What Channel Is Heartland On Directv

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What channel will Heartland 15 be on?

#Heartland Season 15 is premiering on March 17th exclusively on UP Faith & Family! Here’s a glimpse at what’s in store in the new season.

What Channel is Heartland on Directv?

Heartland is an inspiring Canadian drama series that follows the story of the Bartlett-Fleming family who own and operate the Heartland Ranch in Alberta, Canada. This much-loved family drama has been airing since 2007, and fans of the series can catch up with their favorite characters on Directv.

What channel is Heartland on Directv?

Heartland can be found on Directv channel #312. This channel is part of the Directv Choice package, which is available for purchase for $69.99/month. This package includes over 185 TV channels, most of which for customers to binge-watch their favorite shows or discover new ones.

The Choice package is also the only one that includes the Directv HD channels, meaning viewers can watch Heartland in a stunningly realistic picture and sound quality.

However, if you do not want to pay for upgraded packages, Heartland is also available on Directv’s selection of basic and premium TV packages such as:

  • The Directv Entertainment Package: This package includes more than 140 tv channels. The monthly fee attached to this package is $64.99.
  • The Directv Select Package: This one is the most economic and contains more than 145 of the most viewed channels. The fee attached is only $59.99
  • The Directv Premier Package: This is the top-tier package and includes over 330 channels as well as a number of premium movie channels. The monthly fee is $124.99

So, if you are a fan of Heartland and want to keep up with the adventures of the Bartlett-Fleming family, you can watch the show on Directv, on channel #312 and on several other packages.

Can I Stream Heartland on Directv Now?

Yes, you can stream Heartland on Directv Now, which is Directv’s streaming service. This service gives users access to more than 125 live channels as well as more than 10,000 hours of on-demand content.

Directv Now also offers an array of HBO channels, including HBO East and West, HBO HD, HBO On Demand and HBO Signature. So you can catch up with Heartland as well as many other series and films with Directv Now.