Verizon Double Play for $49.99 YMMV

Are you looking to get Fios internet and local TV? Verizon double play for $49.99 YMMV includes 50/50 Mbps internet and 15+ channels with 5 being in HD. You would get channels such as ABC, NBC, FOX and PBS. All of this with no contract and 1 free premium channel for 3 months. Plus, if you order online you will get your setup fee waived. If you already have a Verizon you might be able to call and speak to a representative about canceling in which case the Verizon double play for $49.99 would be YMMV. Check out more deals and information at our full post about Verizon Fios Triple Play and Gigabit Internet.

FYI, you will probably need to talk to customer service and tell them that you can get a better deal at your local cable provider. Do not be afraid to negotiate. Good luck!