What Internet Speed Do I Need for Android TV Box

Not every internet speed can power your Android TV box to stream HD content with superior image quality and clarity. Okay then, what internet speed do I need for an android TV box?

Android TV Boxes have simplified the way we watch Live TV. They stream TV content in HD, delivering immersive watching experiences in superior image quality and clarity. Android TV boxes require high-speed internet connections to stream HD content. 

So, in case your internet speed drops, they are the first devices to detect such instabilities. You will notice some buffering and reduced image quality. 

How Fast Is My Internet Speed?

If you’re already connected to a Wi-Fi internet, test it to determine how fast it can download or upload content. The internet speed testing process isn’t complex or tricky. Search www.fast.com on your browser and run a Wi-Fi internet speed test. In case you have a Smart TV box, run the speed test on the built-in internet browser on it.

You can get more correct figures if you run the speed test during high peak internet usage hours. That’s during hours when most devices are connected to the internet. You can use any other free internet testing tool available online to compare the speeds.

What Internet Speed Do I Need for Android TV Box—Is My Internet Fast Enough?

Want to stream high-definition video content on streaming services such as VUDU AND Netflix with minimal to no buffering? You should have an internet speed of 5Mbps or more. Lower speeds can still power your Android TV box to stream live content but the quality may not be very impressive. You’ll not only experience poor video quality but also repeated hiccups and pauses.

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Getting strong internet speeds is even better. The distance from your modem or router to where your smart TV is placed can affect the download and upload speed in a way. And so, ensure you’re getting a superior internet connection to minimize issues with buffering that can result in distance differences.

I’ve Got 5Mbps Internet Speed But I Am Still Experiencing Buffering and Hiccups—What’s the Problem?

A 5Mbps internet speed is strong enough to upload and download any type and quality of internet content. So, if you’re internet speed is rated at 5Mbps but you are still unable to stream HD video quality with superior picture clarity and quality, you may be experiencing these issues:

  • High traffic—Cable modems have shared internet connections. It’s possible to experience low connections and poor video streaming quality in some times of the day if you’re connected to such kinds of internet. That will mostly happen during the weekends and in the afternoons when more people are around and the internet usage is at the peak.
  • The number of users—As long as you’re using shared internet connections when more family members are connected, you’ll notice slowness. That will mostly be depicted in the quality of the video content streamed on your Android TV Box.
  • Type of Hardware—The quality and superiority of the hardware you’re using will also determine how good your internet speed will be. If you’re using an outdated router or modem, you’ll likely experience lower internet speeds.
  • The Type of Internet—Hard-wired internet connections is faster and more efficient than wireless connections. Wireless connections are prone to interferences that could affect the speed rate at which content is streamed. Most smart TVs have LAN ports, and so if you’re connected to hard-wired internet connections, why not hard-wire your internet connection to enjoy superior speeds?
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How Can I Speed Up My Wi-Fi Connection?                                               

Superior internet speeds translate to superior connections and superior live TV streaming, with clearer and crisp-free videos. So many things can make your internet speed lower, and here are some ways to speed up your Wi-Fi connection within minutes.

  1. Bring the Wi-Fi Router Closer

If the Wi-Fi signal reaching the digital Android TV box is weak, the internet speed will be weak, as well. So many factors affect a wireless broadband signal’s strength, including interference by walls, baby monitors, microwaves, doors, and other opaque surfaces.

In case you notice your wireless internet connection is slow, try to move the Wi-Fi router closer to the Android TV box. Doing so will increase the signal strength, which will automatically translate to increased speed and reliability. If the Router isn’t very far from the Android TV box, check out for items that could be blocking the strength of the Wi-Fi signal and get it resolved.

     2. Get a Mesh Wi-Fi Router

Mesh Wi-Fi routers are ideal solutions for those struggling with a weak Wi-Fi signal. They act as an alternative to sole routers since they are potent enough to double as multiple routers. These routers are perfect in huge bungalows and houses, where signal strength is affected by the many housing walls and blackspots.

So if you’re experiencing unreliable internet speed that doesn’t generate the video streaming quality you desire in your Android Box Live TV streaming, why not buy a Mesh Wi-Fi router to spruce up your Wi-Fi speed?

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      3. Invest in Powerline Adapters

Another great way to spruce up your Wi-Fi connection strength is by using powerline adapters. These are uniquely crafted adapters that use electrical power lines to boost the Wi-Fi signal strength from one room to the other. These adapters come at an additional cost, so if you’re considering getting one, set aside enough budget.

       4. Change Your Internet Provider

The hardware or software you’ve might not always be the reason for slow and unreliable internet connections. In some instances, your internet service provider may be the problem. Get the internet service provider to conduct a line test to determine internet speed. If they can’t do so or if the speed is lower than they had promised, you should terminate that contract right away.

If you’re using ADSL standard broadband service, you may as well want to upgrade to Fibre optic broadband. You can get any of these broadband devices from trusted manufacturers such as TalkTalk, BT, Vodafone, Sky, and EE.