What is BOOM BOOM Lemon? Inside Netflix’s Kate Movie

A new action-thriller named Kate has been dropped on the popular streaming platform, Netflix. But, as you watch this epic release, you may notice the protagonist’s obsession with a drink referred to as Boom Boom lemon. So, if you’re curious what that is, this article is here to tell you more about the drink.

The Netflix film: Kate

In the movie, Kate stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead as the titular, trained assassin. She is trying to escape the killing business. But, after she misses a shot on the job, she realizes she has been poisoned and has limited time (24 hours) to live. Despite this impending death, Kate has an unquenchable thirst for revenge. She does that by hunting down the person who poisoned her. Noticeably, she mentions Boom Boom lemon throughout the movie.

What is Boom Boom Lemon Drink?

So, what is Boom Boom Lemon drink? Boom Boomlemon drink is a refreshing citrus beverage that proves challenging for Kate to find. The drink, however, inspires an unlikely friendship between Kate and MikuPatricia Martineau, who plays Ani in the movie. Both have a mutual obsession for the fizzy beverage and just want to get their hands on it.

Is Boom Boom lemon drink a real soda?

Boom Boom lemon seems to be a fictional beverage. It only exists in the film’s world. However, a similar drink called Boom lemon was previously sold in Israel in the 1980s. It’s unclear if the drink still exists. Boom Boom lemon has also been linked to a famous Japanese citrus-flavored drink called Fujiya Lemon Squash. This beverage has been around since the 70s and is mainly recognizable due to its black and white polka dot packaging.

How does Boom Boom lemon appear in Kate?

So, how did Boom Boom lemon drink make its way into this latest Netflix film? It’s alleged that Kate’s director Cedric Nicolas-Troyan used to take the Japanese drink while he was living in Japan in the 1990s. That makes it the supposed reference point for this lemony drink.

It’s also said that Boom energy lemon drinks and lime-flavored energy shots are a potential point of reference for the Boom Boom. The connection might seem a bit dubious, but some fans have argued that you’d probably want to be caffeinated if you were being poisoned and had 24 hours to live like Kate.

Mythical Boom Boom Lemon Drink Recipe

Want to know how to make your Boom Boom lemon drink? Since the drink is fictional, there is no real recipe to make it. However, there’s a close facsimile recipe on YouTube. Typically, you’ll need a mason jar, carbonated water, lemons, and a whole lot of sugar. Mix the lemons and sugar in the sealed mason jar and pull out all the lemon juice. Combine the resulting juice with plain seltzer, and you’ll have just accessed Boom Boom Lemon easier than Kate did.

Bottom Line

If you’ve found yourself watching Kate, you may be wondering what the lemon drink is all about. You could even be fantasizing about a sip of the Boom Boom lemon drink. Unfortunately, for many viewers, the drink is not real(at least for now). But there’s a Japanese drink equivalent that’s close enough.