Verizon Double Play for $49.99 YMMV

Are you looking to get Fios internet and local TV? Verizon double play for $49.99 YMMV includes 50/50 Mbps internet and 15+ channels with 5 being in HD. You would get channels such as ABC, NBC, FOX and PBS. All of this with no contract and 1 free premium channel for 3 months. Plus, if you order online you will get your setup fee waived. If you already have a Verizon you might be able to call and speak to a representative about canceling in which case the Verizon double play for $49.99 would be YMMV. Check out more deals and information at our full post about Verizon Fios Triple Play and Gigabit Internet.

verizon double play for $49.99 ymmv