ultimate basketball action!